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G. Soros: War with Terrorism – Is a False Metaphor

G. Soros: War with Terrorism – Is a False Metaphor

"War with terrorism – is a false metaphor which led to the counter-productive and self-destructive policy. 5 years after the 11th of September a misleading schema used literally has unleashed war which is waging on several fronts – in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Somalia – the war in which took lives of thousands of peaceful citizens, the war that made furious millions all round the world”. – that is was wrote not by Zyuganov in “Pravda” but by George Soros in “The Wall Street Journal”.

"What makes the war with terrorism be doomed to failure?" – Soros asks a rhetorical question and answers it by himself.

First of all, a war due to its nature causes innocent victims. The war which is unleashed against terrorism leads to such victims with more probability as soon as terrorists are inclined to hide their place of location. Death, wounds and humiliation of civilian population give birth to the rage and offence of their relatives and communities which, in their turn, serve to further fastening of the support of the terrorists.

Secondly, terrorism is – an abstraction. It brings together all political movements that use terroristic methods. “Al-Kaida”, “Hamas”, “Hizbollah”, Sunni opposition and “Army of Mahdi” in Iraq – that are different from each other forces, but global war of Bush with terrorism prevent us from drawing a line between them and behave accordingly. It hampers so necessary negotiations with Iran and Syria as soon as these states support terroristic organizations.

Thirdly, the war with terrorism stresses militaey operation in the time whereas a lot of territory conflicts demand political regulation. And, as Britons show, good secret services manages “Al-Kaida” better. The war with terrorism increases terroristic threat and makes the task of intelligence structures more difficult. Usama Ben Laden and Ajman az-Zavahiri are still free; it’s necessary for us to concentrate on the search and prevention of acts of terrorism analogous to the one exposed in Britain.

Fourthly, the war with terrorism forces a wedge between “we” and “they”. We are – innocent victims. They are – criminals. But we don’t notice that in the course of action we ourselves are becoming criminals though it’s evident for the rest of the world. That is the way how a wide gap between America and considerable part of the world appeared.

The forecast of Soros is depressing. Soros thinks that American society and American elite don’t have anough courage for the confession of global mistakes, that means that everything will develop in the direction of escalation of vilance all over the world.

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