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Kiev Refused from Victory Parade

Kiev Refused from Victory Parade

City administration of Kiev made the decision not to carry out military parade in Kiev on May, 9 in honor of the 69th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Instead the new Kiev authorities intend to carry out some other actions. It’s reported that the main actions devoted to the 69th anniversary of Victory will take place in the park devoted to the Great Patriotic War. Concert for veterans of war and work, representatives of the public from country regions is planned to be carried out on May, 9 in the palace Ukraine and festive fireworks will take place in Kiev in the evening.

In fact nothing new, authorities of Kiev wanted to cancel this holiday long before deterioration of relations with Russia, already during Yushchenko’s boarding. Joint with “immemorial enemy” victory doesn’t suit the concept of "new Ukraine". How to celebrate now the event, if all symbolics under which it happened is forbidden in Ukraine? Near to the destroyed monuments?

Besides what military parade we are talking about? Parade is demonstration of military power and here there’s no power, just relics... Especially after the Crimea and Donbass. It is possible to demonstrate, of course, members of the Right Sector with sticks and stones as symbol of the only Ukrainian victory for 23 years of its independence, but then it is necessary to demonstrate as well Yanukovych in chains, but he by hard adventure disappeared having taken great share of legitimacy with him.

Though let’s return to Victory Day. It isn't really good that it has become semi-official holiday of those forces which have relations both to the Soviet people and to generalissimo Stalin. They say that Stalin as though had nothing to do with victory, the victory was gained either by Zhukov, or people in general without any management, or Roosevelt with Churchill, while the Russians just got in on the act.

However to refuse to celebrate in general means to place oneself in orthogonal position to other progressive mankind which celebrates victory over fascism. If you don't celebrate, it means that the victory over fascism is not your victory? Whose then? What party are you from in general?

Awkward position of people who regularly celebrate day of the division SS "Galichina" though the current year they decided and not to toy with demon.

Nevertheless Victory Day is a shibboleth if you need to define belonging to a certain humanistic tradition. Or - non-belonging.

Here you are what Ilya Ponomarev very objectively estimating situation with the next Ukrainian revolution as a whole, nevertheless writes in his LJ: "I don't consider that fascist revolution took place in Ukraine. Such television picture is cooked up specially to justify actions of the Russian management before the Russians and to get their support, as well as to suppress every oppositional action inside the country in the very beginning. There are less radical nationalists in Kiev, than in Moscow. There’s in the Russian parliament the party LDPR which has more places, than Tyahnybok's "Freedom". Duty of every honest person is to expose manipulation with public opinion which is conducted by the Russian state promotion".

However there’s quotation from Gregor Gysi's speech given on March, 13, 2014 in the Bundestag. Gregor Gysi is the German left politician. He doesn’t watch the Russian television ("television picture is cooked up specially"). May be what he told concerning coming to power of fascists in Ukraine will be more understandable for you, mister Ponomarev? It will be difficult for you to tell that he specially cooked up his speech to justify actions of the Russian management and to suppress every oppositional action in Russia.

".... Madam Merkel! The Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister of Defence, the Minister of Agriculture, the minister of environmental protection, the general prosecutor - all of them are fascists! The head of the national council of safety was the founder of Fascist party "Freedom". Fascists occupy important posts, for example, they dominate in safety sector. Fascists never voluntary left the power, even its part. Here, already on the basis of our history, at least the government of Germany had to draw line.

When the Austrian party of freedom of Haider entered the government, contacts and all other connections stopped. Why didn’t we do anything in case with fascists from Ukraine? "Freedom" has close contacts with NPD and other Nazi parties in Europe. The chairman of the party Oleg Tyagnybok declared literally the following. I quote. Remember what he told. Beginning of the quote: "Take weapon, fight with the Russian pigs, the Germans, the Jewish pigs and others". End of quote. I repeat: this person told, the beginning of quote: "Take weapon, fight with the Russian pigs, the Germans, the Jewish pigs and others". End of quote. Already now they hunt the Jews and left. And you are silent? You speak with these people from "Freedom"? I think that it’s scandal. I declare it distinctly..."

So, if there’s fascism or not fascism in Ukraine?

This question is especially difficult on example of opposition of the Russian Federation and Ukraine as everything goes to fascism in the Russian Federation as well. Though one unpleasant thing happened, Ukraine caught up and surpassed literally at once what the Russian Federation had been passing at Putin slowly. Probably they have now no alternative. Recently we were surprised that fascist laws which Putin's administration had been adopting slowly and carefully, looking around on public opinion for five years, Yanukovych brought into the Rada by one package and Rada accepted.

What is interesting is that these laws caused general indignation, Yanukovych was kicked off, but then they established the worst fascist dictatorship! Well, all signs are clearly seen after all: dictatorship of big business and the Nazi party which is living off this capital, and even anti-Semitism. Well and certainly disregard of liberal freedoms and democratic procedures. Terror in relation to the left activists to the utmost. Even militarism, though somehow perverted, they fight with Russia though in own territory and without invasion of the Russian armies.

Well, what parade in the Victory Day we are talking about?

As in a joke: "My grandfather was an electrician during the war". - "Why do you think so?" - "He has two danger arrows on his helmet!"

So, grandsons of "electricians" now received the power over Ukraine...

Аnatoly Baranov

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