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Migration Policy of Ukraine as a Form of Mild Genocide

Migration Policy of Ukraine as a Form of Mild Genocide

For 2013 number of people who emigrated from Ukraine in comparison with 2012 grew more, than twice – by 157%, it’s information given by State Statistics Service. According to the department, 18,7 thousand people refused nationality of Ukraine last year. At the same time the number of people who received passports with the Ukrainian nationality decreased. They were received by 41,6 thousand people that is 20% lower than in the similar period of 2012.

The most mass inflow of migrants to Russia on a number of crossing the border is observed from Ukraine. It was declared by the head of the Federal Migration Service of Russia Konstantin Romodanovsky:

"The Ukrainians usually stay in Russia no more than 90 days as it should be under the law, then they leave, take a week for rest and сome again", - the official told.


From editorial board: Migration policy of Ukraine seems to be rather schizophrenic as it is directed mainly on depopulation of the country and decrease in economic activity of the remaining population.

The first thing is, of course, lack of practice of dual citizenship. It led to that 18,7 thousand people refused from the Ukrainian passports, having obtained other nationality, they are compelled to rejeсt homeland. As soon as nationality of Ukraine is of not really great value in comparison with any European, American and even Russian one, the number of refusals with deterioration of economic and political situation will accrue.

The second thing is practical ban on business emigration. Formally it exists, but is possible only in case of investment of very large sums into business projects which have been specially specified by the Cabinet. It can be understood only as need "to present" very serious sums of money for doubtful right to become the Ukrainian citizen, business in this country on all international ratings is considered very problematic, banking system is undeveloped and shadow, converting of the national currency is complicated and currency transactions for citizens are сompliсated by almost prohibitive conditions. It is usually unacceptable for the foreigner.

Unlike, say, Latvia which, being already almost equal member of EU, provides nationality with investments only in the sum 100 thousand euros and even less that is and considers purchase of real estate for specified sum in the capital and vicinities and twice smaller sum in provinces as investments into the national economy. At that Latvia suffers from depopulation.

What about Ukraine? Not even being EU country and having very foggy and remote prospects for it, it doesn't consider purchase of real estate as investments! Thus a person buying real estate in Ukraine most likely won't burden the budget and pension fund of the country, moreover, having obtained not even nationality, but at least residence permit, he becomes also aссurate taxpayer. Though he has no right to get even residence permit! That is, having own housing in Ukraine, he is all the same obliged to cross the border each 3 months and then to come back in 3 months!

If to consider the fact vast majority of sales of real estate in the Ukrainian market are purchases made by foreigners, the economic sense of such rigid rules becomes obscure.

While nationality is almost immediately is provided to people in whose veins proved Ukrainian blood flows - certainly, these are those who are ready to refuse from former nationality. There are practically no suсh people among American, Canadian, German and even Russian Ukrainians. They are among compatriots from absolutely "killed" countries of the third world.

Foreigners obtain the Ukrainian nationality or residence permit by means of local "experts", roughly speaking for bribes. They easily get what they wish, up to the first check after which they not only lose nationality, but also the right to come to Ukraine in general. There are a lot of such сases in сourts and few manage to confirm the right to the Ukrainian accommodation.

Naturally such practice leads to washing away of the most economically active part of the population, experts go to Europe and Russia, the youth does the same. Only retiring and pre-retirement contingent or unskilled and inactive part of the working population remains, similar things took place recently in Poland and Baltic, though migratory legislation there was nevertheless slightly more rational.

Probably official Kiev thus expects "to ease" itself of excess part of the population, thought it’s active part which leaves, those who create surplus value, while those who consume this value through social funds or through unproductive workplaces created so that to increase employment somehow remain. It creates such general background on labor market that it becomes favourable to export to Ukraine capital of very specific property - either "dirty" productions, or “screwdriver assembly", saving money first of all on wages which are several times lower, than even in the eastern part of EU.

Аnatoly Baranov

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