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America Will Continue Strengthening Putin’s Authority by All Means

America Will Continue Strengthening Putin’s Authority by All Means

Administration of the USA accused Russia of aspiration to break presidential elections planned for May, 25 in Ukraine. ITAR-TASS reports with reference to the speech of the official representative of the White House Jay Carney. "We are afraid that Russia wants to undermine elections on May, 25", — Carney declared. According to him, "Moscow should not dictate the Ukrainians what they future they should have".

Carney once again threatened with sanctions in relation to Russia. He declared existence of "a wide range of tools, including sanctions in relation to economy sectors".

It’s in general strange. I am almost sure that a pole for citizens of Ukraine will be opened in Moscow, in Leontyevsky Pereulok. Nobody will interfere with free will of the Ukrainian citizens.

While how Moscow can interfere with someone in the territory of Ukraine?

It’s different thing that I hardly imagine free elections in Slavyansk or Kramatorsk which are stormed at the moment by Nazi fighters disguised in uniforms of the National Guard who fire from tools and large-caliber machine guns and periodically attack fighting helicopters with rockets. Though unless it is Moscow which storms the Ukrainian cities?

For example, I can hardly imagine the polling station in the Trade Unions Building in Odessa. I can hardly imagine free vote in cities enclosed with posts and with actual martial law established in them.

With great difficulty I imagine free vote in Dnepropetrovsk under posters "10 000$ for the Russian", after all about 30-40 percent of the population is "the Russians".

Though what Moscow has to do with it?

These are strange charges that Moscow dictates the Ukrainians what future they should have. After all rebels in the southeast fight now asserting the right of the Ukrainians to make decision about future of referendum! Namely interim authorities in Kiev supported by the West storm these rebels by means of heavy machinery not allowing to carry out referendum. Not Moscow storms them, but Kiev!

As to "a wide range of tools" to press Russia, yes, Russia is a part of the global world and isolation of this or that sector of economy is very sensitive for it. Though to what it leads? It leads to self-sufficiency of economy and to increase of authoritative tendencies in the domestic policy. The USA can quite achieve that Russia will become the second Democratic People's Republic of Korea, only several times bigger and with nuclear triad up in arm. That is what they will achieve by way of sanctions, instead of weakening of Putin’s mode, the more so they won’t achieve any concessions from him.

It is necessary to be gibbering American idiot not to understand that sanctions don't weaken, but strengthen Putin's mode!

Generally there’s crisis in the world and Russia is not an exception, social situation in the Russia Federation has been noticeably worsening from last summer, incomes of the population fall. Sanctions allow the Kremlin mode to write off own miscalculations and misses for hostile external influence, to ascribe all to the need of return of primordial territories, to convince citizens to suffer for the sake of bright future. Eventually, there is such situation in the country that it becomes a shame not to suffer temporal difficulties, it’s not patriotic. These sanctions consolidate society and consolidate it round the power! Such things already happened in history – Stalin’s USSR didn't even notice the Great Depression, it learned about it later.

Putin is not Stalin and hardly strengthening of his personal authority and system created by him will do good to the country and citizens. So sanctions of the USA, of course, will strongly foul up, but not to Putin's mode, it will only become stronger, they will foul up the country and people. As soon as all this will be accompanied by civil war in Ukraine, where at least 15 million of the Russians have relatives, it will also cause natural hostility to America (which, by the way, didn’t exist either in the early, or late USSR) which hardly will be possible to eliminate during lifetime of present generations.

Though if they want to achieve it, it is necessary to agree that they act very effectively...

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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