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Terrorism and the USA: the Other Side of the Story

Terrorism and the USA: the Other Side of the Story
Oleg Sultanov 28.07.2006

The American management considers for some reason its own actions and the actions of its satelites on the international scene, which lead in the end to the exclusion from oil-and-gas bearing territories of governments unruly to the USA, to be a sign of the high political pilotage.

Certainly this process takes place secretly to a great extend as soon as Washington actively forms definite “anti-terroristic” stereotypes which, according to Condolise Rice, create in the world positive social-psycological perception of the struggle of America for “democratic ideals” and against international terrorism. In practice usual political pragmatism bordering with cynism is at hand.

Any sphere of “struggle” of the Americans for thedemocracy we take, we obligatory will find out that a question is about the overthrow of regimes disagreable to the USA. The war between Israel and Lebanon takes place now, peaceful citizens die; mass actions of protest against Israeli agression in Lebanon are held in the Arabian states and inEurope. At the same time the president of the USA G.Bush having appeared in public on the 19th of July affirmes that “terroristic attacks on the democratic country ... are being inspired by Suria and Iran... To overcome this crisis the world has to overcome “Hezbollah”, Syria and continue to work on isolation of Iran...”. “World” is, probably, according to the head of the White House, American and Israeli troops to whom Bush being as simple as simple as five coins sharply defined the direction of future blows. Israel needs Lebanon as Norway communism while Iran and Syria being rich with hydrocarbon are interesting to Washington as proper supplier of almost free oil. That is why obedient Israel firghting now “terrorists” in Lebanon creats a cause for the Persians to plead for the “friends”.

It’s clear that Israeli won’t get over Iran but after “hint” the “elder brother” from over the ocean will come to help. He together with NATO will “explain” quickly to the Ayatollahs advantages of the Western “democracy” and “disadvantages” of life by following Koran. To the present moment in Lebanon by hand of Israeli have been died “only” some hundreds of people among whom are two hundred children that’s why the USA has begun urgently preparations of deliveries to Tel-Aviv high-accuracy  rockets and bombs.

In this situation our Russia, as always, appeals to peace, negotiations simultaneously the Russian special services together with the German intelligence agents lead operative work on the research and liberation of Israeli soldiers from Arabian terrorists. It’s quite understandable as Russia is a very rich country which budget gets scanty from the expenses connected with delivery of Israeli soldiers from captivity. Is it probable that our MFA, SVR, FSB and GRU have already revealed and liquidated the killers of their colleagues who have worked in Iraq and thus now all the efforts paid by the Russian taxpayers are directed to the research of Israeli soldiers having got into trouble?  There’s nothing strange in it; I think they remember in Israel (and I am sure nobody remember in Russia…) that long ago the Russian historian Nikolay Karamzin having in mind the safety of the Russian empire has said that “Own safety is the highest law in policy…”. So, “Jordanian Kazaks” are fine fellows – they work hard themselves to provide their safety and have enlisted the Russians and Americans to help them…  

Probably, it’s necessary to admit that they are not so lucky in the recent times. Even the leadership of Iraq “democratized” by them doesn’t approve the aggression of Israel against Lebanon supported by the USA; the Prime-Minister of Iraq Nuri al Maliki and the president of the country – Jalal Talabani speak about “violent aggression”, about the support of the people of Lebanon in its opposition to the military attack of the Middle East neighbour. Events in Afghanistan where Talebans practically every day successfully attack Americans and Englishmen, blow up their military technique, attack block - posts, ruthlessly kill unfortunate English-Saxons who carry out in Afghanistan "civilization" mission bring another headache to Washington. In short, the world fight of Americans for democracy creates for the USA a number of problems - economic, political, social and even cultural.

Talebans, for example, at all their wildness, categorically do not wish to watch the American pornofilms, to drink whisky and "to strengthen" their teeth by a chewing gum. Well, they just don’t like such "culture" which strikes their religious attitude and Islamic concepts! But it does not at all frighten the American fighters with terror who, as it recently became world known, quite often make criminal acts in relation to religious feelings of Moslems on the territories occupied by them. Let’s recollect what they did in the military prisons in Bagdad…

"Hezbollah" has captured several Israeli citizens and by that has made a capture of hostages. It is an act of terrorism. But who can deny that the state terrorism of the USA and Israel competes with "Hezbollah" in the use of violence? If aviastrikes, carrying of rocket and artillery impacts on cities of Lebanon are not state acts of terrorism? Why peaceful Arabian cities and settlements should become objects of "punishment" for individual terrorist acts having been organized and fulfilled by yaps and provocateurs? 

By the way, during the time that passed after the Second World War many examples of use by the USA and their allies of their own provocateurs for "liquidation of terror" - for falsification of charges of Moslems in terror were fixed. For example, in 1986 English special services accused Syria that its agent Hindavi tried to organize in London airport an explosion of the Israeli plane with four hundreds passengers onboard. The USA began at once to speak about necessity of military operation against Syria. Its passion was cooled by the present president of France Jacques Shirak who used to be the Chairman of the government by the time who declared in public that Israeli secret service Mossad stood behind those London events.

Therefore one should face the truth and always ask oneself whom the struggle against terror "is profitable" to? Actions of America and Israel on international scene evidently show to the world community that there are certain forces on a planet Earth that use fig leaves of false assurances about struggle against terrorists - for carrying out of policy of the state terrorism.

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