Japan Is Already Ready to War for the Russian Heritage

Japan Is Already Ready to War for the Russian Heritage

On July, 3rd the upper chamber of parliament of Japan unanimously confirmed the bill in which Southern Kuril Islands are called "primordial territories" of the country. Earlier it was accepted by the lower chamber and, hence, came into force.

The term "primordial territories" with reference to Southern Kuril Islands is regularly used by local politicians, however it enters the Japanese legislation for the first time. In particular such formulation was not used in the law "About the special measures promoting solution of the problem of northern territories" operating till now. The bill approved today represents a package of amendments to this document, ITAR-TASS transfers.

The project enters a new phrase into the law: "Northern territories are primordial territories of our country". Such formulation was not present earlier in the Japanese legislation. However in general amendments are devoted to other theme - to softening of conditions of granting of economic help to northern island Hokkaido, first of all to those areas where former Japanese inhabitants of Southern Kuril Islands live. This region is considered to be one of the most backward in the country.

From editorial board: The whole question of "northern territories" is simply fabricated for Russia. For the Japanese it is important but what do we have to do with century complexes of these island people? All territories got by the USSR from Japan as a result of the World War II (as well as other territories got in Europe) are absolutely lawful property of Russia and its people - we will notice not of the president, the government, the states even but namely of people and the decision of territorial question is not in the competence of some authority, power, but of all people.


The question of "grandfather right" on territories - is in general bullshit because strictly speaking there are in general no primordial territories. All Europe is primordial territory of Roman empire, French Brittany - primordial territory of the British, Spain - primordial territory of moors while Manhattan Island - primordial territory of Delaware tribe and Moscow - the primordial land of Finno-Ugrian tribes. Eventually notorious "northern territories" are the lands colonized by the Japanese rather recently, before they were occupied by others, primordial people.

In essence announcement of territories of the Russian Federation "primordial territories" of other state is a question of war and peace. While Pacific Fleet of the USSR represented real military force, the question of "grandfather rights" was not raised in the Japanese parliament, only when the USSR ruined and there was a precedent of tearing away of territories of once mighty country - "lawful" claims appeared. It is also necessary to notice that recent transfer of the Russian territories to China by Putin and Medvedev was the catalyst for further process of "carving up" of the Russian suburbs - if it is possible for China why it is impossible for Japan?

If Russia had parliament, not a mob of clons, a question on impeachment of the president for transfer of territories of the country to China would be raised. At least it would be legislatively forbidden to representatives of the state to discuss in general with representatives of other countries questions connected with territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. As a maximum - demarche of the Japanese parliament should be accompanied by some response of the ambassador from Tokyo with real prospect of a break of diplomatic relations - by the way, these relations are strange in general, as peace treaty between Russia (as assignee of the USSR) and Japan hasn't been signed.

What is the reason Medvedev and earlier Putin consider the question of "northern territories"? Why did it in general arise in Russia, where there is no such a question? Unless the Russian Federation more than Japan is interested in peace treaty signing? After all there was no treaty during 64 years - we lived somehow, not badly.

Today Japan requires the Russian raw materials and the Russian commodity market for its products. Whether there is something in Japan critical for the Russian economy? Whether it is very necessary for us that "Kintetsu" superseded our "Ivanovets" from our market as "Nissan" and "Toyota" destroyed VAZ and GAS? Even in this field there is a replacement for the Japans - South Korean cars are not worse and Chinese ones are cheaper. Financial position of Japan is not that to help us in development of the Far East - time of total domination of the Japanese banks in the world financial system passed and, apparently, irrevocably. China has more money today.

Losses of the Russian Federation from transfer of "northern territories" to Japan are obvious - Russia loses nonfreezing straits for exit to Pacific ocean which can be used for protection against the same Japan which, contrary to 9th article of own constitution, today has powerful armed forces called "forces of self-defence" which are formed on the basis of general conscription - this fact is for the note to supporters of "professional army" in the Russian Federation. Today there is a country bordering with the Russian Federation which has modern, well armed army and fleet, possesses unlimited mobilisation reserve and has serious territorial claims to Russia. While we - disarm and discuss what territories we can transfer to pay off from military expansion. Frontier territories were given to China, now we are going to transfer strategically important islands.

For reference use (according to materials of Publishing House "Commersant")

Fighting Ships of Pacific Fleet


Quantity *

Average Age

Ships I rank

26 (11)


GM cruiser

2 (1)



4 (3)





nuclear propulsion



guided missile submarine

6 (3)


Nuclear attack submarine

6 (4)





Ships II rank

13 (5)


large landing ship

5 (4)


diesel submarine

8 (1)





Ships III rank

32 (10)


small-size chaser

8 (4)


small-size missile ship

4 (1)


missile boat

11 (4)



9 (1)



71 (26)



*It's written in the brackets how many ships and submarines are under repair, reserve or on standby.

Naval Forces of Forces of Self-Defense of Japan consists of 4 commands: escort forces, underwater forces, aviation and scientific - experimental. In its turn, command of escort forces is divided into 4 flotillas, command of underwater forces - 2 flotillas.


Each flotilla of escort forces consists in its turn of 2 divisions of escort forces which typical structure is: 1 GM destroyer, 1 GM destroyer helo-carrier and 2 destroyers. Each flotilla of underwater forces consists of two divisions of submarines.

It's the task of Naval Forces to defend 5 naval areas of Japan. For performance of the task of defense there is main naval base of the area with combat ships and submarines concentrated in it at coast of each area. To the beginning of 2007 the number of the staff of Naval Forces consists of 44,5 thousand persons (including 9800 persons in aircraft of Naval Forces). Thus the Coast guard of Japan (staff - 12250 persons) is not included into the structure of Naval Forces.

Surface Ships

Data of May, 1st, 2009

* "Escort ships helo-carriers" / Fleet destroyers helo-carriers

* 1 destroyer helo-carrier such as «Hyuga»

* 2 destroyer helo-carriers such as «Shirane»

* 1 destroyer helo-carrier such as «Haruna»

* "GM escort ships"  / GM fleet destroyers

* 2 GM destroyers such as «tago»
* 4 GM destroyers such as «Kongo»
* 2 GM destroyers such as «Hatakadze»
* 1 GM destroyer such as «tikadze»

Destroyer «kinami» such as «kanami» and its deck-pad helicopter SH-60K.

* "Escort ships"  / Fleet torpedo boats

* 5 destroyers such as «Takamani»
* 9 destroyers such as «urasame»
* 6 destroyers such as «sagiri»
* 11 destroyers such as «Hatsuyuki»

* "Escort ships" / frigates (escort destroyers)

* 6 frigates such as «bukuma»
* 2 frigate such as «Yubari»

* Stoppers

* 1 stopper such as «Muroto»

* Minesweeper tender

* 2 minesweeper tender such as «Uraga»

* Mine vessels

* 3 sea sweeper such as «Yaeyama»

* "ransport ships" / Assault shipping

* 3 assault helicopter dockship such as «sumi»
* 2 small-size assault ship such as «Yara»


* 11 diesel submarines such as «Oyashio»
* 4 diesel submarines such as «Harushio»
* 1 diesel submarine such as «Soryu» (one more piece was set afloat in October, 2008)

Combat crafts

Air-cushioned assault crafts of the project 1 (LCAC)

* Missile boats

* 6 missile boats such as «Hayabusa»
* 1 missile boat of the project 1

* Assault boats

* 2 assault boats of project 1
* 6 assault air-cushioned boats of project 1

* Mine sweeper boats

* 2 coastal mine sweeper such as «Hiroshima»
* 12 coastal mine sweeper such as «Sugashima»
* 9 coastal mine sweeper such as «Uvashima»
* 2 coastal mine sweeper such as «Hatsushima»

As a whole it is clear that stagnating Pacific fleet of the Russian Federation has only one advantage before Naval Forces of Japan - presence of the nuclear weapon. However this potential of the Russian Federation is being steadily reduced and the quantity of the fighting units deduced from operating structure grows, new ones do not appear. In its turn Naval Forces of Japan update the structure regularly enough.

However for the power decision of the question of disputable territories of Japan, sea component of nuclear forces is not required at all - the Russian Federation will never dare to be the first to use nuclear weapon, besides the USA - ally of Japan - is the guarantor of nuclear safety of Japan.

The seventh fleet of the USA which are based in Japan - the largest association of the advanced basing. It includes 50-60 ships of various types, 350 planes and 60000 military seamen and marines, in particular, aircraft carrier CVN-73 George Washington and nuclear submarines SSN-705 City of Corpus Christi, SSN-713 Houston, SSN-715 Buffalo.

Besides there is the third fleet of the USA in Pacific Ocean, in California, it has two aircraft carriers CVN 68 NIMITZ and CVN 76 RONALD REAGAN and also nuclear submarine SSN 725 HELENA, SSN 754 TOPEKA, SSN 758 ASHEVILLE, SSN 759 JEFFERSON CITY, SSN 767 HAMPTON.

Besides the question of own nuclear potential for Japan is open - if the country parliament can pass such exotic laws, then what prevents it from the beginning of the procedure of entering of amendments in constitution cancelling or essentially correcting 9th article? Japanese nuclear complex is one of the most developed in the world, technological base of the Japanese industry is in general, obviously, on a number of parameters the best in the world so the question of creation of own nuclear forces of restraint for Japan is easily solved. Besides there is also logical justification - nuclear arms of Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Thus the question of "northern territories" is very simple for Russia - it is necessary to have enough forces to resist every attempt of power decision of the problem (it will follow by all means) or simply to give what is demanded - up to the Urals.

It's clear that the policy of the present country leaders is, masking behind patriotic and even militaristic rhetoric, to hand over everything what is possible and impossible. Reduction of armed forces, defeat of military-industrial complex, increase of technological dependence on import and so on - all these lie on a surface. The country perishes and neighbours have been already trying the stuff of the dead man on.

natoly Baranov

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