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Now Every Russian Can Freely Go to Argentina!

Now Every Russian Can Freely Go to Argentina!

Today, on June, 29th agreement between Russia and Argentina about cancellation of visas to the tourists signed by the governments of both countries in March of the current year comes into force. Earlier visa-free regime was good for owners of diplomatic and service passports, now "simple" tourists can go, follow transit, leave and stay in the territory of this country without visas up to 90 days during each period in 180 days since date of the first entrance.

It's surprisingly good news - after all during last two decades the quantity of "visa-free" countries for citizens of the Russian Federation was in the process of reducing that allowed to speak about new "Iron Curtain" only from the other side. On the contrast almost all other countries continued expanding possibilities for free trips of their citizens, therefore the question appeared - whether restriction of a number of visa-free countries for citizens of the Russian Federation is "West intrigues" or it's simply careless policy of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Now we can freely go to Argentina and Venezuela, while we can't go to Georgia, Baltic and even to especially Russian Kaliningrad... We can go to Fiji Islands and Maldives but fail to Poland and Czechia...

Well, what is the cost of a visit to visa-free Argentina among millions of tourists going there annually? Minimum cost of the air ticket to Argentina bought from Alitalia to Buenos Aires through Rome in economy class is "just" 709 Euros, it's without airport charge. Air tickets to Argentina by Lufthansa en-route Moscow - Frankfurt - Buenos Aires cost essentially more, the company offers them at a price of 1049 Euros. Well, let's add here necessity to live somewhere and to eat something in the hospitable Argentina and we have at the best 2-2,5, in the worst - 3 thousand Euro for the most unpretentious week rest in "the Soviet" style (with home-made sausage and soup  Maggie cooked in bidet with a help of a boiler).

Now direct and fair question - what percent of "dear Russians" have means to go together for a week to Buenos Aires where everybody wears white trousers? We have one percent or, taking into account crisis, only half-percent? I think there's no need to ask whether inhabitants of Pikalevo, Parfino or village Petrovsky in Ivanovo region enter into this percentage.

By the way, Antarctica is also visa-free region for the Russians. Any, just any Russian can visit now Antarctic - the native land of penguins and icebergs. Program cost for one person at double placing - 8500 dollars. Though the program does not include cruise program - from 5000 to 16000 dollars, international air flight in economy - class - from 1500 dollars, in business - class - from 5000 dollars, internal air flights in economy - class - approximately 1600 dollars, food which is not specified in the program, drinks, tip; medical insurance. So, all in all there will be approximately 25-30 thousand dollars. Profitably! Free! To everyone...

Аnatoly Baranov

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