Supreme Commander-in-Chief Turhinov Doesn’t Care OSCE and Is Ready to Kill Further. Putin Is Not Against…

Supreme Commander-in-Chief Turhinov Doesn’t Care OSCE and Is Ready to Kill Further. Putin Is Not Against…

The dictator of Ukraine Alexander Turchynov declared impossibility of negotiations with representatives of forces of self-defense resisting to Kiev management in the southeast of the country, the press service of the Ukrainian president reported. "We are ready to discuss these questions with representatives of local government, with public activists and businessmen of Donetsk and Lugansk areas, however civilized states don’t have conversations with the armed criminals whose hands are in human blood. They are neutralized according to the law," — Turchynov told.

He noted that only those "who will voluntary lay down arms and vacate premises and who isn't involved in murders and other serious crimes" would be included in the amnesty declared for citizens of the east of the country.

Besides, Turchynov disagreed that actions of the Ukrainian security officers in the southeast of the country should be treated as retaliatory operation. "The Ukrainian power never carried out retaliatory operations in the east of the country. Power structures protect life and health of citizens within anti-terrorist operation conducted against terrorists, saboteurs and other criminals who kill, torture, kidnap our citizens," — he declared.


From editorial board: It should be noted that Turchynov refused not to Putin, but to OSCE. Retaliatory operation in the southeast will proceed, but Kiev won't consider it retaliatory. Here it is only strangeness: if operation is anti-terrorist, usually specially trained and professional anti-terrorist structures are engaged in it with army support, if there’s need in it.

Though the main striking power of allegedly "anti-terrorist operation" in the southeast are battalions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs formed from ideologically verified Nazis. Militarily their efficiency is zero, in the field of anti-terror it’s even rather negative, while they are just a perfect fit as the chasteners inspiring fear into civilians. The army very reluctantly as Turchynov himself noted, helps them. While it seems that professionals don't see the object for anti-terrorist operation in the southeast, these structures don’t see terrorists.

Turchynov, of course, can't give examples when peace citizens "are killed, tortured, kidnapped” by rebels of the southeast. While almost police terror reigns all over Ukraine by forces of SBU, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and activists of Nazi sense, many people were arrested, part from them were simply killed, but no cases were opened as they are reported missing. For example, only Odessa office "Borotba" says that it misses 27 activists, mainly scenturions and foremen of the movement. Hundreds people are missing in Odessa, 46 are found as victims in the Building of the Trade Unions, there are not less than one hundred unknown in mortuaries and hundreds nobody knows where. Separate question - the Russians got lost in Ukraine - only Masha Koleda is called by name, she was kept in "Novaya Odessa" and now in the Lvov pre-trial detention center, while tens people got lost. The Russian Foreign Ministry, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation are ready to send Lukin to release the European military scouts working under cover of OSCE, but not citizens of the Russian Federation. Apparently, Kremlin doesn’t care. It is a trifle, greasing for history wheels...

From the point of view of policy suh almost Stalin’s attitude of Turchynov towards citizens of Ukraine: "if enemy doesn't give up, he is destroyed" (Stalin told it in relation to external enemy), of course, gives points to Putin and the Russian diplomacy. The dictator tried taste of blood and got the bit between his teeth. Though it’s not Turchynov’s fstupidity, it’s a game of the interim dictator in favour of his girlfriend Tymoshenko and the party “Batkivshchina” whih are interested in breaking of elections on May, 25. The best way to break it is to submerge Ukraine in the abyss of bloody civil war – there will be no plae for eletions at the front? It isn't excluded that the West also won’t recognize "elections" which will pass only in a half of the territory of Ukraine. Obviously it’s not incidental that Odessa was destabilized under personal guide of the head of the National Security and Defense Council Parubiy, he is also interested in breakdown of elections that will allow him to hold high position not adequate to his post, the president Poroshenko will hardly keep Nazi and exeutioner as the head of the National Security and Defense Council.

The USA, probably, will support "their son of a bitch" to the last, already being in Tymoshenko's government he organized secret prisons of CIA in Ukraine. While it will be more difficult for Europe to do it, they in Europe don't like guys with a swastika who kill. Merkel has already got nickname "Obama's poodle", it can be the end of her outstanding political career, she probably won’t get position in "Gazprom" as other former chancellors... It’s even possible that she as unifier of Germany Kohl, despite former merits, will appear under sentence. Other heads of the European states already diplomatically keep silent. It is more and more difficult to approve actions of Kiev unconditionally. Only Obamadoesn’t are, it’s his presidential term and his successor Hilary Clinton has almost no chances to be chosen.

All in total, it seems, is on hand to Putin. While it doesn’t make people of the southeast of Ukraine which remains without support from Russia happy. Simple people and public formations can't compete with the state, even such crummy as the Ukrainian. The army, even the Ukrainian, is all the same stronger, than formations of insurgents. Peace citizens have been testing all "delights" of the state Nazi terror for already long. From Moscow the price paid looks not so considerable. While it’s quite on the ontrary to those whose lives, as well as lives of their family make up this price.

After Putin's words, I am afraid, even private structures will be afraid to render even humanitarian help not only to insurgents, but also to refugees. After all Putin’s portrait hangs in eah offie, nearly in every toilet in our ountry not for nothing. We clean ourselves under Putin... Inluding fom blood and treachery.


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