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Ukraine Is Half Step from Civil War and Is Up to the Eyes in Dictatorship

Ukraine Is Half Step from Civil War and Is Up to the Eyes in Dictatorship

At the moment of writing of this text all equipment which made cordon for protection of internal troops in blockade of the building of the cabinet of Ukraine is set on fire and flares. Number of injured militiamen estimate in 60-70 people, number of wounded among attacking can't be estimated now, but their number is, probably, less, militia mostly defends. However there are victims from traumatic weapon.

Water-cannons bought on tender simply don’t work at a frost in 7 degrees below zero. There is information that about 700 fighters of "Berkut" are concentrated in the center of the capital, but their actions aren't observed yet. Pavings slabs which attacking throw into militiamen is the main weapon for today.

Yanukovych declared negotiations with Maidan for tomorrow, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Klyuev is responsible for it. V. Klitschko met the president from the part of opposition. "I told that resignation of the government and president is condition of solving the conflict, - Klitschko told. - The president pretended that he didn't notice my words".

So, if till tomorrow Yanukovych won't undertake any decisive steps, most likely he would have to organize early elections, including presidential. It’s not excluded that he would have to resign powers before elections.

On the other hand, these are Klitschko's words, internal troops have weapon and they are ready, having got the order, to shoot on defeat.

Personal opinion: Ukraine avoided its 1993, they still have the Supreme Council and the parliamentary republic in fact. Though capitalism in Ukraine is very wild, not less wild, than in Russia. Contradiction between oligarchical economic organization and political system still bearing traces of democracy and even of the Soviet heritage will be resolved sooner or later. Today both parties of the conflict lead the country to bourgeois dictatorship. The difference is that Yanukovych will carry out dictatorship following Putin’s scenario, while opposition will do it under nationalist slogans and patronage of the European Union.

It looks a mockery of history to some extent that Maidan protesting within bourgeois democracy against far not dictatorial mode of Yanukovych, anyway becomes the starting mechanism of establishment of real bourgeois dictatorship. "Tightening of nuts" will be necessary way out for both parties, every liberal and populist won't stand it long, if each his decision will depend on the whims of the “community”. Yeltsin's political is bright confirmation to it, he started from trips in the trolleybus with pensioners and ended up with war in Chechnya.

It is possible to agree with Klitschko – Ukraine is half step from civil war. War without any special reasons...

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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