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The USSR Will Be Restored?

The USSR Will Be Restored?
M. Kaljuzhny 28.06.2006

The question who and how ruined the USSReverybody understands as he likes and this is deeply naturally – such difficult phenomenon is not possible to limit by the simple and understandable for everybody scheme. The break-up of the USSRsharply changed the life of all former Soviet citizens and left not to the end healed up wounds in their souls. Theevidencesarenumerous…

For example, according to the social poll held by the Ukrainian Rasumkov Centre of Economic and Political Researches in February, 2006 almost the half of the Ukrainian citizens would like to live in the USSRagain. The positive answer to the question “would you like to restore the USSRand socialist system” gave 24% of those who were asked. 28.3% of them also answered “yes”, but with reservation that it’s not possible in the present conditions. 51.3% of the respondents gave the negative answer.

It looks like there are a lot of people interested in the reviving of the USSR. On the 26th of March parliament elections are going to be led and the only party which can (theoretically) fight for the reconstruction of the Soviet Unionhas no more than 3% votes and can hardly get into the Supreme Rada! Here you are New USSR!  

There’s also other aspect of this problem. According to an opinion of the objective lawyers: WE ARE STILL LIVING IN THE USSRas soon as juridically, i.e. it wasn’t dissolved validly, with the help of the LAW…

All the republics of the former USSRare still the same republics as TRANSDNIESTRIA but, ostensibly, RECOGNIZED – because of the amiable attitude of the West… That is why everybody – especially proWestern speculators should remember in this connection: that’ll be enough if on the territory of the former Soviet State appears the only but real not virtual person who is eager to live in the State of Soviet and the USSR can be restored even by the decision of the INTERNATIONAL court… (having the political will of the elite – it could be done easy and quickly).

However during 15 years NOBODY filed a claim on the restoration of the USSR! Why? Why nobody ever tried to use his legal right to file a claim?

The matter is that if to file such a claim then at the end international court will have to make a decision about juridical re-establishment of the USSR! That is that didn’t suit in reality to a lot. All those who verbally fought for its re-establishment in reality were afraid of it. 

Politicians who exploited socialist idea first of all needed “warm” places in DUMA, cars with signal systems, elite apartments and other material benefits – including donations of their followers. However no one fro, the Russian parties which spent enormous sums on election campaign for getting into the local and central bourgeois-oligarcal authorities, didn’t spend a penny on preparation (at least!) of such claim and trial. No one former Soviet citizen did it on his own initiative.  

I’ll try to answer this question from the point of view of world perception of an average person as soon as all other reproaches – from the side of political analyses, historical, etc – entrench in one very unpleasant feature – their subjects and objects though are real but absolutely abstract and virtual.

Who, for example, saw Power or Business or People? Nobodyeversawthem. The more they are understood also by everybody in his own way. Certainly, it’s possible to see their separate representatives – but at last they are same “men” having similar institution in general. So, what is necessary for the life of an average person (certainly one more abstraction but less and clearer than Power, for example) on the territory of the former USSR?

First of all – the means for living, relative safety and foreseeability of personal existence. Today he has all these – during 15 last years everyone (in this or that extend) has got used to new conditions and doesn’t want to risk to the least. If to let oneself to be involved in Restoration, the risk and loses are inevitable for everyone – we still remember well 90th years!

If there is are motives for Russians to live in New USSR? On the one hand – there are no reasonable ones. What devil do they need the territoryof Tadjikistanor Moldaviawith their populace for? Kuril Islands as well as Sakhalinare also not of a great interest to him… He pisses on communist leaders with all their pledges and intensions to use his working hump to enter their private bright future! Russian man is not so stupid.

On the other hand, there are irrational motives – envy and hatred to the rich and more successful, greedy and desire to earn money on the new egalitarianism. Though they are now in a passive phase but it’s they who (generally) give high rating to “yes” in the surveys concerning opinions and discussions of the USSR. In the future – with the help of skillful work with masses they can easily stifle reasons of the common sense and caution of the majority. Till now it was not of importance.

Thus many have an emotional desire of Restoration but there were no vital reasons to fight for it, the more that serious “brakes” were restraining the feelings. In other words – the heart was not in accordance with senses. Here you are the reasons of the strange behavior of a lot of citizens of the former USSR– “yes” on the polls and “no” on elections.

However, it looks like the situation has been changing radically. Last week significant representative of the Russian elite – mayor of Moscow Y. Luzhkov – announced to mass-media: “…till the latest moment the processes of political development in Russia were accompanied by the weakening and “partial collapse” of the state right up till its transformation into the mean of theft, instrument of manipulation and cynical intrigues in the hands of separate groups and even persons. Such oligarchal “democracy” in any case can be and should be called weak. If to such phenomena as major financial control, media-terrorism and pawn robberies the word democracy suits at all.”

"...notwithstanding to the belonging to the European civilization simple joining of Russiato the European integration project of the European Union is not possible… That is why in the modern world Russiashould objectively ingrate round itself and its project of the future the world part – first of all postSoviet territory and “world of compatriots”. “Globalloneliness” doesn’tlettosurvivenowadays…” 

"We have got rid of hypocrisy of the 90th at last. Interests uncovered themselves. Competition and struggle for the postSoviet territory continue, but Russiahas grown stronger and now we have more chances for the reconstruction of the natural state of things in this part of the world.”

V. Tretyakov (today the Chief Editor of the newspaper “Moscow News” and the magazine “Political Class”): “What will follow? I (think) that Russiais destined to rebuild the Russian Union around itself once again, having filled the geopolitical vacuum. The Ukrainewhether will stay with Russiaor will split in two not equill parts. Georgiawill have sooner or later agree on friendly terms with Russiabecause Russiacan’t give the control over the Caucasusto anybody by definition. If Georgiawon’t understand it, it will split also – to even smaller parts than now...” 

"Moldovawill join Rumaniabut Transdniestria will go to the Russian Ukraine or to Russia. Belorussiaand Kazakhstanwill join the Russian Unit. Baltic States will still be peripheries of the European Unity till its disintegration and then will join the Russian Unit (but for Estonia). What used to be once, be in future – such is the development of the world.”

Rather interesting statements. If the mayor of Moscow Luzhkov (in “The Russian Newspaper” – an official body of the Government of the Russian Federation) and V. Tretyakov (in СМИ.RU) practically in one and the same time publicly annonce similar things – that means that it’s serious. Very serious.

Yesterday (20.04.2006) the former chief of the Centrobank, nowadays a Chairman of Boarder of Directors of JUKOS – Victor Gerschenko in exclusive interview to the newspaper “Nashe Vremya” to the journalist’s question – State Duma passed a bill about introduction of the official graphic image of the Russian rouble. Centrobank was for the abbreviation RR which means “Russian Rouble”. To you as to the former chief of Centrobank what image of the rouble seems to be more appropriate?

Answered the following:

- I wouldn’t be in hurry with this question. The decision is probably correct. But it’s not the thing which is needed in the country and in the world. We have more important targets. May be the rouble won’t be the Russian.

- Do you mean the probable union with Belorussia?

- May be with Belorussia, but may be with Kazakhstan... Everything’s possible.

Really everything is possible – even that seems to be fantastic for the majority now. According to Geraschenko’s words in the very near future. The idea of new Unity state, likely, with big speed gains power in the minds of the Russian elite. May be it’s a “soft” preparation of the public opinion to the perception of already taken political decisions?

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