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Left Ideain XXI Centurе

Left Ideain XXI Centurе
D. Zikin 27.06.2006

Past XX centure can be named a centure of the great hopes and great disappointemnts. The Russian October Revolution of 1917 led to an appearence of a system alternative to global capitalism. Principally new social system was created which aim of existance was announced realisation of the ancient dream of the mankind for building of kingdom of justice on the Earth.

Having rejected principle "man is wolf to a man", having made a rate not on a concrete struggle of the individuals but on cooperation, surplussing of efforst of the whole society for the achivement of mutual aims the USSRreached incredible sucesses. Already first postrevolution years showed that new authority wanted the Soviet Russia became the most enlighten country in the world. Support by the intelect, large-scale state policy of cultivating of scientific type of thinking became characteristic features of socialism.

Few years was enough that tens millions of arogant people found themselves to be involved into magnificent programms on liquidation of illiteracy, training and retraining of the staff, mastering of advanced technologies. In recently retarded, ruined by wars country in the face of super modern branches of econogemicsappeared. In the shortest time the Soviet Unionturned into one of the five-six countries in the world which had all main technologies accessible to the mankind to the moment. Economical jerk was accomponied by the bloom of the Soviet culture. Soviet cinema, theatre, literature were accepted by the Western intellectuals as avangard, as something new and modern. The USSRbecame a centre of attaraction for the most famous people: H.Welles, B.Shaw, R.Rolan, A.Barbus, L.Aragon, T.Dreiser, E.Hamingway, L.Feihtvanger and many other brilliant personalities visited the Soviet Unionana left the most enthusiastic comments.

AT the time the whole Western world fell into the deepest crisis, felt real attack of the reactionary character and obscurantism which became evident in the bloom of facist regimes cultivated mythical practice of pagan cults, propogated chauvinism, racism and xenophobia.

Ideological struggle of two principally different points of view on the world order ended to the most bloody and destroying war of 1939-1945. The victory of the USSRin this war became a victory of Enlightment over the reactionary character and showed one more time to the world that left idea was the most progressive. Further historical events only proved it. Soviet nuclear energy, the first satellite, the first cosmonaut, full predominance of the Soviet sportsmen in the most intellectual sport (shess) and above all well-educated nation-winner opened to the future – all those were evident sucesses of realisation of the left idea. Thus the left idea – is first of all the idea of progress, belief in human intellect supported by constant development of intellect and reception of scientific knoweleges. The Soviet Unionfor a long time was the country where the left idea had been fulfilling to the utmost. The USSRwas a hope for the new, better life, that is why its ruin was accepted paindully in the most countries of the world.

Naturally, liquidation of socialism was accompanied by purposeful ruin of education, science and general systematic deintellectualization.

Fadening of the Soviet project was conditioned by actual rejection of the leadership of the USSRto follow left ideals. Famous slogan of Khruschev’s times “to come up and leave ahead the USAby meat and milk” reflects precisely the gest of changes which took place in the supreme echelon of the authorities. The idea of the progress found out to be replaced by the idea of consumerism and socialism became transformation from the avangard system into “feeding-through”. Soviet "feeding-through" on the background of the Western consumerism society looked paintly that predetermine disappointemnt of the mass in socialism. Besides social movility dicreased sharply, features of social segregation appeared.

Analyses which made Soviet elite to betray the left ideals is above the limits of this article, however, the ruin of the socialism in the USSR can not be regarderd as the bancrupcy of the left pregressive idea. Nowdays, at the beginning of XXI centure, after 15 years of decline the left idea turns out to be in demand that is proved by the political practice of the countries of Latin America. In connection with it is necessary to strengthen the following.

1. Experience of the USSRshowed that not division of the society into the supreme and outcast but on the contrary involvement of the wide populace into intellectual process let to achieve increadible sucesses in key spheres of life of the country. That means that the left idea is inseparably connected with the idea of collectivism and equality. At this equality is in no way can be substituted by egalitarinism and polishing up of personalities according to a single sample. As soon as cooperative effect can be achieved by way of addition of heterogeneous appoaches which are being generated by different people the unification of the society will adversely affect its intellectual and creative potential.

2. The most effective method of involvement of populace into intellectual process is the creation of “fashion for the intellect”. Here the experience of the USSRis the most valuable. Intellectual professions were the most prestigeous. People who were busy doing high-skilled work were supplied financially better than the majority. As soon as populaces were provided real wide possibilities for intellectual growth than the idea of equality as the equality of possibilities was not simple declaration but had palpable practical embodiment.

3. One should be aware that in the near future it won’t be possible to build social system exclusively on high-tech labour. Classical branches of economics will be still kept. Besides far from all people by virtue of their abilities and bents are ready to be involved in high-skilled activities. That means that the problem of confrontation of mental and physical labour will appear inevitably. One should in no circumstances repeat the negative Soviet experience when this problem was tried to solve by supplying of wide populace with ungrounded social guarantees which ended in parasitism, spreading of consumer psychology, lowering of the level of working ethics and the strike on the prestige of high-skilled labour. The state should solve social problems by the creation of conditions in which a man who is ready to work has possibility to provide himself with the income level not lower then the cost of living. But that doesn’t mean that the state should organize “false” working places which will be a veiled mean of social granting and social parasitism.

To summarize that was said it is possible to give a short definition of the left idea of XXI century.

Left idea is - one time "YES" and two times "NO":

1.  YES to integral intellect

2.  NO to social segregation

3.  NO to parasitism

Following given fundamental principles opens before the society a number of unique possibilities thus increasing sharply its competitiveness.  Though, development of science intensive technologies is widely spread also in the countries of the golden milliard,  however, the policy of social segregation which is conducted by the elites of these countries appears to be a stop which doesn’t let the societies of even the most developed technologically countries step into principally new, more progressive condition. Creation of the “school of two corridors”, conscience “moronisation” of the populace, dispersion of social energy in the artificially provoked social conflicts – here you are no the full list of the instruments with the help of which elites of the most developed countries keeps their status. The mighty of the world are afraid of competition with more talented representatives of the wide populace that’s why they try to eliminate the competitor in the bud by depriving him of possibility to get necessary luggage of knowledge and skills. As a result the intellectual potential of people finds out to be in the significant degree suppressed. On the contrary, the left idea incompatible with any forms of social racism allows realizing to the full possibilities which the society potentially possesses. 

Intellect is unpredictable as soon as the scientific search aiming to solve some definite task quite often leads to absolutely unexpected discoveries. Unpredictability is – important competitive advantage that lets to create that reality of the future to which is better prepared the one who makes a discovery.

The one who constantly looks round to the countries which are in the current moment more successful is destined to the constant lag, to the constant second place. It’s impossible to push ahead only copping somebody’s success as soon as it’s a life according to the stranger’s rules. The first prize is for the one who not plays better but for one who establishes the rules of the game.

The one who realize the left idea on practice is the one who established new rules of the game according to which the whole world of XXI century will live.
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