Кто владеет информацией,
владеет миром

It's time to do what for Russia


Dear mr. Zuganov,

I hope that you will be the next President for the Russian Federation.

I am a communist Member of the french revolution and communist party(PCF)

It's time to do what for Russia.

It's time to do new human Revolution without torture and abuse of Human

The  time is going on.

But I am an universal fighter for the human rights.

If you will be president, can you release the Prisoner Michael Khodorkovsky
for the siberian inhuman Prison.

I believe in you for the Russian Federation and all the communist Party in
France believe in you.

Good Luck for your Campagn.

I 'm Thinking about the International and Lenin.

A french communist comrade.

Best wishes.

Brangre Mazurenko

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