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Doctors of St-Petersburg’s Hospital Declared Hunger Strike

Doctors of St-Petersburg’s Hospital Declared Hunger Strike

Source: Doctor Peter

Almost all staff of the department of reanimation and intensive therapy of hospital of Peter the Great at North-Western State Medical University named after Mechnikov went to take part in hunger strike. In such way doctors and nurses want to tell the president Vladimir Putin that his Decree about increase in salaries isn't carried out. Nobody responds to other SOS messages.

Department of reanimation and intensive therapy in the 4th pavilion of clinic of Peter the Great starves today for the first day. "Termless hunger strike is protest action with which help we want to draw attention to the size of salaries in our medical institution, - the anesthesiologist Vladimir Maslov speaks. - Our initiative group wrote letter to the president in which it mentioned real salaries on March, 12th: the nurse receives 11,5 thousand rubles, the anesthesiologist 16 thousand rubles. The Presidential Administration received the letter and next day redirected it to Ministry of Health "for objective and comprehensive consideration". But it still didn't follow.

(You can read here how doctors in Russia and abroad strike http://doctorpiter.ru/articles/6170/)

Doctors characterize situation with salary payment as catastrophic and many in the hospital support protest action. If last year the average salary of the resuscitator working full time was nearly 18 thousand rub plus surcharge for medical care (5 thousand rub) rendered within compulsory health insurance program, since the beginning of this year general wages decreased almost by third. According to Vladimir Maslov, mass dismissals of employees began in the hospital, experts go, most often, to city hospitals.

(You can learn here what establishments of Petersburg underpay to the doctors http://doctorpiter.ru/articles/8141/)

It became clear that federal clinics will face big lack of means in 2014, when Ministry of Health reported about reduction of their financing by 35-40%. Heads of federal clinics already then said that they should reduce quantity of cots and, respectively, regular number of employees. It seems that it won’t be necessary to do it in North-Western State Medical University named after Mechnikov as some doctors leave it themselves, others nevertheless try to achieve fair compensation, having declared hunger strike.


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From editorial board: It’s already the second loud protest action of physicians this year, after dismissal of all staff of the Chita maternity hospital. The reason is one: floutingly low wages which were even more decreased in 2014.

They were decreased not because of expenditure for the Olympic Games or for the Crimea, but because of conscious sabotage from the side of Medvedev's liberal government: there’s artificially created shortage of money in the country at not used means on accounts of the federal budget in 7,6 trillion rub, as far as it’s possible to understand, shortage is for all except governmental thieves.

As far as it’s possible to judge, liberals in the Russian management took steady course on provoking of revolutionary shocks following sample of Ukraine and on destruction of our country together with external blows from the West.

Direct blow is struck at especially hated to liberals social sphere as it provides preservation of civilization hated by these people feeling pains at only mention of either Dostoyevsky, or Ioann Kronshtadsky, or Mendeleyev.

Мichael Delyagin, chairman of the editorial board of FORUM.msk

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