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The Office of Public Prosecutor Will Drag Out The Case On The Raid On Budennovsk To 50 Years


Nurmagomed Khatuev took part in the raid on Budennovsk in the year 1995. Then 147 people died. Bandit had been hiding for almost 10 years. Last year he was arrested in Belorussiaand was transferred to Russia. At the end he was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment. Such judgment was pronounced by Stavropol Territory Court.

Nurmagomed Khatuev became the 22nd militant-basaevets who was sentenced for the raid on Budennovsk. More than 120 militants were involved in it, that means than at such a speed “justice  ВрейдеБасаеванаБуденновскучаствовалоболее120 боевиков, такчтотакимитемпами"правосудиепо-буденновски" завершитсятолькочерез50 лет, when the bulk of the participants of the tragedy will die because of the age.

The witness and participant of the events took place in Budennovsk being voluntary hostage in the hospital – chief editor of the FORUM.msk – Anatoly Baranov declares that the Office of Public Prosecutor wasn’t in a hurry with the investigation in budennovsk case.

"When I was asked for the identification to the Office of the Public Prosecutor, - Baranov says, - that happened approximately 6 months after events only 5 or 6 militants were really identified to that moment, militants who, in general, were interviewed by mass-media, to identify their personality made no trouble – Shamil Basaev, his brother Shirvany, a nurse Raisa Dundaeva and someone else. Even by that time I was astonished by such evidently testudineous pace of the inquest".

Practically, Baranov insists, investigation of the budennovsk case hadn’t been held till the second Chechen war. Figurants of the case being under quest lived freely in Groznyy and other towns and villages of Chechnyaas well as went to Moscow. One of them even took part in the official delegation of maskhad government which was received in the Kremlin.

- Something in the case was set afoot only due to the new Putin’s policy, - Baranov continues. – It seems tha Raisa Dundaeva was arrested the first, at the time she lived with her husband in Groznyy and hadn’t been taking part in any armed formations for 5 years. She was shown on TV and sentenced to 10 years or so though she used to be sanitary instructor and made no crimes. But she used to “show up” in mass-media and that played bad trick with her.

"As long as I know, - Baranov thinks, - two Basaev’s deputies died in the coarse of those military actions. Naturally quite a lot of militants from the Basaev’s battalion died as well. But forty-fifty people are alive for sure. Alive and well-doing is Shamil Basaev himself. To all appearances nobody is going to arrest him. In fact it becomes more and more difficult to prove copartnership of any to the basaev’s raid on Budennovsk – witnesses die, those who stay alive remember few. Numerous videorecords are left, but it’s complicate to identify people having been changed during 10 years. Documents are few in number though in basaev’s battalion all necessary papers existed – rolls, personal records and the other. He kept a registry. For example, I used his stamp when I needed to register assignment from the newspaper "Pravda". But now, if something will happen to him, nobody will find any endings for sure. Let us say that Aslan Maskhadov who was for sure involved in planning the raid on Budennovsk and who was the first to meet Basaev at his arriving to Chechnyawon’t tell anything now.

"Somebody wants to hush up this case, - Baranov considers. – Too many prick-ears and too many names can be found involved in the investigational case. We never know all the truth about Budennovsk."

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