Russia Prolongs Service Life of Out of Date Submarines and Rockets

Russia Prolongs Service Life of Out of Date Submarines and Rockets

The Navy of Russia passed into service ballistic missile of submarines R-29RMU2.1 “Liner”. The rocket passed into service in the beginning of 2014; it’s planned to equip strategic nuclear submarines of the project 667BDRM “Dolphin” with it. Now there are six submarines of this project in the inventory of the Navy of Russia.

It’s expected that new “Liners” will be used on equal base with upgraded ballistic missiles R-29RMU2 “Sineva” as a part of arms of submarines of the project Dolphin.

Actually, "Liner" also represents modification of the rocket “Sineva”. Modified rocket provides possibility of combination of ombat load: head part of R-29RMU2.1 can be equipped with eight or ten fighting blocks of low power or four blocks of average power. Thus fighting blocks can be established at the same time with a complex of means for overcoming of systems of antimissile defense.

According to open sources, length of R-29RMU2.1 makes about 15 meters, diameter 1,9 meters and starting weight more than 40 tons. The missile system “Liner” allows to carry out ripple and single launh of rockets during movement at depths up to 55 meters and speed up to seven knots. Thanks to equipment of submarines of the projet Dolphin by rockets “Liner” their service life will be prolonged at least till 2030.

The Severodvinsk Center of ship repair "Zvezdohka" will carry out stage-by-stage restoration of technical readiness of all strategic nuclear submarines of the project 667BDRM Dolphin, following the results of these works service life of each submarine will increase from 25 to 35 years.

Earlier it was reported that submarines of the project Dolphin will be gradually removed from the structure of the Navy of Russia starting from 2015.


From editorial board: It is called "put a brave fae on a sorry business". Our Strategic nuclear forces still can't come to senses from accident with "Bulava" which doesn't fly and, therefore, three latest rocket carriers of "Borej" lass (from which only two passed into servie) exist without weapon, that is they are useless. In the light of become complicated situation in the world weakening of a sea component of nuclear triad (which used to be "a weak link" without it) makes Russia almost unarmed before pre-emptive nuclear attack from the part of the USA.

Rockets “Sineva” are certainly one of the most successful projects for sea basing, but as well as all rockets of the previous generation they are very noisy and demand long period for preparation for launh.

Nuclear submarines of the type 667BDRM "Dolphin" became outdated not only physically, they also lag behind more perfect submarines of the probable opponent on to many characteristics, in particular, they are very noisy and are easily found at rather long distance.

In case of pre-emptive attak of the probable opponent land objects of Strategi Missile Fores will be destroyed before reciprocal start-ups with high degree of probability. Most likely planes of long-range aviation which are at aerodromes will be also destroyed. In essence, mainly sea component of Strategic Nuclear Forces has to strike blow of punishment. However because of high degree of wear and tear even after capital repairs and modernization the main part of our nuclear submarines will be not in the sea, but somewhere near mooring wall, that is it also risks to be destroyed by the first blow of the probable opponent. One-two nuclear submarines which are in the main sea can be found, the USA has in the inventory 42 submarines of the type Los Angeles intended for destruction of underwater rocket carriers...

It is necessary to say that the Russian authorities undertake convulsive efforts for elimination of disproportion in nuclear weapons, however reanimation of fighting railway complexes will take several years, the rocket Voivoda-2 isn't ready for the moment and new rocket “Liner”, as well as “Sineva" has just passed tests and production of estimated amount of these rockets (about 100 units) will also take years. Now Strategic Nuclear Forces of Russia obviously aren't ready to meet a threat of the first nuclear attack.

natoly Baranov

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