Plague: nishchenko Cancelled Not Only Constitution of the Russian Federation but Also Closed China

Plague: nishchenko Cancelled Not Only Constitution of the Russian Federation but Also Closed China

Chief State Medical Officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko sent a letter with recommendations to refrain from trips to China in one of which provinces three lethal cases of pneumonic plague are registered, Rospotrebnadzor informs.

With a view of prevention of delivery from the territory of Peoples Republic of China and distribution among population of Russia of cases of pneumonic plague Onishchenko charged the heads of regional governments of Rospotrebnadzor "to inform citizens going to unfortunate regions and persons carrying out tour operator and travel agency activities about sanitary-and-epidemiologic conditions in Peoples Republic of China, to recommend to the going to refrain, whenever it's possible, from trips to the territory of Peoples Republic of China".

Plague, of course, is a horrible disease but no one before had an idea to cancel freedom of departure from the Russian Federation guaranteed by Constitution. China is not some exotic islands, it's the second-large economy of the planet with which citizens of the Russian Federation have rather extensive communications.

Our information: Pneumonic plague has sharper, than other forms, run of the disease and is accompanied by the highest level of mortality. Incubation period of primary pneumonic plague seldom exceeds 1-4 days. It begins, as a rule, suddenly - with chill, fever, headache, myodynia, weaknesses, faintness. Pneumonia symptoms - productive cough, chest pain, short wind - usually appear on the second day of disease. Pneumorrhagia, accruing respiratory frustration, heart failure, respiratory insufficiency, shock are being observed. At primary pneumonic plague spit is usually watery or mucous, foamy, painted by blood or obviously bloody.

Roentgenologically is possible to reveal segmentary or share blackouts at first, then infection extends over bronchial tubes on other shares of the same lung as well as on the opposite one. Colliquative necrosis with formation of cavities on which place hems can appear after healing develops on ill sites.

Post-primary pneumonic plague from the very beginning proceeds as interstitial pneumonia. In this case spit is poor and more dense and viscous, than in case of primary pneumonic plague. They believe that in this connection patients are less infectious.

It is curious that 39 cases of post-primary and 7 cases of primary pneumonic plague are registered in the USA from 1950 to 1994. Mortality at them made in total 41%. However, nobody from contiguous didn't become infected, why Mr. Onitsenko doesn't want to turn his look beyond the seas and "to close America"?

As to China ten millions our fellow citizens consume Chinese food products, wear Chinese clothes (including world brands). If Mr. Onitsenko really will act in relation to this commodity stream like with Borjomi and Georgian wine?

Or somebody will at last bring him down?



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