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Terrible Tornado on the South of Russia

Terrible Tornado on the South of Russia

Evacuation of tourists from the coast of Azovgoes on - the strong wave rushed upon the coast, some people were washed off into the sea. ITAR-TASS was informed about it by the Southern regional center of the Emergency Situation Ministry of the Russian Federation.

There have specified that incident took place in the traditional vacation spot of tourists who camp wild in Yeysk area. "So-called surge wave being caused by a strong wind fall on a tang Dolgaya today at the night. Some people were washed off into the sea, five were got out by operatively arrived rescuers, one person went missing”, - a representative of the Emergency Situation Ministry told.

Cars of people having rest appeared to be filled in with water. Now, when water descended, they should be pulled out from sand by means of powerful techniques.

The squally wind which rose yesterday, on August, 29th, in the north of the Rostov area, broke conditions of life activity of inhabitants of five areas – Chertkocsky, Kamensk-Shahtinsky, Tarasovsky, Millerovsky, Gusovsky, as well as the towns of Gukovo and Millerovo.

Power supply lines, gas pipe-lines, the work of municipal services and transport appeared to be broken. The elements damaged 9 schools, 7 office buildings, 120 private home ownerships, 141 power supply lines, 5 gas pipe-lines between houses, 50 trees. 22 resque teams went to the place of emergency, 20 units of techniques were applied, 82 people of staff. Regenerative works are conducted on the territory of areas now.

20 thousand inhabitants of the Voronezh area remained this night withoutelectricity because of the storm. It ruined power supply lines. The roofs of houses were taken off from several tens of houses. Gas line is destructed by here and there fallen trunks of the trees – it resulted in fire. Fortunately there were no those who suffered.

As a result of complication of weather conditions (strong rain, squall) because of the abrasion of automatic systems of protection of power supply lines in 14 regions, de-energization of 153 inhabited localities in the Ukraine took place.

Foul weather damaged supply of electricity in a number of regions: in Crimea – 73 settlements, in Hersonskaya area – 26, in Lvovskaya area – 13, in Donetzkaya area – 12, in Ternopolskaya – 8, in Dnepropetrovskaya – 3, in Cherkasskaya – 3, in Nikolaevskaya – 3, in Volinskaya – 3, in Ivano-Frankovskaya – 3, in Transcarpathian – 3, in Kievskaya – 3.

Power supply lines are broken in Sevastopol, the trees are felt, roofs of many houses are swept away, 4 grades storm is announced to be on sea. Monthly rate of fall-out has been already achieved in Yalta. 50 metersstrip of beach is drawn in Yevpatoriya. Tornado had also touched Alushta and Simferopol.
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