Help Colonel Kvahkov

Help Colonel Kvahkov
Maxim Kalashnikov 27.11.2013

I received a letter from Vladimir Vasilyevich, from Lefortovo. I want to publish its fragments: they are extremely actual. Though now I want to act on the extremely urgent business. Guys, it is necessary to help his family. The power made the next meanness: pension fund of the colonel Kvachkov is blocked. It put Nadezhda Mikhaylovna Kvachkova in desperate situation.


The following thing happened: according to Federal Law 115 (about fight against money-laundering and against terrorism financing) pension aount of Vladimir Vasilyevich was blocked. Namely those 450 thousand rubles that the state – after court session – paid to the Colonel for that moral damage that it put to him keeping him for many years in prison with regard to the case of "attempt" at Chubais were transferred to that aount.

Vladimir Vasilyevich in his letter writes:

"… My pension now will be transferred to prison, at the expense of this money I will be fed, dressed, etc. It’s so under the law. It’s orret in principle, but when the thief is in prison and not when the thief is in the Kremlin …"

Now there’s a problem: that salary from the Ministry of Defence whih Vladimir Kvachkov didn't receive when he got into prison regarding the ase of "Chubais" will be transferred to the same account. That enemy state won’t give these means to the family as well. If to consider the fat that praised raiders can't adjust help to the Colonel situation is bad.


Nadezhda Mikhaylovna continues to fight. Now he also gathers campaign against Federal Law 115 attracting other victims. Court sessions with the state both on the ase of Vladimir Vasilyevich and concerning ban of his books proceed. It is necessary to pay at least something to the lawyer. Nadezhda Mikhaylovna, of course, works, but you understand that she works not in the board of diretors of "Rosneft", that’s why her earnings are insignificant.

Therefore I ask all not only to REPOST this note, but also to send money - as many as you an. It is necessary to support the Colonel and his family. He is not Navalny, he has no "elite" over.

It’s possible to help us in several ways:

• having sent means to the address: 121059, Moscow, Berezhkovskaya Naberezhnaya, 14, apartment 18, Kvachkova Nadezhda Mikhaylovna;

• having transferred funds on phone: +79197266559;

• on Qiwi: +79197266559;

• on Yandex: 41001918908416;

• on the account of WebMoney: ruble account R249437554963, USD account Z321560277943;

• via PayPal system to the address: komiparabellum@gmail.com


You an write to Vladimir Vasilyevih to the following address:

Kvahkov V.V.

111020, osow, Lefortovo, -20, letter box 201

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