They Want to Equal Internet to Terrorism

They Want to Equal Internet to Terrorism

In any case three bills entering so-called "anti-terrorist package" are adopted by the State Duma all together. Now they will be sent for the statement to the Federation Council, then will be signed by the president. Amendments toughen punishment for terrorism and extremism, complicate anonymous wire transfers and toughen control over information distribution on the Internet.

"Anti-terrorist package" was brought by a group of deputies of different fractions headed by the chairman of the State Duma Committee on safety Irina Yarova ("United Russia") in the wake of explosions in Volgograd which happened at the end of 2013. However, only one bill has direct relation to the fight against terrorism. It grants the staff of FSB the right on personal inspection of citizens if they are suspected of commission of offenses or crimes which investigation is entrusted to the department. New structures of crimes are entered into the Criminal code: organization of commission of crimes of terrorist orientation or ontrol over its commission whih is equaled to organization of financing of terrorism.

“Anti-terrorist” norms were inluded into the projet to the second reading. They strengthen responsibility for organization of mass riots, enter sanctions — up to imprisonment for the term of five-ten years — for "passing of training aiming to organize mass riots or participation in them by a person" and also for recruitment into extremist organizations (imprisonment term up to seven years).he projet orders the regional authorities to carry out monitoring of "political, social and economic and other processes". When initiative was adoptedin the second reading, it was supported by 348 deputies from fractions "United Russia", LDPR and most part of "Fair Russia".

The most mass interfractional support (441 from 450 voices) in the second reading was provided to the bill which limits possibility of use of electronic purses: money transfers between individuals will be completely forbidden, additional restritions will be entered for other types of the transations.

The third bill from "anti-terrorist package" looks so that now popular bloggers and organizers of "information distributions" should provide Roskomnadzor data about themselves and the last should also store data about correspondence and other actions on the platform within half a year. Fraction voted for such changes in the second reading ("United Russia", LDPR, and also some members of “Fair Russia” (only 299 deputies).

Today "anti-terrorist package" was accepted in the third reading. It can be considered already at the following meeting of the Federation Council, then it will be sent for signature to the president.


From editorial board: What’s the connetion between terrorism and organization of unauthorized procession? It seems to me, these are opposite things, I never met terrorists walking in columns for mass demonstrations.

If these things are not connected, why they are considered as uniform package? So that it will be possible to say: “Are you for terrorism?” in response to unwillingness of someone to vote against ban of transations between individuals.

Though – let’s have it one by one.

Measures against terrorism, for example, allowing FSB employees to make personal inspection will surprise or shok very few people. In free country of Russia everyone an make personal inspection, even the security guard in a supermarket. When he is pointed to illegality of his actions, he calls for help and all crowd proves its rightness, kicking realitrants with boots. So, FSB an easily do that, they seldom wear heavy footwear.

While I an’t understand what relation it has to measures for suppression of mass protest actions? I understand, they got afraid of Maidan to a bloody diarrhea, but I dare to remind that the most fatal events in Kiev happened just after acceptance by Yanukovych and Co a package of similar laws, it happenned exactly one week after. It is quite difficult not to see relation between the cause and the result.

So, it diffiult for me to understand why they are not pleased with transations between individuals. Then they should limit circulation of cash, if so... After all transfer of cash from hand to hand is the most certain way of financing of terrorism and other bad things. While if you make wire transfer, a record remaind - from where, whom, when and how many. Practically they made life of citizens worse, having limited some simple opportunities. Economic amateur performance in the country practically stopped without it. I understand that deputies are professional idlers to whom the state pays for that they don't participate in any economic life in general. While the country lives not at public expense...

I wrote many times that we need mass media, it is necessary to understand now that it’s resultless. Arguments of mind don't affect the party in power. Yes, a number of popular bloggers that is called "got", their popular blogs are in a LJ whih is under the Russian jurisdiction. Well, these strange people who live at our expense much better than the majority of us should have thought - they simply kill domestic blog sphere, squeeze out it from the country and that’s all. They squeeze it out mainly into unfriendly zones, automatically do all domestic blog sphere the sphere of not Russian interests. Well, they should make then the "Russian Internet" in the manner of North Korean and would correspond between Spasskaya and Borovitskaya towers of the Moscow Kremlin. It would advance greatly the progress in the country.

If they don't understand that we are lagging strongly behind without it?

I don't know, may be moderate degree of moronity is the main qualifying sign of the Russian politician?

natoly Baranov, editor-in-hief of FORUM.msk

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