Ukraine Is on the Way to Fascism

Ukraine Is on the Way to Fascism
Yury Mukhin 26.01.2014

Complaints of different groups of the population on the power existed earlier and exist today in all countries. However, those, foreign discontent in no way remind present events in Ukraine when handful of people frankly committing crimes, forbidden under the threat of punishment by the Criminal code of Ukraine keeps all people of Ukraine in suspense.

It is clear that the President of Ukraine and Rada is proteges of competing oligarchical groups plundering Ukraine, these oligarchs have internal squabbles now. These squabbles are carried out by persons appointed “politicians” by oligarchs (including foreign ones). Though after all in other countries (in the same USA) politicians are also proteges of oligarchs and in the same way compete among themselves. Why there never was similar marasmus there, why crimes in the USA never remained unpunished from the part of the state, why, for example, buildings of public institutions are never captured with the purpose to force all people of the USA to fulfill requirements of the criminals - to eliminate the power elected by all people of the USA?

It happens so because politicians are monkeys changing on the arena and the order in circus (in the state) is kept not even by the owners of circus, but by civil servants who are guided by state current laws. Yes, civil servants follow also instructions of politicians, but only if these instructions don't contradict laws.

I have a question: where are civil servants of Ukraine obliged to provide safe life of citizens according to current laws?

After all see only the lowest ranks – privates of the Kiev Ministry of Internal Affairs and officers heading them standing with firmness under the fire of organized groups of criminals who has gone mad from impunity. Where is, say, such civil servant as the general prosecutor of Ukraine? Why doesn't he fulfill his duties on provision of safety of citizens of Ukraine – identification of persons committing crimes and charging them in court?

Why doesn't he do even minimum, why doesn’t he address people of Ukraine and explain citizens (taxpayers) what exactly is going on and what will follow?

For example, like this:

"You, citizens of Ukraine, adopted the Constitution which not only we, civil servants, but also you, all citizens, are obliged to be guided and which are obliged to follow. According to the constitutional decision:

- if you are dissatisfied with the decision of politicians of Ukraine, you have the right to make your own decision obligatory for them to follow on All-Ukrainian referendum;

- if you aren't satisfied with the President or deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, you can replace them on elections;

- if you are dissatisfied with some actions of politicians or civil servants, you have the right to protest, including, taking to the streets and squares of the cities and settlements of Ukraine.

As for the last, you have this right in the article 39 of the Constitution, where it’s written like this:

“Citizens have the right to assemble peacefully without arms and to hold meetings, rallies, processions, and demonstrations, upon notifying in advance the bodies of executive power or bodies of local self-government.

Restrictions on the exercise of this right may be established by a court in accordance with the law and only in the interests of national security and public order, with the purpose of preventing disturbances or crimes, protecting the health of the population, or protecting the rights and freedoms of other persons”.

If you, having coordinated place of meeting with the power so that not to restrict the rights of other people, gather peacefully and without weapon, we, civil servants, are obliged this right to provide and protect. It, by the way, demands from us by the Criminal Code of Ukraine: "Illegal preventing of organization or carrying out of meetings, gatherings, street processions and demonstrations, if this act is made by the official or with application of physical abuse, is punished …" (Art. 340).

While if certain people arm with steel rods, chains, bludgeons, “cocktail bombs" and other weapon and gather not with the purpose to protest, but with the purpose to commit crimes, it’s not only ours, civil servants, duty to protect people from this crime, but it’s also duty of each citizen of Ukraine. As, I will remind, the Constitution is adopted not by us, civil servants, but by you – citizens of Ukraine.

What crimes committed in Kiev and the western regions of Ukraine am I talking about?

It’s, first of all, provided crimes:

- by article 109 of the Criminal Code: "Actions directed on violent change or overthrow of the constitutional system or on capture of the government …"

- by article 341: "Capture of buildings or constructions providing activity of public authorities, local governments, associations of citizens for the purpose of illegal using them or preventing normal work of enterprises, establishments, organizations …"

- by article 342: "Resistance … to the employee of law enforcement agency …"

- by article 343: "1. Any form of influence on the employee of law enforcement body or employee of the public executive service with purpose of preventing performance of official duties by him… 2. The same actions if they interfered with prevention of crime or detention of a person committed it…"

- by article 194. "Deliberate destruction or property damage …"

It’s not full list of crimes, but only those which are visible and clear to each citizen, in which guilt of persons committed and committing these crimes is obvious to all. (Such crimes as already committed crimes as murders, infliction of bodily injuries on citizens and other careful preliminary investigation is required). By the way, law sanctions on the above mentioned crimes is penalty or even 10 years of imprisonment.

However, there are crimes which are committed openly, probably, owing to misunderstanding by persons committing them what they exactly do. The criminal code of Ukraine enters punishment for instigators of crimes. Article 27.4 gives definition to instigators: "Instigator is a person who using persuasion, bribery, threat, coercion or some other way inclined other accomplice to commit crime".

"Other way" is when the authoritative person convinced the criminal that acts made by him aren’t actually crimes.

Ordinary citizens, not going to commit any crimes against customs of own people, consequently, against society and the state, don't know provisions of the Criminal Code, that is clear, though it’s not an excuse. While such authoritative persons as workers of mass media can't but know the Criminal Code owing to own education and presence of legal consultants in editions. Workers of mass media, for this reason, are very authoritative among simple people, people are sure that mass media broadcast them truth. When workers of mass media see committed crimes, they suggest the audience, readers and listeners that no crimes are committed and people who committed crimes are simple "protesting", "activists" or "volunteers", not criminals and their helpers, they incite the last to commission of new, more serious crimes.

I pay attention of the workers of mass media that instigators bear responsibility under the same articles of the Criminal Code which are effective in respect of performers of crime, that is, instigators bear the same punishment.

Democracy is established in Ukraine, therefore the freedom of speech is guaranteed in Ukraine. Nobody forbids mass media to tell citizens what mass media consider it necessary to report, but I pay attention that such type of crime as instigation is also ommitted by that free word. Therefore, under the law nobody can be responsible for what he says or said, but if these words are instigation to commission of crime, the speaker will be responsible for commission of crime to which he incited. Therefore workers of mass media of Ukraine need to be ready to explain to the inquest and court why they incited to crime, in particular, to violent overthrow of the state power in Ukraine by way of careful concealment from people the fact of commission of this crime? Why did they make heroes from people making criminal actions?"

I will note that those state persons (the general prosecutor as well) who don't report to the population what crimes people gathered on Maidan ommit are instigators encouraging commission of these crimes. They also incite to commit crimes "I different way".

Ukraine is overgoing what Russia passed in 1993 – the same orrupt and rabid mass media trying to persuade itizens that the Verkhovna Rada is illegal, the criminal Yeltsin it "lawful president" and citizens protecting the Verkhovna Rada are "Makashov's fighters".

I Russia we have fascism for a long time, while Ukraine only goes to it, therefore, as we see, the present situation in Ukraine and in Russia is reproduced "quite opposite". There was no prosecutor I Russia who would have declared that dispersal of peaceful demonstrators on Bolotnaya Square in spring of 2012 was a crime of the Kremlin power provided by article 149 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Obstrution of the Holding of a Μeeting, Assebly, Demostrations, Proessions, or Piketing, or of Partiipation in the Aforesaid". While in Ukraine there’s still no prosecutor who has specified that fascists and their helpers on Maidan are criminals defaming the Constitution of Ukraine which gives to citizens of Ukraine though some freedom and security. Well, mass media of Ukraine are mean helpers of fascism, as well as Russian mass media. The Russian mass media beome long time ago mean helpers of fascist Kremlin mode onsist of deserved followers of Goebbels.

Why it’s so? There’s the only reason. There’s no and there never will be so that people have power – people’s power - protecting it, if this power isn't responsible before people for consequences of its board (as it’s offered by IGPR "ZOV" http://igpr .ru/aim). If the higher authority isn't responsible for consequences of its board, civil servants recruited by elected power also don’t answer for anything before people. All imperious camarilla from the top to the bottom starts serving only to itself.

We see it in Ukraine as well, politicians serve not to people, but to oligarchs, at that to foreign ones, while civil servants serve not to laws and people, but to politicians.

People are defenseless.

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