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Where Are Patrons of «Pussy Riot» Who Pushed Them into Prison?

Where Are Patrons of «Pussy Riot» Who Pushed Them into Prison?
Аlexander Golovenko 28.12.2013

Yesterday participants of legendary "punk public prayer" 24-year-old Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and 25-year-old Maria Alekhina were released on amnesty under welcome shouts of native and journalists. This highest favor to unpenitent "scoffers", as well as to M. Khodorkovsky and members of "green peace", undoubtedly, coincides with the Winter Olympic Games where the president V. Putin wants to look kind Father Frost. Therefore he beat out the most tasty trumps from hands of the European human rights activists and journalists.

Actually, just 2.5 months from 2 years defined by the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church remained before termination of prison term of "Pussy Riot" members. To demand young mothers to refuse from "monarchic forgiveness" is already too much.

Throughout this many months "punk court" they tried to persuade us that arrested girls are not so simple. Silly women though with higher education. Say, they wouldn’t have enough brains to organize "anti-Putin and anti-Gundyaev action" on the eve of the presidential election on March, 4, 2012. Supposedly some powerful, wealthy and influential organizers and inspirers support them.

For example, I didn't trust it any second from the moment of their arrest. I though and think now: all three feminist soloists got the term for three words and one comma: "Virgin Mary, put Putin away". I have such foretaste.

I don't know about you, but I got a lot from that show. For example, belief that in civilized secular state in which church is separated from the state under the Constitution such medieval "witch-hunt" with clergy participation can’t and shouldn’t take place.

Understanding all lameness of far-fetched charge the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church backdating entered through the State Duma amendment to the Criminal Code which received name "Law on Protection of Feelings of Believers". Very serious punishments are stipulated there. There are only no interpretation of key concepts. Who are these "believers", what "feelings of believers" are meant and what actions can be considered as "insult" of these fine feelings. These things are entrusted to the lieutenant from the nearest police office. Denunciation of the offended neigbour is enough.

I also learned from investigations of mass media that, actually, Christ the Saviour Cathedral is a huge business center on the balance of the Moscow government which annually receives hundreds millions rubles of grants from it. Tens business concerns and companies are registered here and earn good money. That is those moneychangers whom young Jesus Christ unsuccessfully expelled from the temple. Only 7% of the total area of the temple is given to the Lord, that is to the Moscow Patriarchy.

Unless we should forget shameful role of the notorious archpriest Chaplin in criminal prosecution of feminist soloists, even foreign mass media called him "motor" of that court? He didn't feel ashamed to take the Lord in allies. He declared on sit-round gathering: "I am convinced that the Lord condemns what they made. I am convinced that this sin will be punished both in this and in future life". On the question of journalists where he knows it from Chaplin answered on the blue: "I know, I think the Lord opened it to me... ".

Can you imagine this picture? That is the Lord in response to "punk public prayer" to the Mother of God condescended to Earth, but not to the patriarch, or the chairman of the Supreme Court, or the public prosecutor at the worst. He proceeded directly to the mere mortal official from the Moscow Patriarchy Chaplin that the last helped to punish girls. All this nonsense is quietly shown by mass media and for some reason “Holy Father” is not rendered psychiatric help. Outside, by the way, is the XXI century. Chinese people sent their moon rover to the Moon, we can only envy it.

Whether it was possible not to send Tolokonnikova and Alyokhina to prison, if their girlfriend Samusevich was given conditional term? It’s quite possible. Even "Dima" who is not seriously perceived in our country and who completely depends on finger stir on Putin's left foot suddenly stated bewilderment. He did it humbly, but loudly. Twice. It got to mass media. At a meeting with activist from "United Russia” he said that five months which arrested girls stood in pre-trial detention center during investigation and court session was quite enough. It is possible to give them conditional term.

It was possible to postpone execution of punishment for some time under the law as they are mothers of small children. As, for example, to the daughter of the secretary of Irkutsk electoral commission Anna Shavenkova who hit by her car two sisters Pyatkovas. At that one of victims died. The murderer didn't stay a day in prison, while members of "Pussy" for 40-second twitching of legs in the area of the Cathedral stood in prison for nearly two years.

Look at the subtle irony with which "Wikipedia" writes on this subject: "On October, 7, 2012 (that is in the day of his 60 anniversary - A.G.), three days prior to consideration of appeals by Moscow City Court the Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly approved sentence about real term of imprisonment which passed in August". He approved the term in two years. That is the guarantor of our rights, freedoms and the Constitution in defiance of all laws, rules of decency and the Constitution, as they say, was frankly pressing court. Whether it’s not beneath him? Unless someone will seriously speak about "hooliganism on religious hatred"?

I want to ask observers of moral and orthodox belief today: where are they - these powerful patrons of the condemned and amnestied members of "Pussy Riot"? Why didn’t they show themselves for almost two years and help their wards? Even then, when prisoners of conscience were frankly "pressed" in the colonies inventing different humiliating punishments. Call me at least one surname of secret defender. The Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation V. Lukin isn't counted. It is his work.

Amnestied ex-oligarch Khodorkovsky staying in Germany declared that he wouldn’t go into big-time politics, wouldn’t fight for power and finance the Russian opposition. That is quite natural. If I were him, I also wouldn't give a kopek. Whom could it be given?

While undamped Tolokonnikova and Alekhina already told journalists that they would be engaged in human rights activity, would fight for the rights of the condemned women-colonists. Though, obviously, they don't want to return back.

Though feel the difference, as they say ….

P.S. Once I asked in our newspaper a question: "Let's say it’s "punk prayer". Let's say "punk art". Why did such extravagant "art" appear in our country with the ruin of the USSR, after 20 years of "vivifying reforms"? Art always in forms peculiar to it displays surrounding reality. The answer arises: like cow – like calf; like mode - like art. In Russia of "gangster capitalism" other "art" can’t exist.

In my opinion, two poles are accurately looked through today in our country. Court and semi-official Nikita Mikhalkov is on one pole, reckless "Pussy Riots" – on the other. Nothing in the middle. Well, there’s still Petrosyan and Stas Mikhaylov whom I listen every day from the iron and coffeemaker...

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