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Danilyuk Is at the Moment the President of Ukraine

Danilyuk Is at the Moment the President of Ukraine

Militia of Dnepropetrovsk stopped attempt of penetration into the building of city regional administration. At the moment 37 participants of the action are detained for disorderly behavior and delivered into the regional departments of militia of the city. 18 police officers got wounds.

"Counteracting attack, the staff of law-enforcement bodies didn't apply impact munitions and had no traumatic weapon. Sms with offers to get from 600 to 800 hryvnias for participation in the action were found in mobile phones of detainees”, — is spoken in the message from the department.

Criminal proceedings under the articles "Mass Riots", "Resistance to the Authority" and "Infringement of Life of the Employee of Law Enforcement Agency" is brought.

- Reception of money by participants of actions from opposition says only that the idea of professional army seized masses, - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - If it is better to charge protection of the fatherland to professionals, why not to charge professionals to protect political rights and freedoms? Naturally, the one who pays more has more rights and freedoms, it’s quite market approach, modern, nothing "Soviet" here and no communism.

Meanwhile participant of negotiations with opposition and the Minister of Justice Elena Lukash in response to capture of the building of Ministry of Justice declared: "If the building of the Ministry of Justice won’t be freed immediately, I will be compelled to discuss with my colleagues - members of council of the national security and defense - introduction of state of emergency in the state".

Besides, she threatened to address the president of Ukraine V. Yanukovych with request to stop negotiations with opposition. E. Lukash is one of constant participants of negotiations and the office of Ministry of Justice prepared for the meetings drafts of laws on amnesty and changes in the Constitution which were offered to opposition in the evening on January, 25.

E. Lukash gave protesting half an hour to get out from the building, such statement was received at 05:30 of Moscow time. In reply the leader of aggressors Alexander Danilyuk declared that he didn’t intend to free the ministry building as he considered authorities in power illegitimate.

- It is even more modern, - Anatoly Baranov noted. - Citizens Klitschko and Yatsenyuk conduct negotiations with citizen Yanukovych, while citizen Danilyuk declares that he didn’t give a darn for all of them. Ultimatum of the minister Lukash hung in mid-air, the building isn't freed and nothing at all happened. Who is the leader of opposition today - Yatsenyuk or Danilyuk? It looks that Danilyuk is cooler, he is the one who should be offered a post of the prime minister. There’s one problem - citizen Danilyuk doesn't consider citizen Yanukovych legitimate and thus his offer means nothing to him. So, Yanukovich has to make offers to other different citizens who agree to talk in the warm room which for the present isn't seized by citizen Danilyuk. When Danilyuk will feel cold, he will come and kick all out...

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