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There’s No Legitimate Power in Ukraine Any More

There’s No Legitimate Power in Ukraine Any More

On May, 6 the majority of the Verkhovna Rada made unprecedented decision on removal of completely all members of the Communist Party from private meeting in Rada. The majority, contrary to the current law of Ukraine about parliamentary regulations, made the decision on removal of deputies - communists from a hall of plenary sessions after the leader of the fraction Pyotr Simonenko required to carry out public meeting of Rada so that the Ukrainian people heard firsthand who and for what killed peace citizens in Donetsk, Lugansk and other regions of the country, burned alive people in Odessa.

Undoubtedly, fraction of CPU deserves the name of "bastards", it will just suffice to mention vote pro Turchynov by all fraction. Not all went smooth with the private closed meeting, there were 11 deputies present out of three tens though they should have settled the most important matter of the Ukrainian history, whether to hold referendum because of which, in particular, there’s civil war in the southeast right now. It appeared that it’s interesting only to a third of deputies...

Though exile of the minority to receive necessary plurality on a key question is something new in parliamentary practice not only in Ukraine. It actually puts an end to legitimacy of the Verkhovna Rada once and for all, it won’t be possible "to wind it off back", the more so no one is in a hurry to do it.

Now once again about legitimacy of the power in Kiev.

There’s no president, acting Yanukovych is expelled by stones and sticks, though procedure of impeachment stated in the Constitution of Ukraine wasn't observed. That is de facto Yanukovych is incumbent president in exile though he is not taken into consideration by both parties of the Ukrainian conflict.

Therefore, someone Turchynov is not acting president, but dictator, usurper, anyone, but not acting head of state, even interim. The more so his election as the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada was also doubtful, it happenned practically under barrels of machine guns, at physical absence of noticeable number of deputies of Rada who were removed not of own will.

Yatsenyuk is not the prime minister as his appointment didn't correspond to the constitutional procedure, acting president has no right to bring the candidate of the prime minister.

Now about the last stronghold of legitimacy - the Verkhovna Rada. Only yesterday it refused of this legitimacy. Not only that the question of appointment of referendum was solved behind closed doors, the whole fraction was removed from conference hall in general on devil know what legal basis. The deputies of Party of Regions went away in protest. Naturally, the question didn't pass, there were only 156 voices instead of necessary 226 voices. That is also natural that part of deputies was removed earlier, other part before meeting. It isn't excluded that there were no 226 deputies in the hall, after all calculation was conducted without external control by interested party.

It is clear that partners of new Kiev Vlada in the West won't delicately notice that parliamentary republic in Ukraine was transformed to frank dictatorship of one Fascist party "Freedom" and two semi-fascist "Batkivshchyna" and "Udar". Not to be unfounded, I will remind yesterday's performance of Yulia Timoshenko who is the leader of "Batkivshchyna", she told that if she wouldn’t be elected president, she guarantees Ukraine "the third wave of revolution", that is the next coup d'etat.

Ukraine doesn’t exist any longer as the partner for any negotiations with Russia, it should be clearly stated both by the Foreign Minister Lavrov and the president Putin. The destiny of Ukraine can be discussed with its present owners - the USA and Germany, but it’s unacceptable to put at negotiating table not representative misters. Unless the USA conduct negotiations with leaders of Al-Qaeda? Why the Russian Federation has to exchange words with strange people from Kiev whose hands are in blood of fellow citizens?

It follows from it that military and technical support of forces of opposition in the southeast has to be carried out quite legally, people protect their territory and lives from dangerous, criminal structures supported from the outside. They have the right for self-organization and have the right to receive those types of arms and military equipment which don't belong to weapons of mass destruction. This right is international and citizens quite have the right for revolt, for announcement of the state independence under the threat of genocide, on May, 6 the power in Kiev didn’t leave them other way out.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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