"Rodina" Has No Right to Commit a Suicide

"Rodina" Has No Right to Commit a Suicide
Juliana Krisanovskaya 01.08.2006

That is an opinion of the Chairman of Presidium - the supervisor of the Institute of problems of globalization Michael Deljagin read out of a party "Rodina" personally by its present leader Babakov for intention (not for participation, only for intention - no party decisions on this account have been taken at that) to take part in the work of conference "Other Russia".

- Michael Gennadievich, besides your being an economist You are a known, serious politician. Why has the authority hated your party – “Rodina” – before Babakov coming to it? 

- First of all, "Rodina" recognizes the right for existence not only of the minority (including national) but also of the majority. It is not going following official propagation consider "fascists" all not liberal oppositionists, all liberal oppositionists who are friends of the not liberal as well as all Russians in the whole.

«Rodina» for some not definite period has gone out of the control of its creators from the Kremlin – the fact that they don’t forgive.

But the main thing is that "Rodina" has big ideas about becoming the political spokesman of synthesis of the social, patriotic and liberal values which has been already carried out by our society, at that the synthesis of the first two - social and patriotic - it has carried out at a political level. By that, having come nearer to a society, it became a threat to the authority.

- Now, at its sale to «Zhidina» has patriotism disappeared?

- Not very good name…

- Why not? «Party of Life (Parry of ZHIzny) » + «RoDINA», nothing’s bad.

- Sounds incorrectly. The name «RoZhi» has already established itself, let’s follow an opinion of the society.

Let’s see - now they speak only about the "left" party, one more "spoiler" which will deprive the Communist Party of the Russian Federation of the votes. The theme of patriotism has disappeared - on Friday at the meeting with regions Babakov and the company have promised that patriots will disappear after patriotism. They will start from Andrey Savelyev and then will reach the disciplined children.

- Ones like Chuev?

- They hadn’t forgotten that rehabilitated me: he told that he suspected me always but during two years gave no single occasion for the expressing of those suspicions. That is he behaved ideally - all charges in my address because of which I was read out were, hence, simply impudent slander.

- Well, he didn’t want to…

- Whether he wanted or didn’t want to, but he failed – it turned out that one should know how to lick master’s foot.

But patriotism is unacceptable for the ruling bureaucracy because it can simulate social values, being forged under the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, but cannot simulate patriotic values: it is necessary for this purpose to quarrel with the West. What will come with their accounts abroad and castles in switzerlands and englands. The West holds them reliably.

- One says that You were the only person who interfered with Babakov’s desire to sell “Rodina” after Rogozin’s panic flight?

- I think, it’s exaggeration of my modest role. There were no talks with me on this account.

- Well, not directly, but by the fact of your work in party…

- "After - does not mean owing to". The fact that Putin gave such command to Babakov in two weeks after my illegal exception didn’t mean that he waited till Babakov read me out.

- Ok. On Friday Babakov allowed to the regionals a command "to polish off" correctly "Party of Life" and to attribute to itself even the slightest success on October elections – is it preparations for the future fights around uniting?

- More likely that it’s the way to occupy regional divisions and to create unrealizable dreams so that they won’t quit right now.

Babakov’s positions are immeasurably weaker than Mironov’s: neither popularity of a party, nor the real number of members has value for forged elections. Administrative resource and money are of importance - and they are on Mironov's side.

Babakov has received the assignment personally from Putin - and a hitch in negotiations for any reason will mean sabotage of the personal presidential assignment for him. Besides Mironov belongs to a narrow circle "para-Olympic" - Petersburg "gods-celestial": he is personal friend of Putin. A modest Ukrainian-Russian oligarch with charges in foreign citizenships against his background – look as a local tailor near to the mayor.

That’s why Babakov will betray the party, having gotten people in the regions wrong beforehand who will consider his instructions seriously.

- They say in Mironov's environment that there is a certain arrangement with Babakov that everywhere where there is "Party of life", regional lists will be headed by its representatives, while Babakov will be the second in the list for this and Levichev as the potential competitor will be removed to play the third roles?

- I don’t know about Levichev, but he is effective – he is the only in «ParZhi»…

- Where?

- «Party of Life (Party of Zhizny)» - «ParZhi». Juliana, you are behind the times. So, this Levichev was the only who PRed the party. He is effective, he can express his thoughts – it will be wise for Babakov to stipulate his removal from those spaces where he can compete with Babakov.

That is such arrangement is quite probable, however, all arrangements between such people are preliminary.

- How uniting of the parties will look like?

- Juliana, you will laugh at it but – according to the law. According to it one of the parties should be dismissed. The main secret of Babakov which he hides from the party is that self-dismissed should be the only possible in this unnatural unit “Rodina”.

That is I didn’t exaggerated when I wrote to the party that he had taken the course to the elimination.

- Did you know?

- Felt. As the president Bush said, I talked with that man and looked in the depth of his heart.

- What are the prospects of extension for «RoZhi»?

- It depends on the relations between its leaders. «RoZhi» has been created in absence of Surkov by his opponents supervising Mironov.

At the returning Surkov can take the course for self-discredit of "RoZhi" as it used to be with "ParZhi", but it can be dangerous – as soon as it’s an assignment of the president. It is impossible to leave this one and a half headed "political goblin" without control. But there is a standard commercial way of washing out of a control package: to add political dead men controllable by Surkov to "RoZhi" and to get in this way a part of the control.

This is technologically and all these numerous «spoilers» of the CP of the RF will calm down and be settled.

ertainly, they will collect nothing but to draw 7,5% if there will be a need will be possible for them. This is a matter of technique: they will, probably, get in the State Duma but in policy - never.

- What should «Rodina» do? To be more precise  «rodintsy»?

- You should decide if you are a footcloth for petty clerks and cheats or people who are on service to their country.

If the first - I am wrong and Babakov is right. Then I had given two years of life to “Rodina" in vain; for nothing protected it like the devil remaining alone when its leadership having played a prank, yelping, hid its head in sand.

If you do not want to be sold on the slave market – do not be slaves. Block the sale of "Rodina", break decision about self-dissolution of party on the extra congress. Clear off "Rodina" of oligarchs and bureaucrats; throw out antiparty grouping of Babakov and others "Kremlin clons".

I was read out with the roughest violations of everything that it’s possible to break, with extremely cynical lie and I should return to "Rodina”, it‘s my party. We shall revive "Rodina"; we shall restore it as force, most close to the society and thus inevitably leading to power.

We are capable of doing it; let’s continue to work together for the benefit of Russia.

If you want nobody steps on you – don’t be rags.

If you want not to be sold in slavery by wholesale or retail – don’t be slaves.

If you want everybody defer you and consider your opinion – be power.

Difficulties are inevitable, but our fate and the fate of our country are still in our hands.

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