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To Achieve Fulfilment of the Left Pre-Election Promises by the Right Political Forces

To Achieve Fulfilment of the Left Pre-Election Promises by the Right Political Forces
Peter Simonenko, Secretary of the Central Commitee of the Ukraine 10.08.2006

Dear Sirs!

The first session of the Supreme Rada of the Ukraine of the fifth convocation is over. The Anti-recessionary coalition has been created, the management of the Supreme Rada has been selected, parliamentary committees have been formed, the Prime Minister of the Ukraine and personal structure of the Cabinet have been confirmed.

What problems faced us during that very complicated period? Whether we – communists - managed to solve them? I am sure, yes.

Owing to the correctly chosen tactics of actions defined by Presidium of the Central Committee on the basis of recommendations of Plenum of the party, consecutive and principal position of fraction CPU, we managed not to admit formation of the so-called "orange" national-radical coalition, to prevent political "linkage" of the capital and creation of a "financial and industrial" coalition consisting of the Party of Regions and "Our Ukraine". We managed also to prevent cessation of political reform and return to the presidential authoritarianism, territorial break-up of the Ukraine and civil opposition.

Professing constructive approaches to the organization of work of the Supreme Rada, our fraction initiated creation of the Anti-recessionary coalition consisting of CPU, PPU and SPU, offered the program of its activity based on a generality of some pre-election positions of political forces joined coalition. We understood perfectly well that between us - members of coalition – there are basic ideological and political disagreements. But we realists and respect the results of will of our citizens who for whatever reasons voted for the present structure of the Supreme Rada. We also understand that the majority of the constituency giving their votes for the right parties and parties of the great capital in reality voted for the left slogans and promises which coloured the programs of the Party of Regions, “Our Ukraine” and Block of Yulia Timoshenko.

Creating of Anti-recessionary coalition the communists made as their aim to achieve fulfilment of the left pre-election promises by the right political forces.

As to our tactics during elections of the management of the Supreme Rada and parliamentary committees, it was defined by the necessity to unite deputies around the decision of the national problems, to make them competent participants of legislative process irrespective of fractional accessory and political views.

Today the fraction of Communist Party has worthy representation in the management of the Supreme Rada. Members of the parliament entrusted deputies-communists a post of the first vice-speaker, a management of three committees. Our comrades borrow posts of secretaries and assistants to the leaders of parliamentary committees. Thus, we got an opportunity to influence directly an acceptance of laws in the interests of our citizens, to supervise their performance, to promote increase of efficiency and professionalism in work of the legislative body of the authority.

Creating the Anti-recessionary coalition with Party of Regions and socialists, the Communist Party put forward a number of conditions concerning the principles of formation of the Cabinet. Under the threat of social and economic accident, in conditions of chaos of the oublic management, blockade of the budgetary process, continuous increases of prices for the goods and services, an approaching energy crisis and unavailability of the country to the winter time, when the efficiency of realization of the anti-recessionary program depends on coordination in work of the governmental command, we proposed not to pull apart ministerial portfolios among but parties’ offices but follow purely professional and human qualities of the candidates for public position.

The Anti-recessionary coalition in the determined terms and in accordance with Constitution chose the candidate for the post of the Prime Minister of the Ukraine. It was the leader of the Party of Regions V.Janukovich who got an instruction of the coalition to form personal structure of the government.

Thus, owing to a firm position of fraction of the Communist Party the real step was made in the direction of transfer, in compliance with the items of political reform, of imperous powers from the President to the Supreme Rada.

However, V.Jushchenko and his "orange" environment, not wishing to be apart from authority resorted to the blunt political blackmail. The President neglected meaningly the duties of the guarantor of the Constitution and, threatening to dissolute parliament, put the country on a verge of the civil conflict. To distract attention of society from his true intentions - cancelling of gains of political reform and usurpation of authority - the President organized the Round table of so-called national reconciliation and, having abused his powers, tried to ruin Anti-recessionary coalition by having formed a new one consisting of PPU, NU, SPU. That is the coalition that would make it possible for him to realize the course of getting of the Ukraine into NATO, turn the earth into the article of trade, eliminate canonical Ortodoxy in the Ukraine, destroy unity of Eastern-Slavonic civilization.

In its turn, the Communist Party used opportunities of the Round table to show to the society who really, not only orally defends economic and political independence of the Ukraine. We are the only political force which has not receded from the pre-election pledges and has categorically spoken against the introduction of the Ukraine into NATO, against thoughtless joining of WTO, planning to be made on enslaving conditions, against intervention of the state in the matters of church and for a freedom of worship, against sale of the earth appointed for farming and introduction of tax on luxury. We also acted for the solving of the sharp public conflicts in the civialized manner – by carrying out of referendums.

With the purpose of keeping of the Anti-recessionary coalition and not to admit realization of pro-American rate of "orangists", the Communist Party put the signature under the text of the “Universal” of the national unity, except for those its items which were mentioned before and which came in contradiction with our program positions.

Unfortunately, not up to the end consecutive position of the Party of Regions and socialists, their their concessions to V.Jushchenko and also the fact that the Constitution entitles the President without the coordination with coalition to appoint Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs have negatively affected qualitative membership pf the Cabinet. Principles of the formation of the present government turned out to be far from the ones proposed by the Communists and corresponding All-European practice.

Nevertheless, despite the attempts of the nationalists not to admit representatives of the Communist Party in the government, we defended our candidates - close to us by the views of non-party comrades: Minister of Agrarian and Industrial Complex Matters and the Minister of Industrial Policy Matters, thus having shown that we stood up firmly for the formation of the coalition government not according to the party but by professional principle. Voting for the structure of the government offered to the Supreme Rada in which odious figures of “orange” ministers were kept, the fraction of the Communist Party was guided by the fact that it’s necessary to finish formation of the executive branch of the authority and to create conditions for realization of the Anti-recessionary coalition program. Political reform gives us the right to listen to the reports of each Minister separately, dismiss him if he doesn’t fulfil anti-recessionary program and appoint those ones who are ready to do his best in the interest of people.

The fraction of the Communists will use decisively these constitutional opportunities. Through the parliament and public we’ll supervise activity of each Minister and demand strict performance of the anti-recessionary program - as from the point of view of realization of foreign and internal political rate of the country, protection of territorial integrity of the Ukraine, the European integration processes and preservation of the Eastern-Slavonic unity, as from the point of view of thorough interests of our citizens, their constitutional rights for labour and rest, for high salary, for high-quality and accessible education, medical service, habitation, public utilities, transport, for worthy social and pensionary provision. We’ll demand absolute observance of the rights of every citizen of the Ukraine for the freedom of speech and religion, freedom to choose language for communication and education, private inviolability irrespective of the thickness of the purse.
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