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The Ukrainian Minister-Self-Murderer Fired a Proof Round

The Ukrainian Minister-Self-Murderer Fired a Proof Round

Former Minister of Health of the Ukraine Nikolay Polischuk closes out such possibility that ex-minister of Internal Affairs Yury Kravchenko shot himself. N.Polishchuk who worked more than ten years as an adviser of the regional, municipal and then republican judicial-medical commissions on craniocereberal traumas, traumas of the central nervous system including gunshot wounds announced it in the interview to the newspaper "Week’s Mirror". However, the picture of death of ex-minister Kravchenko was such that one shouldn’t have so many regalia to exclude the version of suicide. Only one question appears – how was it possible “to look out” elements of suicide in that picture?

According to Polischuk, "as to the character of the wounds fixed in the documents, it is possible to approve unambiguously that it is a violent death, such damages could not be made by the hand of a person to himself. An opportunity of it being self-inflicted wound should be excluded".

Two fires were fixed on the corpse (front surface of the neck and the right temple). The first wound could already lead to death without duly rendering medical aid. The second shot - in the temple – remain to be a riddle.

"The first gunshot wound is fired close from the weapon, - Polischuk say, - pressed to a body. The direction of the wound is not characteristic for the wound fired by a person by himself as it goes bottom-up and from within outside. It is extremely difficult to admit that a person can injure hiself in this way. It’s too inconvinient”.

- As a result of this gunshot wound he got numerous fractures of the lower jaw, fractures of seven teeth (traumatic amputation), fractures of the upper jaw, cartilages of nose and a damage of the tongue, - N.Polishchuk told and added: Thus he should lose consciousness as a result of such trauma".

So, a person is not in condition to hold a weapon in hand after such trauma.

Nevertheless, according to the version of the Ukrainian inquest, Kravchenko, made one more shot - in a temple - bleeding profusely and losing consciousness from pain. But this shot... didn’t leave any muzzle imprint!

The matter is that the most true sign of the self-inflicted wound is muzzle imprint - a print of a muzzle cut of a gun on the skin which is formed at a blowing of powder gases under the skin at the moment of a shot, as a result the skin preses itself with force to the muzzle cut and a characteristic print appears. It is natural that if the shot is fired from some distance, there’s no such print.

"For self-inflicted wounds its presence (muzzle imprint – ed.) is characteristic. Especially taking into account the previous wound in case he would shoot himself, he should press a trunk of a gun to a temple", - Polischuk added. Really, it’s difficult to imagine as it is possible to shoot oneself in a temple holding a gun at arm's length.

It turns out that somebody “helped” Kravchenko. And, being not sure, that rattling and squirming in convulsions maimed person was vitally wounded, made "a control shot". Certainly, in a head as he was taught.

Taught, by the way Learned, by the way, badly.

"I approve that in some seconds after the first wound that person was not capable to make purposeful precise actions. It is excluded", - Polischuk emphasized.

He also denied information that there was a long pause between two shots: "Not even two minutes could pass нето, чтодесятиминут".

He explained it by the fact that being wounded in such a way Kravchenko should make at least some breaths during some minutes. However in J.Kravchenko's lungs was no blood.

J.Kravchenko was found in the morning on the 4th of March, 2005in a summer residence near Kievdead with a gunshot wound. On March, 4th at 10.00 a.m.he was summoned to the inuest to the State Office of Public Prosecutor within the limits of investigation of the case of George Gongadze.

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