Pitun Deided to Reover Eonomy of the Crimea Making Profit of Sin

Pitun Deided to Reover Eonomy of the Crimea Making Profit of Sin

A bill of creation of gambling zone in the territory of the Republic of Crimea is introduced in the State Duma at the initiative of Vladimir Putin on Monday, April, 21. The document is published in electronic database of the lower house of parliament. According to the bill, borders of the fifth gambling zone will be defined on the territory of Russia by executive authorities of the Crimea.

Four gambling zones officially work from 2009 in the territory of Russia — in the Altai, Primorsk and Krasnodar territories and also in the Kaliningrad region. In reality operating casinos work only in the gambling zone "Azov city" in the Krasnodar territory. In other territories gambling institutions are under construction.

Last week the acting head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov declared that the question of funtioning of gambling zones in the territory of the Crimea will be solved before May, 1. Thus he emphasized that gambling zones and casino will be located not on all peninsula, but will be concentrated within certain territory.

- If gambling zones aren't necessary anywhere in general, why they suddenly beome necessary in the Crimea? - the editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov is surprised. – First of all, to transfer asino to devil-knows-where plaes is nonsense, as then it is more convenient to people to go to Monte-Carlo where it is obviously more convenient, than in a bog on the Azov coast or in Altai. Secondly it is hardly possible to lift economy at the expense of casino in principle. In the third, it isn't really good to develop economy of the Crimea due to the sin. During the Ukrainian period the former all-Union health resort turned into the international brothel without it, now they want to add compulsive gamblers, they will only need to open shops on sale of soft drugs after... People will surely ome. They will ross the strait on mattresses.

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