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владеет миром

National-Bolshevik's action in Kremlin

National-Bolshevik's action in Kremlin

In front of the Western leaders Vladimir Putin acts as a civilized European, although in Russia he is but a cruel and greedy dictator. He treats people of Russian Federation as slaves. He lets himself forge the results of elections, he order to mass-murder the hostages, including children taken by the terrorists in 'Nord-Ost' and Beslan, he suppresses the opposition's mass-media. He imprisons and kills his political opponents. Putin is responsible for organizing the 'death squadrons', that hunt leaders & activists of the opposition.

Like a Tzar, he takes away riches of the opponents and distribute them among his acolytes, and he never forgets to put some in his pockets, too. He robs even the poor and buys himself million dollar yachts. Is Vladimir Putin better than his friends, Asian dictators Karimov and Niyazov? No. But, unlike Karimov and Niyazov, he sits among the world leaders with the G8. Why?

Sooner or later people of Russia will overthrow the tyrant: that tiny, malicious lieutenant colonel of KGB, who thinks he is am emperor. We ask nobody's help. But we want the independent mass-media of the world not to support this tyrant and criminal.

National-Bolshevik Party (NBP)

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