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IsraelIs Ready To Sell Weapon to Everyone Who Can Pay for It

IsraelIs Ready To Sell Weapon to Everyone Who Can Pay for It

2000 of Israeli companies and private persons being notable by their high mobility and initiative, having wide connections in all parts of the Earth bring the process of selling of the weapon to perfection, selling it to everyone who can fulfill the only necessary requirement – to pay – the site of the Civil Centre of Applied Researches announces.

According to it Military-Industrial Complex of Israel consists of more than 200 state and private companies, annual turnover of which consists in 3.6 milliards dollars. Its main features are – possess of modern high technologies, availability of significant technological and financial support from the USA (since 1979 when Israel signed peace treaty with Egypt, the USA had been transferring to Israel approximately 3 milliards dollars annually), high degree of mobility, enterprise of management, wide private connections of the trade representatives and specific understanding of the cooperation rules with the partners.

In 1996 the Central Counting Administrative Board of the Congress of the USAissued a report “Safety of the Defense Industry: Disadvantages of American Safety Organization in Connection with Foreign Defense Contractor” in which the following conclusion was made:

"According to the data of one of the Intelligence Services of the USA, government of Israelcarries out the most aggressive spying operations against the USAamong all American allies. Secret military information and sensitive military technologies are the main priority aims for the Intelligence Services of this country. Israelis after this data following 3 reasons:

1) to help the technological development of its own Military Industry Base;

2) to exchange this data with other countries following economical reasons;

3) to exchange or sell this data to other countries aiming to develop political alliance and alternative sources of armament".

Totality of these characteristics to the great degree provides phenomena of recent tens – high dynamic of military industry of Israeland is directly connected with figures of efficiency of armament export achieved by the country. It’s known that only 25% of weapon produced in Israelis meant for the national armed forces, the rest 75% should be exported to provide necessary profitability.

During the previous tens leading producers of armament never considered Israelas their competitor. Relatively low power of Israeli Military-Industrial Complex restricted quite hardly its export possibilities. As a rule, Israelpractically didn’t propose major samples, most of the Israeli arms bargains were estimated not more than in tens millions dollars. That is why for achievement of high figures Israeli companies needed to sell much more quantity of technique and systems. That, in its turn, has led to the necessity of significant increase of quantity of sellers: to the present moment approximately 2000 of Israeli companies and private persons have licenses for selling of weapon and to get it can practically  every citizen of Israel having no criminal past. 

During the latest years scientific and technical potential of Israelunderestimated before in the field of creation of new systems of armament and activity displayed by the country has formed favourable environment for the triumphal introduction of Israelinto world arms market having made selling of weapon an important source of income for Israeli economics. The most considerable break-throughs were made by Israeli people in the countries of Asia and Europe – first of all in China, Turkeyand India. It was also contributed by competent use “arm heritance” left from the USSRas well as appeared holes in the former Soviet sales sector. Special profit Israeli salesmen of weapon got form satisfying of the demand for the deliveries of spare parts and modernization of the armament of Soviet samples.

Aiming to achieve efficiency of this process, providing of necessary protectionism in the year 1997 special group of assistance to the weapon export – Sibat - was created at the Ministry of Defense. It was headed by the director, general-mayor Yossi Ben-Hanan. According to his words the main target of this structure is “not the replenishment of incomes of Israeli companies but the support of our technological possibilities and infrastructure up to the mark”. Its specific has also the technology of evaluation of the side that buy the weapon from Israelor with its help.

Thus, in 1997 giving an interview to the newspaper “Jerusalem Post” the Councilor of Minister of Defense of Israel David Ivry said: “At the present moment Israellead the policy of non-interference into the internal matters of any other country of the world. We also don’t like others to interfere with our internal business. That is why our policy doesn’t touch upon these questions.”  As a result there is nothing surprising that Israelsells weapon to any state and regimes, including military juntas, countries being in the state of civil war, countries which don’t follow rights of people and etc.

It’s known that Guatemalan Army received Israeli arms in the period between 1977 and 1981 when thousands of people disappeared without any traces in this country, Israeli weapon were also gotten by the Columbian drugs barons. Significant in their volumes bargains were made by Argentine regime of Galtiery, Panamanian regime of Noriery, Nicaraguan regime of Somos as well as Chile, Bolivia, Salvador, Haiti, Shri-Lanka. Israelalso provided with weapon SAR by the time being under U.N.O. embargo. Such sale of the weapon to the countries which are boycotted by other sellers of the arms let Israelbecome on of its leading exporters. This role of such a “bad guy” not once and successfully was used by other countries.

The most famous example of it became an operation which received in mass-media the name “Iran-contras”. Before Islamic revolution Iranian-Israeli relations were developing in friendly way. In 70th Israelactively sold to Iranweapon, provided preparation of specialists of shah special service “Savak”. But right after coming to power in Iran of Ayatolla Homeini Iranian-Israeli relations were torn open. The first time that was accepted by Israelas revolutionary rhetoric and Israeltried to support certain level of trade and economic relations. That was of a use in 1984 when plans of secret military deliveries from the USAto Iranfaced the formal Washingtonprocess of taking decisions and officials from NSC and CIA began to search bypass “non-formal” ways. Israelprompted the way for those searches which very soon became the main channel through which American bargains with Iranbegan to be carried out. The hope of the USAadministration also played some certain role, it wished to achieve a release of several American hostages captured in Lebanonby the extremists Shiite grouping “Hizballa’ which was under political control of Teheran.

An utmost interest in establishment of contacts with Iran by way of deliveries to it weapon displayed the Prime Minister S. Peres who had been discussing the question not once from January 1985 with General Director of MFA of Israel D. Kimkhe, with his Assistant on the questions of Anti-terrorism A. Nir, sellers of the arms A. Shvimmer and Y. Nimrodi.

As the result of multi-way combinations in August 1985 Israelwas given permission for sale of the American weapon to Iranthat used to be more than suspicious from the point of view of the American laws. On the 30th of August the first party of 100 pieces of anti-tank missiles “TOW” was delivered to Iran. On the 14th of September in Iranian town Tabriz408 pieces of the American missiles sent from Israelwere unloaded, on the next day clergy B. Weir who was caught in Lebanonwent at large.

Technical part of the operation looked like that. Saudi multi-millionaire A. Hashoggi deposited big sums of money to an account pointed out by Israeli in one of the Swiss banks. Weapons were purchased from Israeli government for this money. Then they gave Hashoggiachequefor the same sum with delayed for special permission period of taking off the account of M.Gorbanifar (international seller of arms, former officer of “Savak” having been in contact with CIA). After the delivery and check of the weapon in Tabrizthe Iranians transferred money to the account of Gorbanifar to Switzerlandand Hashoggi could take money. On this stage of speculations the Americans themselves didn’t have any financial “infusion”from the deliveries of missiles to Iranthough Israeli sold them three times as much. The profit went to middlemen as well as to Israelwhich also received opportunity to fill up their arsenal of missiles by purchasing them from Ministry of Defense of the USAat the standard price.

In September-October of 1985 started next stage of negotiations concerning the delivery of the third lot of weapon to Iran– the delivery of anti-aircraft missiles “Hawk”. According to the plan of operation 80 pieces of missiles “Hawk” were required to deliver on the 22nd of November from Israelto the third country – Portuguese. There the weapons should be reloaded to three specially chartered planes which should start for Iranone by one with interval of two hours. When the receipt of the load delivered by the first plane would be confirmed the Iraniansshould give command for releasing of five American hostages in Beirut. Other two planes shouldn’t land in Tabriztill the time when hostages wouldn’t get into the embassy of the USAin Lebanon. In case of success of the operation and guarantees from Iranianside that Shiite extremist wouldn’t capture American citizens in future it was supposed to deliver to Iran additionally 40 anti-aircraft missiles.

However, carefully planned operation failed. The government of Portuguese refused to give permission for landing on its territoryof Israeliplane with missiles on board. As a result the load was delivered to Tabrizwith 3 days delay and only with one plane in which were 18 pieces of missiles “Hawk”. No one from the American hostages was released and the missiles were refused. As one of the main reasons why missiles didn’t suit Iranwas called dissatisfaction of the addressee by its small quality as well as by the fact that they had Israeli marking. On the 2nd of January 1986 of the Assistant of Israeli Prime-Minister on the questions of Anti-terrorism A. Nir proposed to the American representatives of the next plan. In accordance with him Israel should give command to release approximately 20 members of the grouping “Hizballa” which were captured by proIsraeli “government” on the South of Lebanon and deliver to Iran4000 pieces of missiles “TOW”. In return “Hizballa” should release all American hostages in Beirut. On the 24th of January 1986 the Americans prepared their own variant of operation which acquired the name “Restoration” and meant to provide transference from the USAto Iranmilitary intelligence about Iraqi armed forces and new deliveries of missiles.

After confirmation of this plan on the 18th of February the first lot of 500 pieces of missiles “TOW” was delivered to Bender-Abbas, at the same time missiles “Hawk” “non-accepted” by Iranians to Israel were taken out. The second lot of 500 pieces of “TOW” was delivered on the 27th of February and in half of the year – on the 3rd of August – to Iranwere conveyed spare parts to “Hawk” demanded by Iranians. Similar bargains with Iran caused a bulk of nonaccountable cash: 6.3 million dollars from the sale of February party of “TOW”, 8.5 million dollars for the spare parts to “Hawk” and 5 million dollars for “TOW” sent in October 1986, i.e. all in all approximately 20 million dollars.

According to the evidence of the Minister of Justice E. Mis which became know to mass-media, it was found out by the channels of CIA that from January, 1986 there were delivered to Israel weapons to the amount of 12 mln dollars. In its turn with the help of its secret service in Iran Israeli “middlemen” sold the American arms to the higher price gained 22-40 mln dollars which arrived to the accounts in Swiss bank. Pentagon was paid 12 mln dollars as “compensation” for the price of the armament. The rest which consisted in 10-30 mln dollars was used to finance the war of “kontras” against Sandinist government of Nicaragua.

However, interest of Israelto the operations with Irandiminished after the appearance in Israelof information that the government of Iranmade a decision to start researches in the field of production of weapon of mass destruction. With the end of “cold” war verified by years ways of consecution of Israel arms had been becoming more complicated, demanding the use of measures of political, transport and financial provision which previously were not applied. At that significantly wider use of private transport contractors and brokers for the transmission of arms connected by intricate chains of deliveries demanded.

Such disadvantage of clarity and efficient control without saying contributed to the widening of use of the Israelweapon as in armed conflicts as in diversionary aims.

Numerous examples from the past and present testify that Israel weapon having been transferred in that way very often could be found at the disposal of criminal organization or armed groupings taken part in terrorism, paid by cash o exchanged for drugs, precious stones and metals, oil, wood and other natural recourses. Here you are only some of the examples of deliveries of Israelarms to the problem regions.

In 1994 sellers of weapon having been based in Britain organized transference of significant quantity of Israeli arms to Rwanda  at the time of spreading of genocide there, notwithstanding the declared by U.N.A. embargo.

In the middle of 90th Israelsold a lot of aircraft rockets of “air-to-air” class and fulfilled modernization of the planes F-7 of the Chinese production for military junta in Birma.

In 1997 Israeli fulfilled modernization of Cambodian МIG-21 and delivered the equipment for training planes L-39 at the moment when that country was on the verge of civil war.

In 1997 Israelsold to Eritreahigh-speed patrol ships and at the same time modernized for Ethiopiaplanes MIG-21. U.N.A. applied for Israelfor the stoppage of the deliveries to these two hostile states.

In 1997 Israelprovided Lebanese Christian militia, i.e. the Army of the Southern Lebanonwith small and big arms, tanks and advisors. The total price of the equipment and services delivered made up 93 min dollars. However, after extrication of Israelfrom the Southern Lebanonthe army broke up and the significant part of the weapon went to the local extremists.   

In 1998 Venezuelaacquired from Israelsystems of volley fire, tankers, equipment of electronic warfare systems of management for frigates and управлениядляфрегатовиeavesdropping devices.

In 2000 Israeldelivered to Sri-Lanka rocket boats and pilotless flying machines.

In 2001 Zimbabwegot through the Israeli company "Beit Alfa Trailer Company" especially equipped police cars assigned for the struggle with disorders.

In the beginning of the 20th centuries Israeldelivered to Columbiaradio transmitters, simulators and rendered help in modernization of the military planes. Such collaboration continues also with the states which are close to Israelgeographically.

In March 2006 some Israeli private companies undertook to render technical help to special departments of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kirgizia. Amnon Lipkin-Shahak – lieutenant-general in reserve who headed Israeli Military Secret Service in 1986-91 and the general staff of the army took part in the negotiations held in the conditions of high secrecy. That time he represented companies "Safeguard International & Technology" and "Tahal" – the major Israeli ingeneering and consulting comapny. Gabriel Vanono – the president of the company "Wanono-Karosen Group", Khaim Avidan – the vice-president of companies "Zander" and "Shamoon group", Aleksander Blinder – a Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "Sollers ABV Group" were present on the negotiation together with him. Into the stipulated on the negotiations obligations were included deliveries of the equipment, police jeeps, special technique for the dispersal of demonstrations and for operations against terrorists particularly in the mountain area. Participation of Israeli people is also planned in the creation of educational antiterrorist centre on the territory of republic where are planned to prepare “commandos” of MFA and NSC of Kirgizia. To the case is planned to engage Israeli instructors from the elite departments of police, army and National Security Council.

In the middle of May 2006 among the announcements of international observers a shift of arsenal from Serbiaand Montenegroto Iraqand Afghanistanwas noticed, at that it’s known less about the arrival of the “load”. An active part in it is taken by the unknown earlier, registered in Israelcompany "Talon" which has taken the main role in the case of transference of the weapons from Serbiato the Near East. Commenting these messages, Ministry of International Economic Relations of Serbia and Montenegrodeclared that the company is "Talon Security Consulting and Trade Ltd" and it’s registered in Tel Aviv in complex "Towers-Twins".

In its turn, according to the data of Federation of Israeli Chamber of Commerce, the owner of "Talon" is Shmuel Avivi who is presented by Israeli sources as the former Israeli military attachИ in Switzerland. Lately one more direction of the arms transit with participation of Israelbecame Iraqi Kurdistan. Growing interest of Israelto Kurdistanis usually connected with its concernment in changes in that region aiming to provide its military, political and economical interests. Even here Israeli people display their specific workings.  

On the 1st of December 2005 inIsraeli newspaper “Ediot Ahranot" a material appeared stating evidences that Israeli special services secretly teaches Iraqi Kurds methods of "fight with terrorism". With this aim Israelites has organized a big training camp in the desolate part of Kurdistanwhere trainings of local “special soldiers” take place. Such collaboration is kept in secret and Israeli instructors get into Iraqwith Turkeyin the guise of specialists of agriculture or engineers-builders. At the same time the tons of equipment of military and double purpose: systems of self-firers, flack jackets, communication facilities, transport and even war-dogs are being delivered into Kurdish regions of Iraqfrom Israel.

Among the number of companies-producers enabled the following are marked: "Motorola Israel", "Magalcom Communications and Computers", аlso the company which, according to the data of "Ediot Ahranot", was established by the former head of "Mossad" Danny Yatom, nowadays – a member of Knesset. Commenting the material of "Ediot Ahranot" the Chairman of Ministry of Defense in Israeldeclared: "We didn’t give a permission to Israelites to work in Iraqand all this activity, if it really takes place, is a part of private initiative the responsibility for which lays on employees and their employers".

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