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The West Makes "Attack" on the "Putin's Shadow" Tougher

The West Makes "Attack" on the "Putin's Shadow" Tougher
Philin Vladimir 20.06.2006

After voluntary-compulsory retirement of General Public Prosecutor Vladimir Ustinov and before bringing our of shares of  a state company “Posneft” on the international stock exchange in the western mass-media the personal criticism to the address of the assistant to the chapter of the Kremlin administration, chairman of Board of directors of "Rosneft", close relative of Ustinov - Igor Sechin who is considered to be the informal leader of a group of the Kremlin law enforcement agents - has sharply become tougher.

As an example (it is far not the only one) of the campaign held against Sechin could be treated an article in the influential newspaper "Handelsblatt" of the 14th of June headed as "Putin's Shadow" (it is given below).

At it is necessary to explain two things. For the first, mentioned in the article information about ostensibly listenings of the telephone conversations between Sechin, the chapter of "Rosneft" Sergey Bogdanchikov and political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky about the "attack" on JUKOS shouldn’t be taken seriously as it is specially made forgery aimed to discredit the three persons mentioned.

For the second, it’s necessary to understand that publications like an article in "Handelsblatt" have one addressee - Vladimir Putin. The collective West using as well such manner urgently demands to make a “cleaning off” a power wing of his enviroment headed by Sechin before the year 2008 when the transfer of power to the successor Dmitry Medvedev is planned to the pleasure of the USAand to the Russian oligarches. Similar to that one undertaken in the summer of 1996 by Boris Yeltsin in relation to the group of Alexander Korzhakov. By the way the previous “cleaning off” ended byoligarchial wars and default.

Obviously we have to wait something similar this time.

Matis BrЭggmann

Putin’s Shadow

Sergey Bogdanchikov and IgorSechin took care of destroying of oil concern JUKOS. Now these two backstage figures bring out “Rosneft” on a stock exchange. "I take upon myself the Leader, the rest - on you", - IgorSechin coordinated his actions with his partner Bogdanchikov in telephone conversation.

Vladimir Putin was mentioned as "Leader" - the leader of the Kremlin. Legendary dialogue which, by the way, can be bought in Moscow recorded on CD, in July, 2004 became the beginning of the most fascinating and most expensive economic detective in history of Russia – actual expropriation and destructions of the oil concern JUKOS – the largest one to that moment. Backstage figures are a 45-years old stumpy man - Sechin, a chairman of board of directors of "Rosneft" - Russian competitor to JUKOS and a 48-years old lean man – Bogdanchikov, the president of “Rosneft”.

Burned through duet has forced to speak about itself once again - on July, 14th it is going to bring out the state concern "Rosneft" on a stock exchange. At the time when they can only hope for the success of the last venture, the destruction of JUKOS owing to their good relations with the Kremlin became possible long time ago. The story went as follows: Sechin, as they have agreed on mobile, reassures Putin. Bogdanchikov is engaged in what in telephone conversation with the Kremlin adviser Stanislav Belkovsky he has stated as: "Three days in a jail and he will know who the owner of the wood is. He is getting on my nerves. There are things which I never forgive".

Michael Khodorkovsky was meant. Before it the chapter of JUKOS in the presence of Bogdanchikov complained to Putin on corruption in state oil concern "Rosneft". Putin reacted irritatedly to Khodorkovsky's attempt to blacken the competitor. JUKOS has too many oil deposits, the president noticed, "the way they appeared – is the big question".

Only some weeks later activities against JUKOS were developed to the full: tax bodies demanded the shortages estimated in billions, Khodorkovsky was arrested, sentenced to eight years of imprisonment in a colony on border with China and concern JUKOS – was dismembered. Putin's rigid actions are first of all Sechin’s work. In fact he is not only a chairman of board of directors of concern "Rosneft" but also the deputy of the chapter of powerful Kremlin administration.

But more important is that he is one of the closest authorized representatives of the Kremlin leader, "Putin's shadow" as the Russian newapapers name him. Sechin had been already worked for Putin after graduation of his studies for the philologist and the teacher of the Portuguese and French languages and also after the work as the interpretor in Mozambiqueand Angoladuring Soviet times. As on such posts agents of KGB frequently worked, the majority of the Moscowmass-media assumes that Putin's career, the Soviet intelligence officer in Dresden, and the career of Sechin had been developing in similar way.

When in the beginning of 1990th Sechin and Putin returned from abroad, present Russian leader had grown up to vice-mayor of the native St.-Petersburg. When his chief of that time sufferred a defeat on re-elections, he passed to the control management of the Kremlin, became later the deputy of the chapter of powerful Kremlin administration, then - the prime minister, the chapter of special services and since the 1st of January, 2000 - the president of Russia. All this time IgorSechin was near him, accompanying all his transitions to the new posts with whom Putin made an aquintance during his visit in Rio de Janeiro.

Meanwhile many in Moscowask themselves a question who from them possesses greater authority, Putin or Sechin. In fact Sechin who is following his old habit of a secret service man puts all documents on a desk the text downwards is considered not only the secret conductor of JUKOS case. Sechin - as a magazine “Commersant-Vlast” affirms that he - is "the leader of a group of so-called "Petersburgsecurity officers" who are actually supervising the country".

Sechin was sucessful in upseting the merge of "Rosneft" with the controllable by the Kremlin gas giant "Gazprom" officially announced by Putin. Instead of it "Rosneft" under management of duet Sechin – Bogdanchikov in December, 2004 absorbed the major oil-extracting affiliated to JUKOS company "Yuganskneftegaz": unknown before it company "Baikalfinansgroup" bought "Yuganskneftegaz" at the price of 9,4 billion dollars. Investment banks estimated the cost of "Yuganskneftegaz" twice higher. Several days later the enterprise was found out to be the property of “Rosneft”. Since that time “Rosneft” proclaims proudly that the company increases the volumes of oil extraction from 21.6 million tons in the year 2004 to 74.6 million in the previous – 70% of this volume belong to “Yuganskneftegaz”.

"The company which "Rosneft" wishes to bring out to a stock exchange is practically JUKOS, only in new packing. Why should I buy it once again?" - one stock manager working in Moscowasks discontentedly, not understanding why he should promote appearence of "Rosneft" on a stock exchange. Yesterday Bogdanchikov and his managers declared that the appearence on a stock exchange is planned for July, 14th - one day prior to the opening of summit of eight leading industrial countries (G8) where Putin will preside for the first time. As a result of the largest from 1999 share placing "Rosneft" wishes to receive 14 billion dollars. For the enterprise which is estimated in 80 billion dollars it is not even a blocking package. Yesterday it became known that small Russian investors can participate in the tenders at the Londonstock exchange alongside with institutional.

It appeared to be a hard blow for Bogdanchikov for whom was bought personal plane Cessna Citation X at the price of 18 million dollars to cooperate closely with banks and analysts during IPO.

"In most cases their conclusions are based on emotions instead of on serious analysis", - 48-years old Bogdanchikov was once indignant with situation on the financial market. To disturb Bogdanchikov can first of all: the majority of analysts still considers "Rosneft" to be the worst of all operated oil concerns in Russia. It annoys honoured worker of oil and gas industry of Russiawhose both sons have recently also enetered oil business.
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