Кто владеет информацией,
владеет миром

Don't believe Putin!

«On the G8 Summit president Putin tries to be seen as a “democrat” and a
“politician of the world level”, but in fact he is a greedy dictator, who
robbed his own people. President Putin uses G8 Summit for putting up his
own authority in the world community eyes.
National-Bolshevik Party accuse president Putin of the following crimes:
1) Falsification of the President and Parliamentary elections. Creation of
the one-party system.
2) War in Chechnya. Russian soldiers spill blood for six years to improve
Putin’s rating.
3) Censorship in mass media. It is forbidden to criticize Putin’s policy on
the central TV channels.
4) Political repressions. Criminal persecution of the opposition.
5) Abolition of privileges to retired people. Social terror against his own
6) Keeping in secret reasons of the “Kursk”-submarine crash.
7) Creation of the gangs who attack members of the opposition parties.
8) Good relations with dictator regimes of Niyazov and Nazarbaev, who
oppresses Russians.
National-Bolshevik Party don’t address the G8 Summit participants asking
them for support. Russian people will abolish Putin the Tzar and will
liberate themselves. But via the mass media we address the world community
with the appeal not to believe Putin and boycott his policy.
We need Another Russia! Russia without Putin!

National-Bolshevik Party»
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