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"G-7" Makes "Butt-Boy" Trump

"G-7" Makes "Butt-Boy" Trump
Baranov Anatoly 26.03.2014

So, "G-7" met without Russia and made, actually, expected decision - Moscow is threatened with new sanctions if it continues to entrench upon the Ukrainian sovereignty. The USA and their European partners are ready to enter measures which will cause damage to the whole sectors of the Russian economy even if it will damage itself.

Separately Obama urged the international community to support Ukraine politically and economically and declared that the Russian annexation of the Crimea isn't come true fact.

How "G-7" could gather without the "eight" partner, that is without one of members of "Big Club"? We should understand then that Russia never wasn't full member of the club of great powers, skeptics who called Russia "butt-boy" at "G-7" were right...

Then what are those Putin’s achievements in foreign policy which were the subject of conversations in last 14 years? That is there’s no progress and Mitya Medvedev choked in vain with hamburgers in a snack-bar where he was brought by Obama, probably, simply to laugh at? If expenses for the Olympic Games were also in vain as they didn’t bring international prestige after all?

However what does “G-7” mean? If to consider that such very powerful countries as China, India, South Korea and Brazil aren't included into it, while Canada, for example, is present, it means that, of course, size and importance of economy matters, but it’s not key... What if to define "G-7" as a club of former colonial powers which have successfully fitted into post-capitalist reality? Then it is clear that weakened colonial powers like Spain or Belgium can’t be counted, while powerful China and India are former colonies themselves...

What is Russia here? Strictly speaking, Russia never was colonial empire in classical understanding, the more so during the Soviet period. The same way as Ottoman Empire, former eternal rival. Though Turkey weakened, while Russia still slats... That’s why it was called to be "butt-boy" and when it behaved "not comme il faut" it was expelled.

What’s the reason to be included into this "seven - eight", to remit multi-billion debts, to repay own debts which nobody isn't going to forgive just for the hell of sitting next to Berlusconi? Now this pleasure can get every Italian criminal absolutely free of charge.

It turns out that Putin was present in that club but had no vote? Otherwise how could we explain that great powers didn't listen even to the simplest argument, that the Crimea can’t be already categorically returned to Ukraine? How does Obama imagine it? The Russian armies leave and the citizens who have just voted for joining the Russian Federation are told that it’s just a joke? Now you can quietly stay in prison in Ukraine for received recently Russian passports, chants "Glory to Ukraine!" won't help... Well, it’s also possible to move 2,5 million inhabitants of the Crimea to Russia. As Obama’s guarantees that there will be no genocide in the Crimea will calm only few people, after all “there was no genocide” in Kosovo.

How it is possible to force people to believe in non-existent thing - in the Ukrainian statehood? To force to learn language which nobody talks, to study laws which nobody observes, to serve in the army which runs away without any shot, to respect the president who can be banished by sticks, to love the state which is busy with one thing only - to prove everyday that it exists after all.

New power in Ukraine which, if to trust the protocol, is recognize by "G-7" got engaged (probably, having received sanction) in physical elimination of "The Right Sector", of those people who put all these turchinovs-yatsenyuks-avakovs in chairs of presidents and ministers, having banished lousy, but duly elected president. It is not important even that Russia didn't recognize it. People of Ukraine to which all political forces appeal don’t recognize them as well. The only place where referendum is held is the Crimea and Sevastopol, result is terrible. Why similar referendums are not carried out in other districts? If there is no confidence that even Lvov, not that Donets won’t vote for preservation of such Ukraine?

If during remained 2 months new authorities of Ukraine recognized by "G-7" won't manage to kill Yarosh as it’s done with Sashka Bily by means of foreign experts? If he will take part in presidential elections and will win? Obama will invite the president Yarosh into his favourite snack-bar?

There are a lot of questions.

It’s interesting what they will do with Ukraine when it will leave Agreement on Strategic Arms Limitation and the president Yarosh like General de Gaulle will decide to create own nuclear triad, so that Ukraine from Lisbon to Vladivostok...

While it’s no necessary to do anything with Putin. He won the Olympic Games, joined for the second time the Crimea and will govern as long as he considers it necessary. Regardless of the fact whether the Russian patients receive the European drugs or not, whether children receive vitamins all year round or not. People in Northern Korea live in poverty, while already the third Kim is on a throne. Sanctions against Russia can, of course, damage economy, sharply worsen life of citizens, but the power in the Kremlin won't be replaced because of it, rather on the contrary – it will become stronger. Nothing consolidates people round the leader as external threat.

Or they agreed to keep Putin forever and to create thus new two-polar world in which nothing in general changes?

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