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The Third Chechen War Is Being Prepared in Londonand Moscow

The Third Chechen War Is Being Prepared in Londonand Moscow
Saidov Ruslan 20.06.2006

Not for the first year in the central mass-media rather original coverage of situation in the Chechen republic is noticed. This originality consists in the fact that the basic negative characters are appeared to be not Shamil Basayev and Dokka Umarov (who supervised the capture of a school in Beslan and secretly left it one day prior to the raid) as one would expect from the people who name themselves "patriots of Russia". And not the “federals” as it could be expected from liberal-westerners and “protectors of man’s rights".

Who are the main "villains" then? There are two of them - the fact which touchingly unites "patriots" and "fighters for the rights": philosopher-emigrant Hozh-Ahmed Nukhaev appealing to peace in Caucasus in exchange for granting to mountain enclaves which want an opportunity to live according to Sheriyat and adats (that is a religious autonomy) within the limits of the Russian Federation and the prime minister of the Chechen republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

At this special hostility of the "liberally-patriotic public" is caused by Kadyrov. What is the reason of it? Probably the reason is that within the limits of the declared by V.Putin a head for "chechenisation" at first the late Ahmat Kadyrov and after his death Ramzan managed to stabilize situation in the Chechen Republic where there is now les shooting and blowing up than, for example, in the neighbour Ingushetia and Dagestan. This, naturally, does not please liberals and legal experts.

On the other hand, the Chechen Republic has kept and even has strengthened the statehood in the structure of the Russian Federation and has not to the least turned to a typical Russian province, the father and the son Kadyrovs can’t be forgiven for that by the "patriots" who deny federalism and as a matter of fact support unitary state without taking into account national specificity of people living in Russia.

At last, neither "patriots", nor "democrats" are satisfied by the new initiatives which are associated with Ramzan Kadyrov. Firstly, his offers to use the Chechen militia forces for maintenance of the law and order in the adjacent regions and about voluntary reunion of the Chechen Republic, Ingushetia and Dagestan in the uniform subject of Federation. Secondly, the idea of appointment of Ramzan the president of the Chechen republic in autumn of this year.

It is remarkable that recently to chorus of ill-wishers of Kadyrov the voices from the West settled down, there they suddenly also found out "basic distinctions" between "bad" Ramzan and his "good" opponents from the number of "proMoscow Chechens" who only a couple of months ago were all together enlisted by foreign mass-media in the "Kremlin’s puppets".

The most indicative example of so "flexible" approach was an article "The Earth Under the Authority of Field Commanders" published in June, 14th in the newspaper "Guardian" issued in London where, by the way, live newly appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ichkeria, prominent "peacemaker" Ahmed Zakaev.

For the better understanding of what is said in the British newspaper I’ll recite its text entirely:

The prime minister of this country 29-years Ramzan Kadyrov, the commander of the personal army and the fan of boxing, collides with the armed competition from other proRussian groupings. Once it happened so in the ChechenRepublicthat from a new civil war it was separated only by pair pieces of a pipe. Late at night in May one of the "young and hot" relatives of the Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov tried to leave the republic being torn apart by war in the lorry trying to take with him pipes for oil pipelines which he hoped to sell on the black market in the South of Russia.

However, having hoped that he will be let to everywhere he made a mistake. The relationship with actual "chief of the ChechenRepublic" - 29-years old prime minister who rules the republic using fists and personal armed groups didn’t help to. To cross the border he should pass by a fortress of other field commander – Movladi Baisarov, the colonel of the Russian security service of FSB. People of Baisarov stopped the lorry and started to ask questions. The thievish owner of the lorry called to the relative – Ramzan.

- One of Kadyrov's assistants collected a thousand people and surrounded a place, where Baisarov found a shelter to disarm him, - one of fighters of loyal to Kadyrov armed group, - Rashid told – he refused to give his full name. Soon this incident began to develop on own logic and as the story went huge teeth revealed themselves – it was found out that the commanders of other proRussian groupings which keep now the republic under control in the interests of Moscow had a grudge against Kadyrov who rose to the tops of authority. – Baisarov gave an order to his people not to shoot the first because he did not want Chechens killed Chechens, - Rashid tells. - They came out and told to Kadyrov that there were only fifty of them but they are ready, if so, to die as fair Moslems. Opposition quite could turn to a bloodshed having resulted, probably, in a new conflict if the president of the ChechenRepublicand a chief of Kadyrov Alu Alhanov and one more field commander Said-Magomed Kakiev not interfered.

They took a stand Baisarov and his people having called to Kadyrov and forced him to take away the soldiers. Conflicts between commanders of the Chechen armed groupings, on whom shaky balance in the ChechenRepublicdepends now, become stronger because of presidential ambitions of the Prime Minister Kadyrov. He will be 30 inOctober and according to the constitution it is the minimal age for the one who wants to take a place which once was occupied by his father Ahmat till May, 2004 when he was killed – Ramzan wants to become a god in the republic, - Rashid says.

- Anyone who does not submit to him implicitly is declared to be outlawed. Since 2003 Moscow in order to reduce a number of the armies placed here and to separate itself from the conflict which repeatedly inflamed six years ago after its second intrusion into the Chechen Republic, slowly transfers the control over republic into the hands of loyal to it Chechens. But the removal of the armies and sporadic changes to the best such as appearance of good roads, a waterpipe and reduction of quantity of kidnappings can be prevented by the spreading competition among the Chechens disposing themselves to Moscow. Kadyrov's presidential ambitions do not please at all more skilled proMoscow Chechen commanders under whose supervision the battalions of soldier experienced in war. The correspondent of "Guardian" managed to talk with some of the fighters. They point on the fact that young prime-minister is too inexperienced and uncouth – emphasizes his hobby for boxing, supports polygamy, has a lion at home and makes friends with Mike Taison. The senior officer from one of Kadyrov's groups named himself by the invented name Zairesaid: "If Ramzan will start a fight, all of them will go against him. Any provocation - and all will be blown up". About a month ago there was one more indicative case: on April, 25th Kadyrov met in a building of presidential administration with Alhanov and the other honoured guest from the Kremlin. When Alhanov’s security service didn’t let Kadyrov’s bodyguards into the building, the chief of his guards struck his vis-a-vis to the face. "Fire began – desultory in general, - Zairenarrates. – Alhanov called to Said-Magomed Kakiev and asked him for a help”. Kakiev possesses significant influence and is in command of battalion "Zapad" consisting of 900 Chechen fighters controlled by the Russian military investigation agency. "When Kakiev arrived, kadyrovs went away and said that they would return in twenty minutes. But nobody returned", - Rashid adds. In that firing at least three people were wounded; there is data that two of them died later. According to Zaire, Kadyrov gathered influential deputies of parliament and having enlisted their support started to render pressure on Alhanov persuading him to declare one seriously ill and retire in October. So that not to reduce to the open conflict the president of Russia– Vladimir Putin – asked both – Alhanov and Kadyrov – to come to Moscow. On returning to Grozny Alhanov announced to informational agency “Interfax” that is elected as a president and he will stay a president. Nevertheless Kadyrov hasn’t given up his pretensions.

Many accuse him in organizing recently interrogation in Groznyin which citizens were asked who should be thanked really for improvement of a life in the capital – he or Alhanov. Zairesaid that Alhanov has got support not only of Kakiev but also of Jamadaev, the commander of a battalion "Vostok" consisting of 800 Chechen Special Forces who used to be on war, also from GRU. According to Zaire, 15 days ago people of Jamadaev took part in firing with Kadyrov's fighters as a result of which at least three men were wounded. Alhanov is also supported by Baisarov - close friend of Kadyrov-father in the past. Baisarov was declared by Kadyrov "outlawed" but he is still living in the suburb of Groznywith the fifty fighters – they say that he is protected by FSB. As his recent conflict with Kadyrov's people shows, among Chechen commanders Baisarov has considerable respect. Zaireand Rashid though being also the hirelings of Kadyrov also say that they don’t like a cult of personality which he creates around himself, hanging out posters with his portrait all over Grozny. If Kadyrov will decide to fight Baisarov, they say, they will not go anywhere and will stay at home. They also don’t like his ignorance. "Ramzan hardly speaks even Russian", - Zairenotices contemptuously.

Civil strifes distract attention of the Chechens from the danger coming from Islamic separatists under command of Shamil Basayev, the author of the raid in Beslan. "We are so busy with our inner fighting to be engaged also in fighting with hirelings", - Zairesays. At this the number of hirelings Kadyrov's control are constantly reshuffled, because of it many start to be afraid that the number of hirelings will increase. Recently Kadyrov was compelled to dismiss his "AntiterroristCenter" (АТC) consisted of former hirelings whom he had won over. They were accused of abusing their positions and actual supporting of separatists. According to Zaireand Rashid, one of the commanders of АТC, known as Mulla, was caught at transferring of information to separatists: "Ramzan ordered to wipe all his family off the face of the earth". After it, Rashid narrates, only the fifth part of the 10 thousand of hirelings of ATC was taken into other units under Kadyrov’s control. Eight thousand people were left without places. “Some may stay at home but the other can as well go to militants,” – he says.

At the end of  article the British newspaper gives references " Who is who in the new ChechenRepublic":

* Ramzan Kadyrov - the prime minister, applies for a post of the president. Supervises groups "North" and "South" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, holds under command thousands of other hirelings.

* Alla Alhanov - the president whose post Kadyrov wants to take up. Has a respect of influential proMoscow Chechens.

* Movladi Baisarov: is in command of a group of fifty fighters. Has huge respect and protection of FSB, however, Kadyrov doesn’t like him.

* Sulim Jamadaev - heads a battalion "East" consisting of thousand of fighters which are controlled by the Main Intelligence Service of the Russian army. Does not like Kadyrov.

* Said-Magomed Kakiev - heads a battalion "West" consisting of 900 fighters which are also controlled by GRU. Doesn’tlikeKadyrov.

*Adam Delimkhanov – the first deputy of Kadyrov and – in case of his death – the first successor. Is in command of the unit “South” and elite “Oil Regiment” which is engaged in guarding of oil objects.

I, from my side, want to extend a bit this reference:

- Alu Alhanov: in the summer of 1996 being in Groznycame to Ahmed Zakaev to ask pardon for "cooperation with invaders". Zakaev sent him further to the "higher echelon" to Shamil Basayev. Basayev forgave "sincerely repented" Alhanov who also sworn on the Koran not to deal any more with "Caffre".

- Sulim Jamadaev: as well as two other brothers - the late Dzhabrail and well-doing leader of "Edinaya Rossia” – deputy of State Duma Ruslan (Khalid) - Heroes of Russia. Thus the greatest coverage had two "heroic" acts of brothers. The first one - their "steadfast attention" to railway cargo transportations through the ChechenRepublicin 1996-1999. As you know, by that time all even little valuable cargoes in the respublic were, roughly speaking, exposed to methodical plunder on the railway. The second appreciable act - recent "tough cleaning off" stanitsa Borodzinovskaya occupied by the Avars by battalion "East" as a result of which the part of inhabitants was shot and the others ran to us to Hasavjurtovsky region of Dagestan. At that refugees-Avars remembered well what exactly people of brothers Jamadaevs told them during corporal punishment they carried out: "It’s to you for Gelaev". They meant Ruslan Gelaev - known in the past Ishkerian field commander who died at the attempt of going from the ChechenRepublicto Georgiathrough Dagestanarea populated by the Avars.

- Said-Magomed Kakiev: at times this name casts associations with execution of a hit murder which took place in 90th years in Moscowof the American businessman Pol Taytoom who was then in the commercial conflict with one known businessman due to the hotel "Redison-Slavyanskaya".    

- Movladi Baisarov: being a little "in a theme" with a story with the pipes, so colourfully described by the newspaper "Guardian", I would like to add some words to it. In particular, to clear up, what questions people of the "colonel of FSB" Baisarov asked when they stopped the truck with scrap metal. I believe it is not necessary to be a Solomon to guess that they for transportation of a cargo through "their territory" in the categorical form demanded to pay a bribe to them which was a reason for a conflict.   

Thus the choise of the “heroes” by the Englishmen is necessary to recognize as extremely successful, made with great taste. It is possible only to imagine what will be with the ChechenRepublicand the neighbouring republics of the Caucasus if by collective efforts of so mixed public at the support from Moscowand Londonwill become possible to fall down Ramzan Kadyrov at last. Obviously there will be no time for establishing stability and all the more not for realization of Putin policy for "chechenization". On the contrary, Ramzan’s resignation will inevitably lead to the third Chechen war which simultaneously becomes in the present conditions the second Russian-Caucasian. It, in its turn, according to a plan should be, obviously, crowned by "peace negotiations" and "round-table discussions" in the Council of Europe in Strasbourgfor which purpose in Londonall set for "target use" "political refugee" Ahmed Zakaev resides.
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