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Deputies of Petersburg Decided "to Impose” Us Next “Relics”

Deputies of Petersburg Decided "to Impose” Us Next “Relics”

Deputies of Petersburg want to make imperial black-yellow-white flag official symbol of Russia. In February they will address the State Duma with legislative initiative. If they approve it there, article prescribing punishment for public defilement of this tricolor will appear in Administrative Offences Code.

The idea to legalize imperial tricolor legally belongs to the deputy Vitaly Milonov who in free from deputy cares time serves as sexton in the orthodox temple. He read from a tribune the document pressing on historical moment: the Russian autocrats recognized black-yellow-white flag since reign of Anna Ioannovna. From 1858 to 1883 it was an official state symbol. In holidays it hung out on houses and state buildings.

27 deputies voted pro the document, 12 - contra. There were no blank votes. Milonov asked two weeks to make amendments to the bill. It means that in February the legislative initiative about recognition of imperial flag symbol of the Russian Federation can already go to the State Duma.

- Well, good symbol, patriotic, spiritual even, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov got inspired. - There is, however, one small details - black-yellow-white flag always was a flag of House of Romanovs, not of Russia. Only one emperor, Alexander the Second, accepted it as the state, that decision was cancelled already at crowning of his son, the last tsars understood that they shouldn't go too far with monarchic symbols. While now, at constitutional bourgeois dictatorship all that is connected with reigning House of Romanovs is extolled in every possible way. It is nonsense that Russia under the first article of the Constitution is the republic. Though it’s so today. After crash of Romanov’s empire white-yellow-black flag was adopted by the largest Russian white anti-Soviet organization of the 30th - beginnings of 40th years of the XX century — the Russian Fascist party. It left many other patriotic symbols, it is quite good to immortalize them too...


In the light of new tendencies we will cite here article about children's organization of the Russian Fascist party - the Union of Fascist Little Ones.

The Union of Fascist Little Ones - a youth organization founded in 1934 in Harbin, it was open to "Russian boys and girls who believe in God, love Russia and respect Labour".

The Union's declared goal was "saving Russian children from the streets and denationalization impact, raising them for future Russia in the Fascist spirit of religion and nationalism". The Union's members were Russian emigrant children aged between 3 and 10. Their parent's letter affirming agreement was all that was needed to secure membership.

Fascist Little Ones were organized into levels named (from bottom to top) "Simple", "Clever", "Knowledgeable" and "Advanced". When children reached the age of 10 they moved to Vanguard – the Union of Young Fascists.

Adult supervisors in the Union were the Focus Master (roughly, company leader), the District Master, and the Department Supervisor.

The Union groups were called Focus groups. Members of each group lived near each other or were students at one school or in one class. Several Focus groups were then members of a District, and several Districts within certain territorial borders made up a Department.

At the head of the Fascist Little Ones stood the Management Center Union established by order of the Head of the Russian Fascist Party.

Fascist Little Ones wore uniforms. Boys wore black shirts, a sword belt, and black trousers. Girls wore a black sarafans and white blouses. The Union published own newspaper “Kroshka”.

The customs of children published in the newspaper to holiday of St. Olga in 1938:

little one doesn't stay in bed long, he/she wakes up at once as roly-poly;

little one washes his/her face well and brushes teeth every day;

little one never acts up, both fathers and mothers can hold him/her up as an example to other children;

little one never plays with Jews, doesn't take anything from Jews and doesn't talk to them;

little one never quarrel among themselves and always make peace before sunset;

little ones remember that the form is given to them because they are little fascists;

little one protects form and wears it with joy as adult.

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