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President of Moldavia Voronin Said His "I'm Tired, I'm Getting Out"

President of Moldavia Voronin Said His "I'm Tired, I'm Getting Out"

The president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin addressed citizens of the country, he officially declared about laying down of powers of the head of the Moldavian state.

He noticed that he transfers "reins of government of the country into the hands of a new power with a sore heart", liberal opposition now represents power. V.Voronin declared that he does not believe that politicians united only following emotions of negation and continuous slander of own country and division of posts are capable to offer society positive program.

"I do not trust in their ability to be command, to administer affair of the state leaning on your root interests, not on own aims and interests. I don't know examples of successful boarding which would be based on the idea of liquidation of own country, on dreams of its destruction. Such soil is suitable to grow despair, demoralization and hopelessness - nothing else", - V.Voronin concluded.

Opposition already reacted to the speech of the ex-president. The chairman of parliament Mihaj Gimpu who occupied under constitution post of acting head of the state, in the comment to radio station "Echo Moscow" declared that V.Voronin "considered himself the king and now he has nothing else to say except that nobody could administer affairs of the state". "His only strength and ability laid in the sphere of monopolization of economy, squeezing out what is possible of this poor state and becoming billionaire", - M.Gimpu said.

V.Voronin declared on September, 2nd that he intended to leave from the post of the president of Moldova and to work in the parliament as simple deputy. He noticed that "as the chairman of the party of communists of Moldavia he is not going in critical for the Native land and party hour remain in doubtful enough and ambiguous position of the president". According to V.Voronin, he has neither moral, nor political bases to execute this high state function even formally. "I resolutely do not accept that way which they wish to lead the country. Therefore I go to parliament as ordinary deputy to be near to party and fraction", - he underlined.

V.Voronin occupied the post of the president of Moldova for two four-year terms successively and, according to the constitution, could not stand for the third term.


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