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Adding of Zeros

Adding of Zeros
Baranov Anatoly 08.08.2006

A tenor of 5 thousand roubles was issued yesterday. “The necessity of the issue of 5000 roubles tenor is determined by the demand of cash turnover, by the growth of the medium salary in the country”, - that is the reason given in the official announcement of the Central Bank placed on its internet-site. At that all the officials affirm in one accord that there is no inflation whatever. That is it is supposed that the populace of the country with its full complement are idiots and can’t understand even such obvious things.

Money supply grows in the country – and at the same time, according to the announcements of the officials, doesn’t grow. In other words – it grows, but a little. Practically unnoticeably. In some way the real incomes of people in roubles increase – and at this the quantity of the goods and services which is possible to get for these roubles don’t increase in the least. And – no inflation!  

In the year 2000 the square meter of accomodation in Moscow hardly reached 500 dollars. Today an average square meter has already gotten to the top of 3,5 thousand. At all that in 2000 the dollar was equal to 25 roubles, in 2006 – 27 and still no inflation! Evidently the cost of the square meter of the housing – is a variant of the natural ensuring of the national currency. All the Russians who are the owners of any kind of living place have become at once richer in 7 times. They didn’t feel the happiness because only the running costs increased.   

In 2000 I paid the real estate tax of 27 roubles while in 2006 – 2523 roubles for the same flat. The flat remains the same, the tax is 93 times higher! I suppose that I am not the only one who is so lucky and taxation authority or treasury starts receiving 100 times biger sums by way of the real estate tax. It’s interesting where they all go to?

I paid 1810 roubles in return for municipal payments for the month – almost 10 times more than in the year 2000. All this money got into turnover while the heat, electricity and water remained the same as before.

Oh, well, we also sell heaps of oil and gas. Meanwhile nothing changes from the fact that in 2000 we sold oil at the price of 9 dollars per barrel and now at 68. Natural rent goes to those who repair palaces and build yachts to Abramovich and others. It refers to us only to the extend that in 2000 we paid 5 roubles for the litre of benzine and were afraid that it would cost 8 or even 10. In 2006 we pay already 20. At that the quantity of benzine sold in the internal market is about the same, the difference is only in the quantity of cut color paper which accompanies the process of transference of fuel into petrol tank. I’ll repeat – the quantity of benzine being used is about the same. The quantity and quality of the goods and services where the share of benzine (almost in every product or service) exists also remain the same – more numbers on the bits of paper have appeared.

In short, in 2000 going to the supermarket I spent 1000 roubles and bought the stuff for the whole week. In 2006 I buy the same products but pay 5 thousand. My weight at that hasn’t been changed during these 6 years not a jot, that is I eat the same and in the same quantities. Only the number has changed.

Everyone can make such simple calculation.

And after that it’s useful to ask a question – if one could believe officials from the government who declare barefaced that there’s no inflation and 5-thousand note is being issued purely for the ease of carrying of money in purses.

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