"ongol – Buryat War” with Ukraine

"ongol – Buryat War” with Ukraine

The Federation Council allowed the president of Russia Vladimir Putin to enter the Russian contingent to Ukraine to protect citizens of Russia who are in the Ukrainian territory. The Ukrainian armies are gotten full operational. Such decision was accepted by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine in the evening on Saturday, March 1, "Ukrainskaya Pravda" transfers with reference to the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the acting president Alexander Turchinov.

Later the press secretary of the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov specified that the decision on introdution of troops to the territory of Ukraine hadn't been made yet.

As the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin in telephone conversation with Turchinov explained, Russia was ready to use military force in relation to Ukraine if the Ukrainian party used force against peace citizens who lived in the territory of the Crimea and the East of the country.

Nuclear power plants, airports and other strategic infrastructure objects are taken under protetion. Temporary head of Ukraine explained that it’s made taking into account "potential aggression". Turchinov noted that they developed detailed plan of actions in case of direct military aggression from the Russian Federation.

The acting Minister of Defence of Ukraine Igor Tenyukh reports that Armed forces of the country are capable to fulfill their constitutional duty. Fighting spirit of officer, junior enlisted and non commissioned orps is high, marked the acting minister.


From editorial board: As if confirming high spirit of the fighting spirit of the Ukrainian armies flagman of the fleet “Hetman Sagaydahny” lifted the Russian banner…

However, the question, if the Russian armies would enter Ukraine without any shot or someone from the Ukrainian part would do it. The question is what will follow.

Now I will tell sedition: actions of the Russian armed fores in the Crimea showed that peacekeeping action is much more preferable in the interests of local population, than self-defense groups. Such groups are significantly less efficient even if to arm them with the brand new weapon from the Russian base. Plus to that somewhere near Perekop they would have fixed collisions with "forwarding forces" from Kiev, performances of the Crimean Tatars and other unpleasant events, including marauding and splash of violence. While armed fores... Generally our armed fores being despised for decades trashed cause big sympathy in people, both the Russian and the Post-Soviet. It’s not OMON after all... As we see, everything’s silent in the Crimea and the new commander-in-chief of Naval Forces of Ukraine even hopes that the Ukrainian military men will be allowed to leave units to go home to have rest. Unless they are not people...

Though it is the Crimea where there’s almost no pro-Kiev forces. Even presene of the Tatars is conditional. They are canny, in general.

The international legal bases for self-determination of the Eastern and the Southern areas of Ukraine aren't so faultless as of ARC. That is they are absolutely not irreproachable. Not that NATO was somewhere near the western borders of Ukraine, and introduction of the Polish contingent in the Volynsk area would be even very interesting, but one shouldn’t pretend that Russia is so mighty that it can ignore all. We won Georgia in 2008, but we are somehow not really ready to big European war. However, it refers to both parties.

Introdution of armed fores to some objects in the Crimea doesn't bear such consequences as subversive and terrorist (guerrilla) war as Galiian formations haven’t had and have no support among population of the Crimea.

There’s quite different situation in continental regions, even in Left-bank Ukraine. There Galiian guerrillas have prospect to receive serious base, at that with the help of the most unfortunate segments of the population, petty bourgeoisie will quickly find mass of pluses in the Russian occupation. While guerrilla war in Ukraine, among traditionally close population can't be won. It ould be won in Lvov area, but not in Chernigov area.

Perhaps, there’s some prospect not in the invasion, but in its threat. Though whether there is chance that having interested in military toys our Supreme Commander will manage to stop in time?

The same way Yanukovych got keen on secret support of Maidan and "Right Sector" and lost the power.

There is such point of view that partition of the Ukrainian sub-state suits actually many – both Europe with the western Ukraine which eurointegration thus will pass easier, than of all 45-million power. It will suit the Kremlin and the Little Russia in Ukraine. It will also suit America which will receive a stable slow problem in the east of Europe which for many years will get involved suh global competitors as the EU and the Russian Federation.


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