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Program - Minimum of the Russian Party of Common Sense

Program - Minimum of the Russian Party of Common Sense
Dear collegues,

A number of preliminary discussions carried out with different specialists and public figures let us propose to Your attention the following list of targets least necessary for normalization of development of Russia:

1. To bridle corruption (adopting methods of the USA, Italy, China, Singapore and Finland also) to transform Russia from kleptocracy kingdom into pantarchy.

2. To bridle arbitrariness of monopolies, to deprive them of possibility to plunder us with impunity overpricing and to deceive us understating quality (way out is simple - maintenance of transparency of price structure).

3. To provide the Russian manufacturers an easy access to the markets of big cities, if necessary - by means of power structures.

4. To enter rigid quality control of all goods sold in Russia and services rendered to the Russians applying the standards valid in Belarus and European Union (to apply the most rigid ones from two groups of standards).

5. To realize in fact, not in word constitutional guarantee of the right to life, having guaranteed each citizen of Russia real living wage differentiated with respect to regions (to give to families with children - social minimum).

6. To provide the right of working collective to elect own representatives into directing bodies of the enterprise and corporation (for joint-stock companies - independent members of council of directors) with the right of veto on acceptance of any decision for suppression of mass deceit and robbery of workers by businessmen.

7. To release small business from official arbitrariness: to release all enterprises (except wholesale trade and financial sphere) not engaged in foreign trade activities, numbering less than 10 people of personnel from all taxes including surtax for two years. To enter notifying registration of such enterprises within a month, to permit their registration in apartments.

8. To allow citizens of Russia to take empty agricultural lands for their cultivation (up to one hectare per a person) on a notification basis. To lease contract of long-term rent for 10 years after a year of cultivation of the land - to transfer the ownership. If a person does not cultivate the earth or its part occupied by him, he loses it and local authorities will transfer this earth to interested persons.

9. To enter reasonable protectionism at the level of European Union combining it with compulsion of the Russian business to technological progress using both technical standards and direct pressure to keep workplaces and economy (otherwise everything will decay, as in car industry).

10. To lower cardinally the costs of the Russian economy using massy technological modernization of infrastructure, first of all of highways, housing and communal services and power.

11. To carry out careful investigation of the activity of the Soviet and Russian state starting from period since antialcoholic campaign till now, revealing the crimes committed by its representatives and punishment of the guilty.

Organizing committee of the Russian Party of Common Sense asks you to comment, offer and add these positions forming as a whole the project of program-minimum of RPCS, that is of measures realization of which is the most essential one.

We will be glad to receive your opinion both as comments to the present article and electronic letters on delyagin@yandex.ru.


Мichael Delyagin, chairman of editorial board of FORUM.msk

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