The Russian Diplomats Were Put to Death by Instructions of the West

The Russian Diplomats Were Put to Death by Instructions of the West

On Sunday organization “Mujahdeen Shura Council” put on one of the sites in the Internet a message about the execusion of four members of the Russian Ambasy captured as hostages in Iraq. There was also a videotape recording with the scene of execusion placed on the site.

The Group announced that the execusion – was an act of “vengeance for our brothers and sisters who suffer tortures, murders and persecusions from the part of the Russian government of kuffars".

As it’s stated on the site of Washington Institute of Search for International Terroristic Formations, the duration of the videotape recording of the execusion – is one minute 37 seconds. The date of shooting is seen on the shots: 13.06.2006 that means that it was done 8 days before the first message about the death of the Russian hostages. At first all hostages are shown on the tape one by one, after that two people in masks appeared in the shot which shouted: “Allah is great!” and porceeded to punishment. After only headless bodies of the Russians could be seen on the tape.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to announce that it has no true information concerning the execusion of the diplomats. “At the present moment our sourses in Bagdadcan’t confirm us the message about the death of the Russian hostages”, - official representative of the foreign policy department Michael Kaminin put on the air of the program “Vesty Nedely”. That means that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

pretends that takes certain efforts, the diplomats according to bureaucratic measures are alive and are going to continue to “live” so that the reputation of the department won’t suffer.  

The first mentioning that the Russian hostages in Iraqwere executed had already appeared on Wednesday on the 21st of June. By the time it was made by the site of the television channel CNN, information about the diplomats’ execusion was also put on the site of Washington Institute of Search for International Terroristic Formations. It was announced after that it’s a mistake of the translation.

As a result of an attack on the Russians on the 3rd of June in Bagdadthe member of the Ambasy Vitaly Titov died. Assailants stolethe Third Secretary of the Ambasy Fedor Zajtsev and members of the diplomatic mission Rinat Agliulin, Anatoly Smirnov and Oleg Phedoseev.

The circumstances of the tragedy with the Russian diplomats are very strange. Relations of the Chechen soldiers and Iraqi opposition, more widely and in general of Arabian mojahedeenhas been failed to develop. Cases of participations of the Chechens (in general natives of the Caucasus) in Iraqare not known. One could meet in the ranks of the Chechen opposition Arabs but that were the natives of Jordan, Egipt and other states where the American influence’s strong while one could never meet in the Chechen Republic Arabs from Iraqor Palestine. What for Iraqopposition attended for the situation in the ChechenRepublicif it’s Russiathat regards the tragedy of Iraqin the most sympathizing way?

Organization which stole the diplomats - "Mujahdeen Shura Council" is not really separate organization but the unity of different ekstremist grouppings acting on the territoryof Iraq. It’s a very strange structure, which, we should note, is principally impossible at Sadam Husein regime who, notwithstanding everything’s said about him, was a man of fashion and fought against radical Islam more rigidly than the USA.

"Mujahdeen Shura Council" also contains the group called itself "Al Kaida ", - that is the way of the supposed connection of "Mujahdeen Shura Council" with global "Al-Kaida". In its turn "shura" in the Islamite political vocabulary means "advice" or "consultation".

Notes about "Mujahdeen Shura Council" for the first time appeared in spring of the year 2005 inconnection with the steal of the Australian Duglas Vud who used to work in the American building company. However Vud was released very soon. Practically execusion of the Russians - the first such action of the organization which ended in murder ...

An impression is that we are talking about the rude and badly planned but very coarse action of the Western special services which used its service in Iraqi underground for showing of weekness of Russia, besides to indicate the public opinion in Russia that to help and display sympathy to the “black” -  is an ungrateful matter.

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