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In The Summer of 1999 Shamil Basayev Went Into a Huddle With "Despicable Enemy"

Saidov Ruslan 12.05.2006

On the 28th of April on a site "Chechenpress" S.Talkhigov's curious publication appeared, the publication drew my attention as the author because of unknown to me reason mentioned rather slippery and extremely disadvantageous for him theme. He made it in the way as though he had decided meaningly to provoke my response. Well, reaction followed in no time.

So, in Talkhigov’s article is said about the event which occurred (or may be didn’t) at the end of June (according to other later "specified" data of "investigators" - on the 4th of July), 1999 - about the meeting which ostensibly took place in the French Nice between Shamil Basayev and one of confidants of the president of Russia Yeltsin.

Talkhilov is proving to the western and Russian public that such meeting hasn’t taken place mentioning as a reason the fact that on the 3rd of July, 1999 Basayev was present on public action in Groznyy and before it "was engaged in public works in the Chechen capital and its areas", besides he could not "go into a huddle with despicable enemy" at all.

At the same time Talkhigov informed us about other meeting which took place in French Biarritz at the moment - between an oligarch Boris Berezovsky and director of FSB Vladimir Putin. According to Talkhigov, in the spring of 1999 Putin already knew about preparations for the input of federal armies to the ChechenRepublic. Therefore, the author of "Chechenpress" makes a conclusion, Basayev's Dagestancampaign in no way could become the reason of renewal of the Russian-Chechen war.

However, in the description Talkhigov for some reason places Biarritzon the AzureCoastand the Azure coast itself – to the southwest of France. You will agree that it’s an annoying discrepancy which the author could avoid having glanced in the geographical atlas. Or if he had addressed Shamil Basayev who knows Biarritzas well as Nice. We will talk about it other time.

At last, in his narration Talkhilov mentioned me and the whole group of other people in a context of our possible belonging to the Russian special services and illegal activity. It is necessary to note that "Chechenpress" does it not for the first time. Its editors are not confused that similar charges have been repeatedly denied in mass-media, that no one of the law enforcement bodies in the world have or had claims to the people listed by Talkhigov, that the American site controlled by CIA and specializing on falsifications and jugglings served as the primary source for "Chechenpress". At last that the majority from slandered by him people never met him in their life and made nothing bad to him.

Certainly, I understand that the matter is not in these people who are in no way connected with the ChechenRepublic, the matter is in me. Not participating in the Chechen policy I, nevertheless, in autumn of the last year acted in mass-media with an appeal to come to parliamentary elections and to vote for Magomed Khambiev. Besides I wrote in press that Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev and Docku Umarov should stop armed resistance in view of its hopelessness. Do Sadulayev and Umarov seriously believe that they can overcome Russiaby military way? It’s hardly possible since they are clever people. What is the reason for the appeal to fight? Are they not satisfied with the deaths of more than 40 thousand of Chechen children?

Despite of the critical attitude because of some separate aspects to Ramzan Kadyrov I also think that he made incommensurably more for statehood and the real sovereignty of the ChechenRepublicthan all his critics taken together. Therefore I insist that he - at reaching this year corresponding age - would be appointed the president of the Chechen republic thus formalizing actually already developed long ago state of things.

At last, somebody does not like an explanatory work which I conduct in the countries of the Middle Eastin connection with some Ichkeria sites. With the publications in the Arabian mass-media in which I expose some figures as the Israeli agency. Well if it’s not so? We can recollect reaction to a recent trip of heads of organization KHAMAS to Moscow. Israelundertook that time maximum efforts in order it wouldn’t take place. The same was done by Movladi Udugov camouflaging the entity of his aims with Israeli ones by pseudo-Islamic and antiJewish phraseology. We can also recollect what was written on Udugov's site about the leader of the Iraq mojaheds - sheikh Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi - that ostensibly he didn’t exist at all, that he was, say, the phantom and American invention. Could such things be written by the moslem!? Certainly no, these are the words of the enemy of the Islam, the old agent of CIA and MOSSAD.

Let’s return to a "historical meeting" in Nice. Not wishing to give names of respectful people in a scandalous context I won’t begin to argue whether such meeting took place or not - let it be left to those who is skilful in clandestine. I will dwell on the fact how professionally and convincingly for the external audience Talkhigov tries to deny the fact of its carrying out. So, newspaper “Versiya” was the first to mention this event in the issue on the 3rd of August, 1999in the article "Collusion" written by Andrey Batumsky. By the way, Andrey Batumsky is not some "Anton Sukhumsky" but absolutely real person. Andrey – is his real name, Batumsky - is one of his numerous pseudonyms. One shouldn’t spend a lot of efforts to establish his materiality and surname even at the minimal operative opportunities. It was enough to look in the sheet of reception of the royalties, that was actually done by many at the time. Though it wasn’t told to Talkhigov. Apparently they don’t trust him.

Anyhow, article "Collusion" became a kind of primary source for all publications that followed on the given theme and which were counted in hundreds both in Russiaand abroad though they added nothing essentially new to what was known. The fact is that I do not remember that Batumsky mentioned in the publication concrete date of "collusion". Even if he hinted than only on the "end of June". There were no dates and in the second publication on chronology on this theme – in the article written by Boris Kagarlitsky in "Novaya Gazeta" of the 24th of January, 2000.

So, when did “the 4th of July” appear for the first time? Though it sounds ridiculous but "specified by French and Israeli secret services" date of "meeting in Nice" – the 4th of JULY, 1999 – was for the first time stated (attention!) in the other article in "Versiya" written by Peter Pryanichnikov. At that unlike Andrey Batumsky Peter Pryanichnikov is not real person but is collective pseudonym of the editorial staff of the newspaper.

I want to remind Talkhigov that newspaper "Versiya" has an image of a scandalous edition with yellow coating. Besides "Versiya" - is a weekly which next issue went on sale exactly on the 4th of July, 2000, the fact that made it necessary for the “French and Israeli secret services" "to specify" the date of "collusion" so that the article devoted to its "first anniversary" would be issued exactly to the day. It is doubtless that if the next issue of "Versiya" would be published not on the 4th but, supposedly, on the 5th of July, then "specified data” of the worldwide secret agencies denounced us the other date – the 5th of July.

In connection with it the following question appears why does Takhigov having considered PR-ed July, 4 escapes from timekeeping of the schedule of Shamil Basayev and his doubles "public work" (at the time he had not less than two) in the last week of June, 1999, limiting himself to a tirade about basic impossibility of collusion with the "despicable enemy"? May be because of the fact that having seen to the specifics the author of "Chechenpress" wouldn’t receive thanks from Shamil?

Talkhigov avoids also specification of the period of time after "collusion" informing only that Basayev "met people". He doesn’t say at this what these people are? For example, whether there was among them Karachai Achemez Gochiyaev? Why not to put the question like this? Where does modesty come from? In fact subsequent acts of Gochiyaev and his Karachai group do not essentially differ from Nord-Ost and Beslan in connection with which a lot of interesting is written in Talkhigov’s articles. For example, that Basayev’s intentions at the moment when he sent orders to get hostages were “the most chivalrous”.

In Talkhigov’s material there is also no reaction to public performance of Ahmed Zakaev which took place in the previous year together with whom the author of "Chechenpress" recently had taken part in fascinating Internet-discussion on Udugov's opus named "Reflection Of The Mojahed". By the way, it is rather piquantly that "ideologists" seriously continue to consider themselves as mojaheds being far from the Native land in safety and comfort.

But the matter is not in it. Zakaev announced to mass-media that Basayev spent maximum some days a year in the ChechenRepublic. Why doesn’t Talkhigov make it clear where Shamil spends the rest of the time? Whether he does it only in the neighbour republics of the Caucasusand countries of the Middle East? Or, may be, in other geographical points, which only mentioning is capable to turn thoughts of ordinary mojaheds to the suspicions in the address of their "military emir" in agreement with the "despicable enemy"?

Anyhow, to the present moment Shamil Basayev has lost practically all. The only thing he didn’t lose is hope. The hope that in 20-30 years next generations of Chechens will see in him the hero and the fighter for freedom. Shamil desires it very much. Only whether it will be like this? In fact "assistants" similar to Talkhigov who choose rather delicate topics and provoke discussion around them (whether it is conscious or not?) make their best to hang instead of heroic aura on Basayev a stain of the agent of several services and Chechen priest Gapon at once.

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