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Echo of "Jukos's Deal" in the South Sakhalin

Echo of "Jukos's Deal" in the South Sakhalin
Andrei Kusmin 16.06.2006

Mass-media in Russiaput forward different versions of retirement of Prosecutor-General Ustinov. It’s doubtful that distinct explanations will be given but it impossible to ignore one legal process mentioned in all versions as a result of which former multi-millionaire M.Khodorkovsky is busy sewing mittens or slippers on the uranic zone.

I have ambivalent attitude to Khodorkovsky: he tried to sell to corporation “Ekson” actives for more than 40% of explored oil resources of Russia, but, on the other hand, he spent almost a milliard from money hidden from taxation for social sphere – for youth-sporting sphere, grants, 500 million to the fund of veterans-oil industry workers for their migration from Siberia to warm regions and so on - illustrations of conscience presence.    

The team that acted in the case of JUKOS defeat was a group consisted of Sechin-Ustinov-Bogdanchikov. Khodorkovsky was imprisoned, Western share-holders bore significant moral injury. There wasn’t too much activity as soon as Bogdanchikov rushed under Chinese screen and having authoritative support of Beresovsky promised to carry the case with the sale of oil and gas resources of “Ekson” corporation to its conclusion.


However, heated by own actions raid grouping Sechin-Ustinov-Bogdanchikov touched interests of “Shell” corporation in the part connected with the project "Sakhalin-2". Putin during his visit to the Hollandeven expressed an idea about possibility of redemption of Shell’s share at the expense of means from the Stabilization Fund. 

Obviously, "Shell" corporation - which has a budget bigger than the budget of the Russian Federation– hasn’t liked the threat to lose strategic zone of managing. Energy pug-dog with naked well and a pipe which is used by others suddenly yelped something about its greatness: with depressive oil and gas chemistry, with gasification of territory in the rudimental stage, with unprecedented internal price for energy carriers. Having decided to wash ashore to another – Chinese – flock.     

Latent corporate mechanisms in the struggle for the Russian bowels have started to act. Italian Berluskoni, Frenchman Chirac, German Shreder have dropped out of man's club for Putin’s support. According to some data, the Ministry of Justice of the USA has managed to receive the list of the Russian physical persons of Swiss company "Rosukrenergo" (with the income of the intermediary in gas deliveries in 1,2-1,5 milliard dollars a year) and also has collected evidences of Putin's plagiarism at writing of the master's thesis on the topic "Reproduction of a mineral - raw-material base of region in conditions of formation of market relations” (it was presented in 1997). That is only the beginning.

Joint-stock "soap bubble" of Gazprom and Rosneft is waiting for its turn, after which all stock market of Russia will be ruined - the country will be exposed to the world in a real appearance of social and economic stagnation and degradation, empty declarations of a worthy life and free development, with real gross national product of a double dribble.

Mirage of national projects - closing of 1700 schools only this year, destruction of the medical industry, hypothecary adventure on crediting of  nonexistent habitation, refusal of the state to bear obligations on habitation before hundreds thousand of waiters, reduction of the list of delays on an appeal, liquidation of budgetary places in HIGH SCHOOLS, infringement of the academic science, fastening of system of superficial test knowledge of schoolchildren, etc. - will be strong irritant for the Russian society.


Militarians grumble deafly about the Minister of Defence in "civies", militia have been lowered нижеплинтусаin the yeas of common people and are threaten to be renamed in police, the special troops is dissatisfied with blocking of the election campaign of colonel of GRU Kvachkova. Generals Lebedev and Rokhlin do not exist any more, but on political horizon the stars of general Gromov suddenly appeared. Attempts to unite Moscowand the Moscowarea into one constituency thus eliminating Gromov from the political arena can lead to reverse result: in Moscowitself millions of people are on the verge of poverty – they live near the shine of lushury earned dissolutely.

During the last few years national-focused and ground moods in society became stronger- the country is disappointed by the reforming neglect to cultural interests of a state uniting, multinational Russian civilization and to the historical right for the priority of morals and morals in world perception of the multinational Russian man.

Not the less important factor of policy is that Putin’s Russia is very much  disliked by women-politicians: the State Secretary of the USA Condolise Rice, the Speaker of the Georgian parliament Nino Burdzhanadze, the President of Latvia Vaira Vikie-Frejberga, the winner of the Ukrainian "orange revolution" Julia Timoshenko. The Chancellor of Germany Angel Merkel is preparing surprises - Germans will preside in the European Union next year.

Acute female intuition and unusual female solidarity against one man can turn out to be the most unexpected political insidiousness for the country. Putin's man's charm and professional recruiting preparation in system of KGB failed to work on the top-level of women-politicians. Possibly, in the higher schoolof KGBthey were tought to communicate only with a certain type of women. Women of the state level can’t be crossed up by mountain skiing and judo throws on tatami: they intuitively estimate not external form but content – mental capabilities.

Short-term maneuvers for the sale of material national interests and social-cultural genocide of the population in the own country don’t rise respect to the first person of the state. Without well-being of own citizens any king – is a naked king and he can’t appear in a society of decent ladies.

So, in general, chances of president Putin to leave quietly at the end of the term have essentially gone down. He has started to climb down and the game figures – Ustinov’s resignation, Sechin is waiting for his turn. Monetary journeyman Gref, financial shredderman Kudrin, gazprom Miller and rosneft Bogdanchikov will also be disturbed.

It will be difficult for the last to get out of a situation: Khodorkovsky told to his nearest circle that he had certain desire to see Bogdanchikov as a member of his brigade on unbearable tailoring overalls. Change of the Public Prosecutor and migration of Sakhalinregional prosecutor to Samara make such prospect possible. Influence of the present governor still remains - but his chances of safe departure to Australiahave started to be reduced. The higher official of the area has lost a steering wheel in the form of vital interests of his own people and become a chip which isthrown by the corporative valves and pushed by changeble political winds.

The idea of installation of thousands of stands with business pair - the governor with Gref – on the streets of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk was the extremely self-confident and short-sighted step. It is clear to the whole city in whose circle of compression of incomes of the population the governor is rotated and what project of regional development will go out of it. For the subjective loss by the richest area of a quarter of the population - the higher constitutional value - the wide circle of high-ranked officials of the region has to pay the fiddler.  

ApparatusSakhalin ignores the state constitutional interests and in fact became strategic zone of managing of Shell, Ekson and China. Defining influence on a nominee of the future governor of Sakhalinwill render an outcome of their corporate struggle.

People asa subject of world history with a symbol of a flying triumvirate is not taken into consideration neither by own authority, nor by corporate. It is still keeping silence and chewing straw in an electoral train. But – such are historical traditions of Russia- multinational Russian man will soon draw a line to the present reform mess and corrupt chaosof the officials.


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