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Luzhkov Acted as the Conductor of Ideas of Neotrotskyism

Luzhkov Acted as the Conductor of Ideas of Neotrotskyism

The mayor of Moscow Luzhkov clearly and unambiguously explained to the citizens how bourgeois state understands nationalization.

"It is necessary to nationalize not losses giving to the proprietors gone bankrupt money for cover of debts but to nationalize temporarily business, enterprises and corporations themselves to put them up in order. After all decisions on stabilization and beginning of a stage of development it is possible to carry out privatization process having in mind already real market prices and in favour of normal effective proprietors", - Luzhkov declared in the interview to "The Russian Newspaper".

That is all games round nationalization of enterprises which the state caries out on the background of accruing crisis is only PR-cover for preservation of the developed relations of property.

All cries about necessity of urgent nationalization without the change of existing mode is either thoughtlessness, or pure game in favour of the bourgeois power.

At last Luzhkov explained thick-headed left radicals the essence of the "fake" bourgeois nationalization which is only a dialectic counterbalance of privatization: enterprise transferred earlier to "effective proprietor" and being brought up by him "to the end of the line" is confiscated on compensatory basis (probably, for good work), then sanified entirely at the expense of the budget and transferred to another "effective proprietor". Naturally, such nationalization is not necessary either to the workers, or to the manufacture.

Moreover, today's state simply has no tools for effective direct management of the state property. Bourgeois state Russian Federation - is extremely inefficient proprietor and hopes of some part of left for nationalization are at least groundless.

The only thing that is possible and necessary to demand in conditions of present crisis - individual share of workers in property management, that are the bases of "Uniform Requirements of Labour Collectives During Strikes and Mass Protest Actions".

Аnatoly Baranov

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