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Putin Was Downed ... to the Very Bottom of Baikal

Putin Was Downed ... to the Very Bottom of Baikal

Yes, prime minister was downed again. They say, all out. Not somewhere in Pikalevo, to the very bottom of Baikal. It's no stranger "to our all". He was already downed in submarine. Military one. In the form of the naval officer. Earlier he aviated. In the form of the pilot.

On Baikal prime minister found what he was searching for many years. Soup. From plankton. It pleased the starving unemployed and pensioners at once. Putin cares of them. He's being downed and he searches. It doesn't matter that local soup is unsuitable for free distribution. Everybody is convinced: next time prime minister will be downed where it is necessary. People will prompt where he needs to arrive so that he was downed once and for all, so he found at last what he was searching for without results all those years.

Leading political scientists after diving of prime minister put forward three basic versions of reason of choice of such entertainment of prime minister:

1. Putin's positions are weak more than ever. PR course is necessary so that people start talking about him. There is element of truth. Thus we, in Honduras, also take the spirit of his care about Russia rushing to the bottom of crisis. We send greetings to the bottom of Baikal.... and the bottom of the Russian economy.

2. Prime minister took into consideration recent loud illegal scandals and decided to hunt on a bathyscaphe. This version also has right to life, however Putin needs to be cautious. After all hunting ends badly for officials lately. It is necessary to take care. The National Assembly already created Tribunal. Ill luck can happen.

3. Serious changes are being prepared in the top echelons of power. Medvedev renounces presidency and Putin comes back. New PR decisions are necessary. That's why prime minister, according to advice of PR managers, was dived. To the bottom. The fact pleased people both in Russia and here, in Honduras.

Irrespectively of true reasons of downing of prime minister there's a fact that makes uneasy - after Putin's disguise (if you remember film "Butterfly"?) into the fighting pilot, submariner, judoist or macho on a horse other characters of the Russian policy also started to change clothes. As if some travesti-show among politicians.

Just recollect Baturin's costume "I'm Russian Vanya". It's clear both for simple Russians and Hondurans, there are no such clothes which Russian naked kings could take on to be appreciated, loved, so that people once again voted for them. After all, citizens, it's a fraught.

There are rumours that for the sake of victory of "Edinaya Russia" on the future elections in Moscow City Council "old man Baturin" will give at last consent to carry out gay parade. Besides, for the sake of public relations, following example of mayors of London and Paris, he will participate in it. He will also choose the corresponding costume. After all Putin's party needs new members, new non-standard voices on elections!

It could happen that prime minister will not want to stand aside. After all it's not possible to let all the time to be downed to the bottom. While here it is possible also to change clothes. Not once. After all he likes doing it.

Everything what's possible will, certainly, be done that "our all" will be elected the king, to be more precise the queen of the ball. And it will be deservedly. After all he was "elected" by Russians more than once.

Bowing to all compatriots from far Honduras I will ask to notice that after local military men threw out local naked king into the toilet... to be more precise to the next jungle everybody start talking: The right country was named Honduras! While not that one was named Russia!

Being proud of our prime minister who downed to the bottom and found there soup, you should re-read Maxim Gorky's play "At the Bottom" written about you... Think, who downed you there. And where soon you'll have to search for livelihood for you and your children...


Pavel Ovod, free and independent Honduras

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