Ukrainian Year 1993

Ukrainian Year 1993
Baranov Anatoly 22.01.2014

One important thing happened last night , the publi saw official newspapers with texts of last laws which Yanukovych signed on January, 16, actually they became the starting mechanism of disorders on Grushevsky. Some exalted citizens call it "fights", well, Ukraine is peaeful country, the majority of loal itizens, thanks God, hasn’t happen to see what war is in reality.

So, a day before it opposition, it seems, received promise that they wouln't publish laws, and thus they wouln't come into force. They lied and published them. It convinced me that Yanukovych actually is afraid of nothing, he feels himself onfidently and carries out game which very reminds game of Yeltsin in October, 1993. Then they were also trying to find some compromises which mysteriously broke, then it seemed that the power was just about to fall - they foolishly aptured empty building of the city hall on Novy Arbat, then special troops fully equipped let Makashov's semi-armed rebels to near Ostankino, where they were awaited by soldiers of “Vityaz” and competently prepared corpse. Then all revolution was stopped by several turns from heavy mahine gun.

Now something very similar happens in Kiev. As nobody knew, why Makashov stormed the technical center "Ostankino", the same way nobody knows purposes of storm on Grushevsky. It’s not really clear even who storms? As well as what these storming will do, if militia will pass everyone... By the way, what for? To confiscate a chair in Azarov's empty office?

Yanukovych consciously lowered level of negotiations to the indecent, he doesn't participate in them personally, he charged Klyuev and to do it. As though letting know that he realizes perfectly well that people throwing stones and bottles in militia in no way are controlled by official opposition and other party of negotiations represents only itself - and looks for the way to "come off" from edge of events. The offer not to print laws was just the way to "come off" saying we won, world war was mistake, thanks to all, all are free. Yanukovych decided not to give them chance to save face, the more "not Holy Trinity": Klitschko, Tyagnibok and Yatsenyuk refused to do anything with radical protest.

At last to opposition also sent the second – third people to negotiations, that made all process senseless at all – simple exchange of words of nobody with nobody.

Meanwhile, though long-awaited corpse is still absent, the number of victims grows and western politicians already start speaking something about inadmissibility of violence. Now they mean Yanukovych, but he has nothing to do with it: militia stands still, it’s being attaked and set at fire, but it continues to stand. All, generally, understand that "Kiev intifada" is a question of two long turns. Only those who are hostages of own bravery which is synonym of nonsense don’t understand it, every battlewise soldier will say it.

Yanukovych shows that he is white and fluffy. He declared that he treated participation of people in mass actions with understanding, he expressed readiness to listen to their position and to find solutions of existing contradictions together, "but now when peace actions grows into mass riots, being accompanied with trashes and arsons, application of violence, I am convinced that such phenomena bear threat not only for people in Kiev, but also for all Ukraine".

"I am sure that you as nobody else understand that we have to try to keep our state together, to increase its force, authority and opportunities", - the president emphasized.

Yanukovych assured that he would try his best to provide public order, to protect rights of peaceful citizens and would use all legal and others methods provided by laws of Ukraine for ensuring public tranquility and safety of all compatriots.

Translated into Russian: look, I am such peaceful and patient, let me stop it quietly, I am even ready to kill almost nobody. Position of the West is the only thing that constrains Yanukovych. In 1993 the West entirely supported Yeltsin. In 2011 the West pretended that execution of workers in Zhanaozen isn't connected with Nazarbayev. As soon as Yanukovych will receive any semi-distinct signal from the West, he will kill.

Or perhaps the West won't give a signal? Perhaps, but Yanukovych will continue to suffer disorders on Grushevsky until he will receive distinct corpses. What negotiations ould be arried out with killers? Then it will start...

Putin has nothing to do here... That is not that there are no advisers in Kiev, they are present and they give their advises. Though Timoshenko also had the Kremlin advises, it’s commonplace. Other thing is that they advised insufficiently, on the other hand, their advises were not heard, I already wrote as in due time Yulia Vladimirovna lost two necessary percent because of local silly and thievish assistants. So, advisers give advises, but decisions are made by Yanukovych. Quite clever person...

By the way, he already threatened with ruin of Ukraine. Just in case. Preparing attak it is always necessary to have withdrawal routes. Though he is preparing attak.

It’s very simple to attak - to crush street team, to carry out dot arrests and to dismiss the Verkhovna Rada. By the way, in exact compliance with requirements of Maidan - to dismiss together with Rada the government, having appointed all ministers "acting as" till the next parliamentary elections. In the absence of parliament to carry out arrests of necessary number of oppositionists who have already lost immunity, then new Rada will surely vote for a complete amnesty including those who arrested and dispersed. In accuracy as in Moscow of 1993.

In Russia bourgeois dictatorship after "bloody October" lasted 20 years and still we don’t see its end...

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