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"Masterhost" Company Stroke Opposition

"Masterhost" Company Stroke Opposition
Anatoly Baranov, Chief Editor of FORUM.msk, KPRF.ru 20.06.2006

Starting from Sunday evening till Monday morning FORUM.msk, KPRF.ru, “Pravda-Info” and some other resourses situated on our server – which is in its turn situated on the technical site of “Masterhost” (practically in data-center “Rambler-Telecom”) were beyond the reach.

Notwithstanding the fact that server became inaccesible approximately at 8 p.m. we received the notification from “Masterhost” only at 5.52 a.m. on Monday morning:

"Good morning!Data-center of the company “Rambler-Telecom” had problems with the system of conditioning. At the present moment all problems are sold, temperature condition is stabialized. Please, check efficiency of Your equipment. In case of problems – let us know.

We ask Your pardon for the delay with the answer and forced inconviences.

Thank You for understanding”.

During all 10 hours preceding to it we were communicated with technical support service of “Masterhost” company on the phone, obviously, we were given a story from the list about broken air-conditioner and were persuaded that "everything will be repaired and switched on just right now".

As a result we had no possibility even to renew information in the news summary to the Monday morning that is to the moment when the majority of our readers come to work and switch on their computers. But that is not the point.

Current situation is practically a rule for “Masterhost”. Hardly a month passes without having been surprised by some technical problem which this company faces (in reality this company, obviously, grant services to the largest ammount of clients in Moscow). The problems are different – sometimes power supply switches off and reserve power is not enough – well, may be only for the part of servers, it is clear that among them is ours. Sometimes another problem – for example, stoppage of work o the Pravda.ru server at the instance of FSS as we have already written this spring.

Certainly, own Masterhost’s site all this time had been working perfectly, only this site had no serious technical problems. Personal resourses of Rambler were also working well, though, as we were persuaded, air-conditioner broke in its data-centers for everyone not for the chosen ones.

There was no need to picturesque the story with ugly attitude to its customers of the separately taken though a quite big company (unfortunately, such things are being practisized not only in “Masterhost”) but for one alarming tendency.

We think that now, certainly, on authorities suggestion technical means of supression of “undesirable” Internet resourses are being worked out. For the time, of course. For the period when something important is being settled and “undesirable” information could influence on this important decision.

Evidently, now reaction of the society and mass-media on such “technical” problems is being analysed as well as people is getting accustomed to the thought that “such can happen in any moment”. Just think if it is an accident that inacccessibility of the official portal of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation happens for the third time just after the regular plenum of the Central Committee when peoplefor the most can get aquainted with official party documents on Monday morning?

By the way reaction of public was quite inert even after a week switching off of very popular site “Compromat.ru” on “Zenon” – also “absolutely accidentall”. Apparently closer to the elections of 2007 “technical” inaccessibility of some of the resourses will become the usual case.

It’s clear from some points of view: TV and newspapers are already kept under 100% control of the authorities, but Internet sites are numerous. To buy and control them as it was done after all with a number of popular and discontented in the last resourses is an expensive case, besides it doesn’t guarantees anything – something new can be revealed tomorrow. It’s easier “to beat on the sites” cutting out undesirable informational channels.

Peoplearetrainingnow. Arestudingpublicopinion. Are working through the details.

We should notice that the result is not bad for them: Jandex “news” doesn’t give anything on the situation in the data-center of “Masterhost”. Only in the blogs there are few puzzled utterences of the vexed users, only one from who connects that is happening with something that goes out of the limits of technical problems. Nobody has been surprized till now by the discrepancy between the scale of the official version of the accident (breaking of the air-conditioner) and its elimination which took whole 10 hours – they said that they repaired then it’s really so...

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