Rubber Mosow

Rubber Mosow
Anton Votrechev 17.01.2014

Moscow as speedy growing megalopolis and with accession of new territories as full and even leading region is interesting from the point of view of the card of employment of the population. Construction boom of zero years reflected attractiveness of capital workplaces for the population of the other cities of the Russian Federation and inhabitants of the ex-Soviet republics. For ten and even more years of labor migration overpopulation of Moscow became federal, transport and not least international problem. However office reorganization of the capital and high concentration of offer on labor market connected with it declined as a result of crisis and if to add essential remoteness of new areas of "new Moscow" from potentially demanded workplaces to it, the governments of Moscow and Moscow area acquires new problem. Creation of workplaces close to places of residence of new Muscovites.

Moscow in the person of representative of Sobyanin’s team stated a number of promises about it. On November, 29, 2013 at conference "Market of Real Estate - 2013: Results and Forecasts" organized by The Moscow Times the adviser to the head of development department of new territories of the capital V. Zubakhin declared that creation of 12 points of growth for the purpose of increase of economic potential of development of the territories will be provided in "new Moscow".

Valery Zubakhin specifies: "Such centers are already being formed: innovative center in Skolkovo, the international financial center near to Rublevo-Arkhangelskoe – site design is being developed for it (subway and railroad will appear there), administrative business center in Kommunarka where about 3 million square meters of real estate will be constructed on 307 hectares. Logistic centers will appear along Central Ring Road and near to the station Bekosovo on the Big Ring of the Moscow railroad". Troitsk region is very interesting to cluster development – taking into account its scientific potential, the official added.

The government of the Moscow region has to put plans of Moscow into practice, after all administratively integrated settlements often aren't connected by infrastructure. They decided to begin with merge at small distances: Korolev and Yubilejny, probably, will be integrated, the governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov declared recently, ITAR-TASS reports. "I think that association of Korolev and Yubilejny is necessary, otherwise we won’t be able to develop anything", - agency quotes Vorobyov.

The governor addressed to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow region Mikhail Kuznetsov with a request to prepare necessary documents and to carry out work with citizens concerning association of the territories. The question of association can be resolved within half a year. However these city districts are not the only applicants for association, are specified by A. Vorobyov: "Today 100% of 188 rural settlements are subsidized. If inhabitants of settlements support association to the city district, we can consider it".

Questions of association will be discussed taking into account public opinion.

"Such changes can't be done from above", - the governor emphasized. Dependence on subsidies mentioned by the governor is a signal of economic disaster, no one, but its government can fight it. Planning of employment of the population of the region which was earlier done by the State Planning Committee now should be done by the regional authorities and often personally by the heads of regions. Here unifying tendencies are rather positive, but only as a push to system planning and planning of workplaces where earlier we had zones of grants.

According to Vorobyov, requests to transform municipalities have already arrived from Mozhaisky, Kashirsky, Kolomensky and Solnechnogorsky regions. In its turn Solnechnogorsk as a zone of close attention of builders could lessen the burden of Khimki where until the end of fall prices in primary housing market kept record in "new Moscow". 79% of total number of realized objects in Khimki represented dot building and small residential complexes. Only 21% of houses offered on sale in the III quarter were in large projects of more than 300 000 sq. meters each: "Levoberezhny" and "Novokurkino" (company PIK). Research "All market of new buildings of Moscow from Third Ring Road and Moscow area in 2-3 quarter of 2013. Comparative analysis." testifies of it.

According to analytical center IRN, in the III quarter most of all new buildings, 890 houses, offered on sale are situated between Moscow ring highway and the first concrete ring (in radius of thirty kilometers from Moscow Ring Road). These are about 74% of all primary housing market of Moscow (including joined territories) and Moscow region.

Nearly a half of this volume (47%) are situated in 12 settlements, in each of which from 23 to 58 objects on sale were recorded. Most of all new buildings, 58 houses, were on sale in Krasnogorsk. Many objects of dot building with one to three houses on average and 25 buildings in residential complex "Krasnogorye" were offered here at the same time, the total area of apartments in “Krasnogorye” makes nearly 1,4 mln sq.m, it’s one of the largest residential complexes of "new Moscow".

According to data of regular monitoring of IRN, the second place on the volume of offer was taken by Balashikha with 53 new buildings. 45% from them were concentrated in three large residential complexes. They are "Alekseevskaya Rosha" with "Granel Development" responsible, "Novoe Izmailovo" in which realization Finane and Constrution Corporation “Lider” is engaged and mirodistrit East Shchitnikovo where the company Morton builds residential omplexes "Shchitnikovo" and "Yantarny". Total area of apartments in each of these complexes exeeds 300 000 square meters. Other 55% go to objects of dot building and residential omplexes of smaller area.

Complex building "Mortongrad "Butovo" is being built in the village Butovo. “Morton” ats as the developer of the project. The total area of the first three stages of complex makes approximately 900 000 square meters of housing. Declared volume of the subsequent tranhes exeeds 500 000 sq.m. It is the only project in this settlement. However in the III quarter it simultaneously offered 38 buildings on sale, thanks to that village Butovo appeared on the fourth place in the list of the most developing settlements in 30 km from Mosow Ring Road.

The five of leaders is closed by the settlement Kommunarka which has become part of New Mosow. The main volume of offer in Kommunarka was created by complexes “Moskva A101” and “Zelenaya Alleya” which are included in the project of complex development of the territory "A101" being planned by "Augur Estate" and residential omplex "Dom v Kommunarka" by MITs company. Totally they offered 75% of all new buildings in Kommunarka. Other volume of offer was proposed by smaller residential omplexes.

“TSENTER-2” with developer company "Konstruktor" in Zheleznodorozhny, “Krasnaya Gorka” in Lyubertsy and "Yaroslavsky" in Mytischi from the company PIK should be mentioned among onstrutions in other settlements - leaders on a number of new buildings on sale in 30 km from Mosow Ring Road. Total area of apartments in each of them makes about 1 million sq.m and more.

Construction develops and expands "new Moscow" with rates advancing infrastructure and "working question". Having escaped from a crisis vice, this sector have rescued integrated capital region before in respect of budgetary receipts. However without further harmonious work of the governments at the highest level of former achievements of the State Planning Committee the region can turn into unemployment zone, not simply into separate "subsidized eruptions".

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