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The USA Includes Russia into "Axle of Evil"

The USA Includes Russia into "Axle of Evil"

As a number of Internet-sites inform, a well-known American senator Richard Lugar, the author of the featured project of resolution 336 calling to suspend membership of the Russian Federation in the “Great Eight” appeared in public with sharp attacks on the Kremlin having placed thus Russia together with Iran and Venezuela in one line in the list of hostile regimes which ostensibly use their energy sources to pressure neighbour countries.

A chairman of Senate International Affairs Committee – republican Lugar appeared in public with such announcement on the international energy summit in West Lafayette, state Indiana.

"Hostile regimes from Venezuelaand Iranup to Russiause deliveries of energy as a mean of pressure on their neighbours", he announced in his report devoted to the character of new energetic threats for national safety of the USA.

"We’ve got used to think in terms connected with conducting of usual wars between the states but now energy becomes a preferable kind of weapon for those who have it", Lugar said having warned about danger of "power" use of energetics the international relations.

Countries which have faced stoppage of delivery of energy or just with the threat of such situation can simply run into despair thus increasing chances of breaking down of the armed conflict, terrorism and economic collapse, Lugar warned. Having acted with an appeal to develop urgently in the USA a new national policy in the sphere of power resources so that "to get rid of geopolitical threats from the regimes rich with oil", the senator also warned about the high price which the American economy had to pay for the oil import from abroad. Having informed that the USAwill spend 320 million dollars for the import purchases of oil, the chairman of Senate Committee reminded that “it’s approximately the same sum which the USAspent on the war and reconstruction in Iraqduring the first three years of the conflicts”.

“Our economic health depends on forces which are far outside our control including decisions of hostile countries", Lugar declared having reminded also that the USA"keep massive military presence abroad partially to protect oil deliveries vital for us".

"According to one of conservative estimations the military expenses of the USA connected with oil in the Near East reach 50 billion dollars a year but we do not have guarantee that even our armed forces can prevent power accident", the senator said having added that by continuing to import oil the USA "every day aggravate the problem participating in enormous transfer of riches to authoritative regimes".

Richard Lugar is not the only American personality who has recently acted with attacks on Russiawhich according to him ostensibly threatens to the interests of the USA.

Odious senator-republican John Makkejn marked himself in the same way. One of these days Makkejn visited Georgiaand South Ossetiawhere, in particular, met the President Edward Kakojty. Having appeared then in Tbilisi Makkejn declared that the USAfirmly support territorial integrity of Georgia.

"Your country is a friend to Americaand it is worthy to be a member of NATO", the odious senator declared having informed besides that he was surprised to see on the road to Tskhinvali Billboard the words: "Putin is our president”.

"Putin will never be the president on the Georgian land", Makkejn denounced.

Making comments on antiRussian tricks of Lugar and Makkejn political scientist Vladimir Filin said:

"No matter how negative I am to Putin, however, generally speaking, he has been already for a long time is the president for South Ossetia. Even if because of the fact that 90 % of inhabitants of South Ossetia– are citizens of the Russian Federation. As to mentioned by cracked Lugar so-called power blackmail from the part of Russia, Iran and Venezuela, these countries still should learn a lot at the Americans regarding the application of foreign trade levers to put political pressure on the unwanted countries. Let’s take for example recent sanctions of Washingtonagainst companies "Rosoboronexport" and "Suhoj" introduced by the Department of state under the far-fetched pretext. In general, judging from own experience, I can tell that Americans are the extremely vile, sodomitical nation. If you treat them in a friendly way, they become impudent and strive to lumber you. But if to talk them back or, even better, to push face in, they are at your back and call at once".

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