"Red" Latino-American Belt

"Red" Latino-American Belt
Dmitry Cherny 21.06.2006

Recently, on June, 14th in the day of the 78 anniversary of Ernesto Che Guevara at the place of his death the president of Bolivia Evo Morales came to the village La-Igera. As it is known, in the school situated in La-Igera on the 9th of October, 1967 well-known Argentinarevolutionary was put to death by the Bolivian militarians acted by order of CIA.

The son of Che - Kamilo Guevara March, the Bolivian officials, visitors from Cubaand Venezuelacame together with Morales came to La-Igera to honour memory of Che Guevara. After a short ceremony in the school hall which was a place of execution the first-aid post "Ernesto Che Guevara" has opened, two Cuban doctors will stay there and serve free of charge to the population of this and nearby settlements. On this day tens of representatives of social movements and organizations throughout Boliviamade a visit to La-Igera.

A number of the centers of opposition to imperialism was outlined in Latin America– the fact pleases the left-wing all over the world. And, though we met the 1st of May far from the native Moscowareas - in Dresden,on the way to the 4-th European Social Forum, joyful news overtook us with small delay. Crossing Adriactic Sea on the ferry comrades from SM "Straight Ahead" let us know last reports received in the form of sms. Namely the following.

The president of Bolivia Evo Morales on the 1st of May signed the decree about nationalization of oil-and-gas resources of the country. "It is finished with a robbery of our natural stocks by the foreign companies", - the head of the state declared having read the text of the decree. "At last an hour, a historical day when Boliviareturns back under its absolute state control all the natural resources came", - Morales announced.

This episode resembles very much the historical moment when Fidel Castro read in the center of Havanathe decree about nationalization of "United Fruit Company" - one of the most powerful feelers of an imperialistic octopus that had entangled all Latin America which head and a gluttonous mouth is in the USA.

As they say, there ishappy about. Comrade Bonivur – it’s a pseudonym of Moscow member of Young Communist League of one of the first generations - in his article for Pravda-info about Morales’s victory on elections Morales’s coming to power  was characterized as “a dream of the Russian left is coming true”.

Really: what our legal opposition – which now has to be satisfied by Duma format - having been dreaming of for a long time comes true in Latin America. The left president comes to power legally. But it is important to catch here a certain uniform law, to be more exact - a technique of coming to power and the main thing is – its retention. This technique is - truly guerrilla.

Let's recollect Cuba: the victory Castro’s guerrillas were not proclaimed at once as a victory of socialism. Only - national-liberation revolution. The dictator Batista and together with him hateful land-owners(read - our colonel Putin and his friends-oligarches) have lost former unlimited authority. But what will be further? Further - heavy work of nationalization. Work as it was necessary to adjust manufacture on perfectly different principles, to show on its own example how to work while building socialism. Both Che and Fidel did it – for example, at the wheel of the combine gathering harvest of sugar-canes. Only step by step reaching new and new victories they started to talk about socialism on Cuba(Che Guevara privately told to one journalist after the triumphal entry of quirillas to Havanathat this revolution is socialist one). Then the USSRcould provide with economic, technical and scientific help – and he did it. Today – everything’s different.

Having come to authority in Venezuela Ugo Chaves in one interview told that cannot name himself the communist. Well, it has been told fairly, in fact only that governor of the country selected by people can name himself the communist at whose participation the communism will be built (I don’t cite Lenin here about mastering of all world riches of knowledge)... Having knocked me friendly on the meeting with students in Moscow, Vhaves, probably, kept this very secret. In fact meanwhile not all branches of economy are nationalized in Venecyela. As well as poverty recedes not by the seven-league steps. That is why no words are necessary. Such is partisan secret law.

Neither Morales nor Chaves nor Komandanziya(the Supreme body of the guerrillas to whom subcommand Markos is subordinated) in Mexico, nor in Colombia– have on hand a firm shoulder of a socialist superstate. But they become a support to each other, helping stage by stage to themselves and to the neighbours to get out from imperialistic shakles. Here the help appears to be exactly as it should be given by more advanced in matters of democracy organization senior comrade-country. Cubahelps to Venezuela, Venezuelahelps to Bolivia. Together they form quite legal economic alliance which helps to overcome imbargo and blocades, overjump different backheels of the USA- becoming infeebled, sticked in Iraqit can’t avoid tripping up.

In Latin America – and in Argentina(where on some plants they still have working control as a result of having revolutional disorders of millenium), in Brasil many think that there is “left perspective”. Well, we’ll see. May be things that died in Bolivia Che dreamed – will come true in some other way. Those “many Vietnams” which he was talking about going to Boliviaincognito – will be born without inteference of partisans from the outside. However, an example of the sucessful nationalization and further economical success of the neigbour – is the best variant of “inteference”.

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