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West Prepares "Iron Curtain" for Vip-Persons

West Prepares "Iron Curtain" for Vip-Persons


Russia sends counsellor - the head of the political section of Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow Igor Berezkin who supervised all political problems of the Ukrainian-Russian relations including questions of time basing of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine.


On July, 24th mass-media informed that Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine withdrew accreditation of the Russian diplomat, employee of Embassy of Russia in Ukraine engaged in activity of the Black Sea Fleet, counsellor of embassy Vladimir Lysenko.


On July, 27th there appeared information that Kiev expels from the country one more Russian diplomat, consul general of the Russian Federation in Odessa Alexander Grachev.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov  declared that expulsion of the Russian diplomats from Georgia and Ukraine wouldn't remain without answer.

On July, 29th Department of Press and Information of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation broadcasted the message in which it is stated that the ambassador of Ukraine in Moscow Konstantin Grishchenko "the Russian side suggests the Ukrainian party to finish mission of consul general of Ukraine in St.-Petersburg and one of counselors of Embassy of Ukraine in Moscow ahead of schedule. Thus the decision of the Russian side in relation to consul general of Ukraine in St.-Petersburg taking into account intermutual principle will be also suspended", - Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed.


From editorial board: To consider the question of mutual expulsion of the Russian and Ukrainian diplomats without any relation to other events will not be correct.

The first event - yesterday's refusal denial of entry to Lithuania to Modest Kolerov. "As far as I know, this person is declared person non-grata. Lithuania exercises its decisions", - that is how on July, 30th the president of Lithuania Dalja Gribauskajte commented expulsion from Lithuania editor-in-chief of news agency REGNUM Novosti Modest Kolerov to the Lithuanian journalists. It means that editor-in-chief of news agency REGNUM is important enough person that the president of Lithuania offered explanations of what happened, it's actually clear - until recently Kolerov was known as high-ranking employee of the Kremlin administration. He was engaged in the CIS activity. That is denial of entry to the European zone (Lithuania is Shengen) was received by rather prominent official person in Russia.

The second event - that the list on non-admission into Shengen of some prominent Russian persons is very extensive. It is not made active in full yet but, on our sources, it totals tens surnames and in the near future could be expanded to hundreds. For example, allegedly, approximately 3 months ago unpleasant conversation on the possible status of becoming person non-grata took place with Vladislav Surkov. So "Iron Curtain" level is quite high.

The third event - it would be strange not to connect what's happening with sharp estimations of vice-president of the United States D.Bajden judging from reaction of the State department co-ordinated with president Obama. Actually, we forecasted it long time ago - presence of accounts and actives abroad, foreign real estate, presence of close relatives abroad (sometimes under the pretext of training, sometimes without any reason) is an enormous weak place of the Russian management, it was decided to press it now - while they could do it earlier.

99 % of Russians would spit on denial of entry into Shengen as they have nothing to do there (as it was done by the members of the Political bureau) but the overwhelming majority of the Russian pseudo-elite (unlike the American, German or Chinese elite) connects its future with overseas - if for old Russian emigration or "red exiles" like Trotsky compelled life abroad was a pain and torture, for present masters of the Kremlin it's a pipe dream: to leave and not to come back to the country where they so "successfully" managed.

Though refusal of free entry-exit is a recognition that as a result of their board the only indisputable achievement resulted from overthrow of the Soviet power - exit freedom - appeared to be crossed out. That is there are no advantages any longer and return to some variant of the former order - quite logical current of events. That is it's the most suitable time for change of elite.


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