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Ukraine Which We Will Loose

Ukraine Which We Will Loose

The European People's Party (EPP) urges the European Union to initiate emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on situation in Ukraine. It’s stated in the statement which is published on its official site reports.

"First of all we would like to express our sincere condolences to families of victims", - is noted in the address.

The party declared that military personnel has to refuse to participate in suppression of meetings and urged to clean "snipers murderers", “Berkut" and “Internal troops" from the streets.

Besides, EPP demanded from Russia not to interfere with internal affairs of Ukraine.

However, as it became clear today, "snipers murderers" were armed with fowling pieces which are not present in the field of "Berkut" and armed forces of Ukraine in general. Though let’s wait a bit and we will see appearance of silicon guns, bows and arrows.

Other thing is curious: when a little bit more than 2 years ago dictator Nazarbayev shot workers of Zhanaozen and Shetp, at that there were from the very beginning no doubts how and who made it, the European Parliament somehow delicately kept silent and managed to remove question from discussion. Only one deputy Paul Murphy acted for Kazakhs, at that it was a question about tens killed according to the official version and more than one hundred on informal. However the European Parliament blocked question, they succeeded to carry out only informal hearings.

Interesting selectivity of vision. Especially in the light of the requirement to clean streets from "Berkut" and internal troops. After all, unlike Kazakhstan, protesters unambiguously became attacking party. "Berkut" only protects governmental quarter now, what will happen, if it leaves?

There is an answer to this question in Lviv and Rovno, under pressure of fighters of opposition regional state administrations are dispersed. That is, in essence, the structure of management of the unitary state in two areas is abolished. Azarov declared revolution, it’s really revolution no matter how you treat Azarov.

Let’s distract from humanitarian questions which became today the main subject of discussion both in Ukraine and abroad. Revolutionary process takes place in the country and it can’t be comfortable for citizens by definition. "You wanted it, George Danden". Naturally, one couldn’t speak about following rule of law in absence of legitimate representatives of the law. As well as about human rights, humanity, Geneva conventions and other things which have no relation to today's Ukraine. Who were interested in the rights and conveniences of inhabitants of Tripoli when Gaddafi thrust bayonet into a bum? Why someone should worry about the rights of inhabitants of Khreschatyk and adjacent quarters who can’t even breathe freely today? Don't breathe... It is possible to leave a house and to move to relatives, well, apartments, clear thing, will be plundered, but it will happen just the same, if situation will develop. Whether Yatsenyuk will be on guard of property?

All this is absolutely normal for abnormal situation and revolution, thank God, happens not every day. For some time Kiev became if not occupied, than front city. What did you want? For 25 years inhabitants of Kiev have been observing street fights in Tbilisi and Baku, Dushanbe and Moscow on TV, why it should be different in Kiev? This way follows strictly predictable trajectory. The power changes two ways - through elections and through violence.

Other question is that there are more or less fair elections in Ukraine. If we talk about freedom, there will be no bigger freedom, than they have now, no regulated state is simply able to exist at the Ukrainian level of freedom. What else did they want?

Of course, a lot of things were absent, but they couldn’t be received as a result of revolution. Unless opposition demands change of forms of ownership or at least change of oligarchical capitalism in Ukraine on some less boorish? No, guys with sticks on Grushevskogo Street don't bring up these questions, for 20 years Ukraine is plundered not by own gangsters, but by Moscow. Moreover, left activists who could bring up this question were thrown from Maidan at early stage, they were even strongly beaten, that not so peaceful incident didn't get interest not only of the public, but even of militia.

Lenin was knocked over not occasionally. The fact that CPU was related to oligarchical mode, of course, also played its role in especially right-nationalist formatting of the protest, but the matter is not only in corrupt Simonenko and his environment - by the way, he has a mansion somewhere nearby. My congratulations. The matter is that such protest is ordered by Europe, let’s speak directly, neo-nazism raises its head not only in the countries of the former East block, but also in structures of the European bureaucracy. For this reason Europe is not interested in Mongoloid Kazakhs, it’s interested in true Aryans from Galicia.

The destiny of not less, than 10 million of the Ukrainians of the "Tatar-Finnish" origin (I don’t even mention Jews) can’t be envied in this situation. In essence, they are now oppressed ethnic minority compelled to feed "Aryan" regions and it won't be better at any outcome. If the national opposition wins, let’s look at Estonia and Latvia. If Yanukovych holds the power, they will appear in position of the "invaders" compelled to feed "oppressed West", but they will also become object of open hostility of the national majority. Civil war has no favorable outcome. It always means ruin, poverty, suppression of civil rights, dictatorship at the outcome and zero prospects during next... years.

You will say that there’s no civil war? Well, while this comment was in the process of writing, storm of the regional state administrations in Cherkassy and Ternopol began.

Yanukovych had one serious problem, it became clear that he had neither army, nor police, neither intelligence services, nor special troops. That is they, of course, get paid, but it is impossible to rely on anybody from them. There is only "Berkut", but it’s not enough even for Kiev, the rest of Ukraine should cope with everything independently.. Perhaps, thanks to God. Less people will die and will become cripples.

It seems that there’s already no state with the name Ukraine – one Gulyaypole. At first it is very fascinating, while someone delivers products and heating works.


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